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Testimonials / YouTube video series

"There is no finer advertising than the sincere comments of satisfied customers... many thanks to all of you for taking the time to write!"
- Gerald Heslinga, President, Indo-Pacific Sea Farms

"Please check our YouTube video series for helpful reef
tank info, recent comments and special offers." Mahalo!

"Thank you. cant wait to see the next step of the nano lagoon. you rock!!!!"
dokter213 (YouTube comment) 2/8/09
"great nano lagoon series!" yeahitskennyyy (YouTube comment) 2/8/09

"I'd just like to say thank you very much for your movies. I've been looking for instructions on how to make a nano system just like the one you're doing ever since Christmas when I was given the 10gal starter kit from Wal-mart. Your video's are perfect, very informative, and very well done." 1mkwiet (YouTube comment) 2/8/09

"Thank you for your nano lagoon series. My son is interested in starting up a salt water tank. This looks like an efficient, cost effective way to start. We look forward to watching? the rest of the videos in the series." coachtad (YouTube comment) 2/6/09
"a wealth of info! thanks again. i'm starting to see little coralline algae spots on my glass. turns out my current setup has almost exactly the lighting parameters you mentioned." coonbabble (YouTube comment) 2/2/09
"Very helpful, This stuff make it SOOOOOOO simple!!! Thanks for the how-to." aquariumheat123 (YouTube comment) 2/2/09
"I have been keeping Tropical fish for more than 14 years, but never had the chance to go with a saltwater tank, since i have very little knowledge. But thanks to your videos its very helpful... Thanks for the videos... Looking forward to seeing some more." SantanuChangkakati (YouTube comment) 2/1/09
"Thank you for showing me how to set up a tank." kwee4 (YouTube comment) 1/24/09
"I'm enjoying all of your videos. Thanks." beef62 (YouTube comment) 1/23/09
"Thank you for the quick response. I'm currently pricing out my own 10 gal. nano tank. I'm watching your videos to see how to complete my tank. Cant wait to see the your finished lagoon product. Like you live rock as well, great idea. Thanks again" beef6372 (YouTube comment) 1/19/09
"I was looking at your company website. i love the Coraline algae booster plates you have." Wilfan62 (YouTube comment) 01/06/09
"Thanks for a great product!" Isaac Trink, Oceanside, NY, 12/3/08

"The FedEx shipment arrived in early afternoon, in fine shape. Beautiful specimens, and everybody is alive. The corals are already open..." Richard Rockwell, Tolland, CT, 8/20/08

"Gerald, Order was great...many thanks." Josh Evans, San Francisco, CA, 2/18/08
"By the way I got your company from WetWebMedia. I am extremely happy with your concept of products and the products themselves. Thanks again." Peg HiIl, Denver, CO, 2/14/08
"I've heard great stuff about you guys..." Jordan Tohline, Tulsa, OK, 2/11/08
"Thank you. I am so excited to get my tank seeded." Amber Varela, Mesa, AZ, 2/7/08
"Heard great things about your company so I'm looking forward to my first shipment!" Jason Rohde, Madison, WI, 2/6/08
"Everything came in great shape. Thank you very much. My wife was very happy about the coral, she loves the way they look! Thank You." John, Diane and Molly Simon, Anna, TX, 1/11/08
"Hi, I just recieved my package yesterday and I am pleased with it." Paul Passine, Gary, IN, 1/10/08
"Well.. I just got my order in. I am trying very hard to be patient and acclimate everything per your instructions... it's driving me NUTS! I haven't even opened the bags and everything looks WONDERFUL. I ordered the reef tune up, the worm package and the live sand activator with wondermud. I was just kicking my butt yesterday because I should have ordered some of the clams.. then I open my package and whammo.. there are 6 of them! I was thinking too that I should have ordered some of the macro algae for my sump... and there is some with my mud and my copepods! The mud has worms and copepods swimming round in there!
"I am SO impressed and will continue to order from you. I have ordered from many online retailers before and your product, packaging, and attention to detail blow them out of the water. The crew at wet web media directed me to you.. I'm going to say thank you to them now. mahalo nui loa!" Melinda Deakle, Gulfport MS, 1/10/08
"thank you very much, so far so good, package arrived early this morning. upon opening... wow what a blast of sweet smelling ocean water!!!! something i never smelled before! and i have been offshore commercial fishing in Northeast atlantic ocean and have been down to bahamas/bermuda. wow is that what hawaii smells like!!!! so i am going to re-do my tank today... will write you and let you know how everythign works... thanks for everythign happy new year." david lanzetta, Cornwall Bridage, CT, 1/9/08
"Wow, thanks. Everything arrived alive and in great shape... Thanks for the extra stuff inside. I will be ordering again soon for sure. Thanks again." Joe Laurence, Colorado Springs, CO,12/6/07
"Gerald, This is exciting to get my aquarium started. Also, I appreciate you providing the 6 free Ministars." Julian Heilig, Austin, TX, 10/12/07
"Aloha Gerald, I started the Coral Haven tonight. The corals seemed to enjoy their tasty treat. I saw mouths on some corals tonight which I had never seen before. I'll keep you posted... Thanks," Sandy Alligood, Atlantic Beach, FL, 10/8/07
"Aloha, We just got home, to see all the wonderful things I ordered from you. I did have someone here to place everything in my refugium and everything looks fine... Thanks for all your help!" Sandy Alligood, Atlantic Beach, FL, 10/8/07
"All my critters look great so far... Thanks." Paul Poulin, Sterling Heights, MI, 9/13/07
"Thank you for providing such great service and cool stuff. Our yellow tang really does love the red algae." Charlann Gruber, Voorheese, NJ, 9/5/07
"Thanks for the quick turnaround and the nice critters and corals. I was very impressed with the order thankyou... The coral frags were great and have really opened up nicely. Thanks again for great service! Lee Pinkkerton, Longwood FL, 9/2/07
"I am very pleased with the critter package!!!" Denise Mayes, Bloomington, IL, 8/31/07
"Hi Again Gerald! I just wanted to let you know that the order arrived Wednesday safe and sound! Everything looks great!" Marilee Segal, Becket, MA, 7/13/07
"I love yall! Your stuff is definitely the best on the web! Thank you!" Angela Cheatham, Royal Palm Beach, FL, 6/28/07
"My shipment arrived a day early. Yay! Thanks for the extras! I really like that your snails are captive bred and I'm not depleting the ones in the ocean by ordering from you. :)" Susanne Woelbing, Eugene, OR, 6/26/07
"I have always been very happy with what you send. I think this is the 4th or 5th order from you." Barbara Biermeyer, DVM, Pahrump, NV, 6/15/07
"Hi Gerald, Just a quick note to let you know that everything got here on time and in good condition. Thanks for your great products, which have really gone a long way to setting up the base of my budding reef ecosystem. If you'd like, you can check out their progress on my tank blog at, where I'll be sure to mention where I got the critters." Alex Parker, Cambridge, MA, 6/14/07
"It'll be my pleasure ordering from IPSF again and submitting another testimonial for your awesome company." Tim Shellans, Sacramento, CA, 6/11/07
"I received my order of Tang Heaven Red, and the Amphipod Breeding Kit yesterday. Acclimation went very well and all looks great." John Hey, Seguin, TX,
"A while ago I ordered your tuneup kit and not only have the strumbus reproduced massively, I recently noticed a couple of young Trocus snails." Peter Meechan, Brooklyn, NY, 4/18/07
"Gerald, Just wanted to say thanks for the outstanding service and product. Ordered Wednesday and it arrived Friday morning. Everything looks great, very generous amounts of algae and the live sand was loaded with creatures. I have ordered from several online companies before and you blow them away. I will definitely be ordering again." Michael Murray, Birmingham, AL
"The strobes grazers I got from you a couple of years ago are reproducing like crazy." Myles Goldfein, Sacramento, CA, 95818
"Hi Gerald... I am looking forward to receiving another perfect shipment from you. Thank you for your help. Rob Dipaolo, Dobbs Ferry, NY, 3/25/07.
"Hi Gerald, I received my shipment today, and am VERY pleased. I have finished acclimating everything to your instructions. So far everyone is doing great. Thanks." Brian Knobbe, St. Louis, MO, 3/23/07
"Delivery arrived on time and in great shape. Thanks again." Regina Pence, Baytown, TX, 3/21/07
"Gerald, I'm a regular. Every once in a while you'll add a surprise with an order. Won't hurt a bit to surprise me again! Love your new site design. It's spectacular! BTW: All the soft corals I've purchased from you in the past three years are thriving!" Edward Mouton, Shreveport, LA, 3/17/07
"Hello, your little sea critters arrived at noon yesterday... everyone is fine now and busy exploring their new home. Thank you so much for your quality products!" Christina Wright, Stow, OH, 3/15/07
"I like what you have done with the site! Looks AWESOME! I have two businesses one is a design studio, Idea Factory Design Studio, and the other is a Professional Aquarium Service called EcoAquatica." Kirk Klieberg, St. Joseph, MI, 3/2/07
"Dr. Heslinga, From a fellow Dutchman here in St. Louis: What a great-looking new website! Congratulations!" Best wishes, Tim (Van Halsma!!) Hall, St. Louis, MO, 3/2/07
"I've heard nothing but good things about you guys." David Ekers, Milwaukee, WI, 2/17/07
"Hi Gerald! I just wanted to take a few minutes to write and thank you for all your help with my new tank. All the critters you sent me arrived in great shape and were very healthy. I'm happy to report that they have all adapted well to the tank, and appear to be thriving. Casualties so far: zero! :o)

You've made a real difference in my initial experience with this great hobby. I'm really grateful and appreciative, and I really want to thank you for making me a special order... You can bet that you'll be hearing from me again really soon, as I get ready to start stocking some other tanks I have cycling right now. Thanks again, and Best wishes! Aloha!" Cisco Jimenez, Chico, CA, 1/17/07

"We just put in a brand new refugium... I have ordered before. Your products rock. Thanks so much!!" Anthony Lombardo, Baldwin, NY, 1/23/07
"This Is My second order, your service was great last time... Thanks." Steve Marlborough, Morgan Hills, CA, 1/21/07
"Several months ago I placed an order with your company. I was very pleased with the organisms I received, and very impressed by the care with which the order was packed and shipped. I am now setting up a new aquarium, and would like to place another order." Barry Egenes, Bellevue, WA, 1/6/07.
"I placed a mix n match order last week and it arrived towards the end of the week. I was extremely impressed with the contents of the order. Even though it went from Hawaii to the East Coast everything arrived alive... I think this is one of the best deals in the saltwater industry and I thank you. Will order again soon." Johnny Griner, Norcross, GA, 12/18/0
"I love my last order of the the Reef Tank Tune-up. They are definitely doing their job." Sei Hwoa Foster, Suffolk, VA, 12/17/06.
"Aloha Gerald. Just wanted to let you know everything is doing well. I think the leather coral and anthelia polyps have doubled in size already. As an added bonus the shell you sent the anthelia polyps on has a red mushroom on it! Do those amphipods multiply? I swear there are more in my tank now than when I put them in." Mark Remeta, Branchburd, NJ, 12/8/06
"Thanks so much for the great products you provide! I was so impressed with my original order that I just had to have more.
The worms, snails, hermit crabs, copepods and live sand are all doing very well and have added much interesting diversity to my relatively new reef tank. I recommend your products to everyone I know in the hobby and will continue to do so. Thanks again." John Harriss, Wilmington, NC, 11/26/06
"Hello IPSF, you guys rock! Here is my order to get my refugium and sand in my nano reef started. I have a 10 gal main tank with a 5 gal 'fuge. In addition please send me an order of MiniStars! Woo hoo I'm excited :)" Brent Van Dussen, San Diego, CA, 11/15/06
"Have ordered before -- the creatures are awesome. Thanks for all that you offer the reef keepers!!" Rick Cornell, Arlington Heights, IL, 11/9/06
"Aloha Gerald, Hope all is well with you! We are back in the salt tank business. We would like to order the Live Sand Activator Plus. Last time we received it from you it was awesome! Of course you don't remember me, but you and I talked a lot about Hawaii (I used to live there), and malasada's in particular. haha." Randy & Mary Neihoff, Franklin, TN, 11/8/06
"Thank you for your quick response. Every message board we go on says good things about you." Jamie Teague, Hollywood, FL, 11/7/06
"... I look forward to trying out your products. Several friends in the hobby have told me that you are the best, and will be able to help me through this! Thanks again!" Mike Burgess, Orlando, FL, 11/6/06
" Hi, I purchased a Reef Tank Tuneup a few of months ago and now my 12 Strombus Grazers have multiplied to several hundred." Peter Meechan, Brooklyn, NY, 11/2/06
"I have always loved your products and am looking forward to your shipment. Thanks." Vince Cardinal, Charlotte, NC, 10/29/06
"Very happy with initial shipment, am interested in purchasing again." Marla Helveston, St. Louis, MO, 10/30/06
"Gerald, Just a note to say that "as usual" everything was as expected. I appreciate the quality that you deliver. And in an ever-changing market place it's nice to find consistency. Be Blessed! Aloha!" Tim Bardin, Lexington KY, 10/21/06
"Aloha... I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful product and excellent service you provide. I just received my 7th order yesterday, and, as always, all the specimens arrived in prime condition and have adapted well to my aquarium.

I only wish I had had access to your facility and services 30 years ago when I first started out with marine aquaria. I recommend you to anyone who would rather bolster their tank's biodiversity and longevity with numerous critters and plants, than spend the same amount of money on one or two questionable specimens from their local "fish store".

I would also add to serious marine aquarium enthusiasts that, ordering from your farm, that they will most certainly "get more than they paid for". It's always a thrill to discover just what kind of wonderful organisms (macro as well as micro) that might arrive with each shipment...

I sincerely thank you for your expertise, your fair business practices, and your generosity. Please keep up the good work!" Rod Ries, Sacramento CA, 10/14/06

"Hi Gerald, I just wanted to say thank you. My shipment arrived yesterday and everything looked great. I appreciate all the extra livestock I found! I've ordered from other mail order aquaria shops, and I've never received more than I specifically asked for. Your corals look magnificent! Both are now fully extended and are looking great. Coral from other mail order shops are hit or miss, (I've had some diseased, and others with parasites infesting the specimen.) Thank you! I will definitely use your service again and highly recommend your livestock for anyone looking to do a serious reef tank." Mike Darschewski, Denver CO, 10/12/06
"By the way, my husband ordered from you recently and is very happy with his creatures! Mahalo nui loa!" Selina Burt, Kirkesville MO, 10/10/06
"This is my third order from you (new tank). Nice stuff!" Bill Raney, Kansas City, MO, 10/4/06
"Gerald: The macroalgae you sent all the way to Maryland arrived alive -- gorgeous stuff. Thank you." Stan Goldman, Timonium, MD, 10/2/06
"My package arrived just after 10:00 AM this morning... Everything inside looked good and all critters seemed alive and well. I followed the acclimation procedure on your web site. I am looking forward to an amazing tank with your products helping make it so. Thank you so much." Agnes Gray, Brazoria TX, 9/29/06
"Thanks! This is the 2nd year I've ordered this package for my tank, the last one rocked." Jamey Prange, Grapevine TX, 9/29/06
"Bless you and your children. One of my favorite things in the world is setting up a new tank. Thanks for being the first to put something in it." Wayne Kramer, Chicago IL, 9/20/06
"I was very pleased with my first experience from your company and look forward to receiving another great order" Anthony (aka the Voice of WCLV) Greer, Dallas, TX, 9/20/06
"I'm really excited about ordering from you, :-)." Agnes Gray, Brazoria TX, 9/25/06
"YAY IPSF! I haven't ordered from you guys in a while but I just started up a new 125 display +100 sump +75 fuge. I need critters!!! I purchased a bunch of stuff from you when I setup my previous system and had incredible results. I'm really looking forward to getting these goodies in my new system." Bush Williams, Springfield MO, 9/20/06
"I have been looking at various sites for 'Pods and the MiniStars. Most places sell one or the other-- you are the only one that sells both... Have purchased from you before and been happy with products." Maureen Baker Wilkinson, Clark NJ, 9/18/06
"Thank you for the little red mushroom that was on the rock with the anthelia polyps! The polyps are starting to spread and the mushroom has doubled in size : ) >>" William Hutt, Millville CA, 9/12/06

"Hello Gerald, Wow... what can I say... Thank you! I truly appreciate that. I applaud your business on many accounts, from what I've read, to your captive-bred packages, and my now personal interactions. You've just made a lifelong customer!" Scott Burt, Kirksville, MO, 9/2/06
"Hi Folks. Last order was great! Looking forward to this one!" John Rothhaupt, Rockville Centre, NY, 8/23/06
"Thanks again, it's so easy (almost easy anyway) to hand over money to you." Oliver R. Oakley, Ph.D, Lexington, KY, 8/20/06
"Aloha Gerald, I would like to order 2 Reef Tank Tuneup Kits, 2 Live Sand Activator Plus Kits, and 2 Reef Worm Diversity kits... Always a pleasure ordering from you, I appreciate both your products and your service!" David T. Parker, Amelia, OH, 8/17/06
"Hi Gerald, I received the package today and everything looks great and is in the tank. The strombus and the hermits ran off into the rock pretty quickly and the trocus got to work on the glass!! I think that the one of the trocus laid eggs already on the front of the glass!! The worms also disappeared either into the sand or into the rock... You have so much good stuff to choose from. Thanks for all your help. I couldn't help look through your list of publications, not very often I buy stuff from such an educated guy!!" Oliver R. Oakley, PhD, Lexington, KY, 8/9/06
"Gerald, the package arrived yesterday, just as you said it would. And thanks for the bonus corals and 'Pods! The brittle stars, the spaghetti worms, and the bristleworms were all in fantastic shape and immediately took to the tank. And even more importantly, my wife and son are completely enthralled by the new marine life. It was an absolute pleasure to do business with you, Gerald, and I look forward to working with you in the future as I establish my first nano tank! Thanks again." Jason M. H. Storey, 8/10/06
"I have ordered from you before and was very happy with everything, I love your web site and tell everyone I know about it. Keep up the good work." Anthony James Powell, Ortonville, MI, 7/31/06
"Hi Gerald, I would like to thank you again; it's been a pleasure to do business with you. I received my order yesterday, the clams were open in the shipping bags. I acclimated them and by this morning they have burrowed into the sand and they are (pardon the cliché) happy as clams." Scott Clement, San Marcos, CA, 7/26/06
"My Rabbitfish loved the Tang Heaven Red so much I feel obligated to get him some more." Mike Terlizzi, Chandler, AZ, 7/21/06
"Just got the shipment. Everything looks great! Even had a few extra critters - thanks! You do good work..." Joe Lokaitis, Springfield, IL, 7/19/06
"Got them. Everything looked great! Thanks again." Robert Bash, M.D., Dallas, TX, 7/19/06
"Hello! Sorry to get back to you so late -- the shipment arrived fine, acclimation went well, and all the animals are feasting -- the new cleaning crew, as well as my tang and corals. Thanks for your business!" Trent Tuggle, Orlando, FL, 6/21/06
"Hi Gerald, thanks so much for providing the great critters you do." Henry Michael Balota III, Arnold, MO, 6/7/06
"Gerald, we have a new 120 RR setup with 60 lbs base and 80 lbs live Fiji Rock. When the tank went into a diatom bloom, we ordered your Reef Tank Tuneup, Live Sand Activator Plus, ReefWorms Diversity Pack & SandBed clams. Within 3 days the diatom algae is almost completely gone and all critical levels are at 0 with pH and calcium within reef limits. Your animals are little workhorses and this is the place to be for reef maintenance! Thank you so much for your quick and professional business tactics!" Lin Valiant, Columbus, MS, 5/29/06
"Aloha Gerald, I bought from you about 3 years ago it is good to see that you are still here. I am just starting a new tank again and you have the best stuff to help everything along. I look forward to getting everything. Mahalo," Jim Fry, 5/22/06
"Good afternoon! Got my package this morning and eveything seems just great. The Trocus are very happy and munching away. The Strombus are foraging around on the tank bed. The Ministars disappeared within seconds of putting them in, small little guys that blend in well. The Nerites are happy... Thank you very much for your promptness and understanding. I look forward to placing another order in the future." Mark Wold, Elburn, IL, 5/19/06
"Happy to be ordering from IPSF again! Due to a move I have had to downgrade from my 180G to a 8G Nano, but it is ok. This order, however, is for a new 25 gallon (15 gallons of water) zoanthid and ricordia propagation tank I am setting up! It will be barebotton, but have a 6x4" cylinder of "Activated" livesand, with your Wondermud as the base. That along with about 15lbs of small LR rubble and a large skimmer will complete the filtration. As always I look forward to another great order from IPSF!!" Jeremy Sosa, Eureka, CA, 5/14/05
"Thank you, I did receive shipment today. I did acclimate everything and everything was good! Thank you so much for the livestock and I look forward to ordering again." Ron Sinclair, Garden City, KS, 5/11/06
"The package arrive today in good condition. I am heading home to place them into the reef tank! Thanks for your fine service. Regards," Rick Cornell, Arlington Heights, IL, 5/4/06
"Hi Gerald, The package arrived today in very good condition. I followed the acclimation procedures and everything went perfectly. All critters are alive and kicking... I am amazed looking at all those critters moving in the bags so healthy... Those worms, Mamma Mia, you really found the real name and the MicroHermits are so active, they are unstoppable! The MiniStars are beautiful...

"I just finished accommodating the new inhabitants (he he, in fact, they boarded themselves) and spent the next two hours hypnotized looking at the aquarium. This addition should have been my first step after mounting the aquarium. Let me say you are doing a magnificent work. Thank you very much." Rossana Capi, Bayside, NY, 4/28/06

"Both the corals I got from you have really opened up and look TERRIFIC!! The critters in the refugium seem to be doing well. Thank you so much for your quality products!" Praveen Thiagarajan, Wilmington, DE,4/27/06
"Hi Gerald, this is Carmen in Los Angeles. I hope all is well with you and your family. Still have my DSB after all these years and it is working beautifully. Just time again to recharge a few things." Carmen Towles, Los Angeles, CA, 4/25/06
"I have heard a lot of good things about you guys. I am looking forward to personally enjoying your service. Thanks," Praveen Thiagarajan, Wilmington, DE, 4/19/06
"I had a lot of fun looking through your website deciding what I wanted to get in the 9 for $99 mix n match. It took me awhile to decide, but I finally made it. Thank you very much." Joe Davis, Livermore, CA, 4/19/06
"Everything arrived in good shape -- the corals are beautiful. Thank you!" Mitzy Kennaugh, El Prado, NM, 4/10/06
"Received my order and am acclimating it now. WOW is all I can say at this point. Lots of activity in those bags! Thank you!" Melissa Guillory, Laplace, LA, 3/30/06
"Hi. I've been reviewing your site and customer comments. It really looks like you have a great service and many satisfied customers. I want to kick start everything with lots of new biodiversity. You guys look like the solution! It's so hard to decide.... you have so many COOL packages!" Scott Laman, Weare, NH, 3/28/06
"I would like to order the Triple SuperSized Mix 'n' Match Special. I am currently in week 2 of cycle on a 240 tank that was restarted after hurricane Katrina. I believe this will give me a great start on my refugium and tank." Melissa Guillory, Laplace, LA, 3/27/06
"Hi, this is my second order from you. Great stuff, thanks." Ron Cook, Beaver, UT, 3/26/06
"Gerald, I should like to order: Again. Serves you right for providing a quality product and service!" Andrew Pearson, Hillsdale, NJ, 3/24/06
"Hello, I enjoyed my first order with you so much I decided to come back and try out your Triple SuperSized Mix 'n Match special." Mike Terlizzi, Chandler, AZ, 3/20/06
"My package and contents arrived. Acclimation is complete, and I'm as happy as can be. Thank you so very much for your attention to providing unbelievable customer service, and I do appreciate the freebie. What a nice touch!!! Your products and customer service are absolutely the BEST! Thanks again." Wanda Tamplin, Newman, GA, 3/19/06
"Hi Gerald, Back again. I always get so impatient and excited when I finally get the chance to order some more of your goodies (I can imagine how my fish would be if they knew). I am starting up a new refugium so IPSF is the place to go." Rebecca Moslowski, Bordentown, NJ, 3/9/06
"Hi, First off I would like to say thank you very much [for the Tang Heaven]. My powder blue tang, which I thought was in perfect health, has become much more vibrant in its coloring, and my yellows love it. This is by far one of the best investments I have made for the well being of my fish... this stuff is great, and thank you." Jed Griffen, Cedar Falls, IA, 3/8/06
"Hello again Gerald: Setting up another tank in another school and would like to place a triple-super duper sized order... The 2 green tree corals I got from you last year are about 18" tall now -- they have thrived. Thanks for them. They have been pruned into several other tanks." Nita Irby, DVM, Ithaca, NY 3/5/06
"I first would like to say thanks for all that you have done in your field of research." Jason D. Schuenemann, Kansas City, MO, 2/8/06
"Hi Gerald, I need 4 Reef Tank Tuneups as soon as you can get them to me... Thanks... YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!" Preston Carr, West Jordan, UT, 2/8/06
"The order arrived today with everything intact and in good shape. I appreciate the few little extras added in. I'm very pleased with the order." Andrew Ayers, Salt Lake City, Ut, 1/20/06
"I've read many glowing reviews of your products and service." Marcus Kolb, Phoenixville, AZ, 1/19/06
"I have ordered from you twice before with great success." Peter Redel, Racine, WI, 1/17/06
"Hi Gerald, The order arrived healthy - the tang and foxface quickly ate up a snack of Ogo - the rest went in to the refugium to propagate. Mahalo for the extra reef plankton!" Scott Paddon, Sacramento, CA, 1/13/06
"Greetings, I enjoyed your products on my last order. I just had to stay with the items you offer. As I am setting up another tank and need to re-seed a dsb I need to order the following products from you." Chris Elliot, Lebanon, MO,1/9/06
"Hello, This is my second order I am really happy with your products." Walter DeCormier, San Jacinto, CA, 1/8/06
"Aloha IndoPac, I am excited !!!!!!! Never have I seen so much bio-diversity for the money!

This is an incredible service to the saltwater community. I have a microscope. Forget what you can see with the naked eye. Your water. Your water is full of life. My new tank will be flourishing in months! WOW!

"Your instructions were very clear. I found everything and a few extras. I would love to order from you again, but I don't have a need. You have given me everything I will need to keep my tank in tip-top health minus human error. Unless, you had some crazy special that would cause me to put some in my other tanks, but, they are o.k so why bother. Anyway, thanks for a great deal." Cecil Walker, Bedford Heights, OH, 1/6/06

"Just wanted to say that everything arrived in perfect condition and looks great! Thanks for the wonderful product!" Mike Terlizzi, Chandler, AZ, 12/5/05
"Hi Gerald, I ordered a Triple Super Size that you put together for me and I just wanted to say thanks. The whole package arrived in excellent condition and was a day early. Just wanted to let you know that you have earned my business. Thanks again for your help." Jack Davis, Ventura, CA, 11/23/05
"Hi received my order of Tang Heaven Variety and it's great. It has helped my Sailfin Tang recover from HLLE ALREADY! (In just a few days -- It was turning white towards back of body and now it is going back to black and white stripes)." Tom Vail, 11/12/05.
"I wanted to tell you how helpful and "fun" your website has been for me. I have not ordered before from IPSF, but can't wait to get my new stuff. Thanks again." Jim Dawson, Apollo Beach, FL, 11/12/05, Findlay, OH
"Hello Gerald; Just had to drop a quick note and say THANKS for all the cool stuff....switched the tank over to DSB on Friday. Seems like when I go to move the coral plugs, something is attached ether a red worm, a pod...something. I had no idea that the... Mini Stars were such a prized item. The Anthelia is doing fantastic, fronds are out , body is full...a very pleasant surprise you put in the box... Thanks again." Randy Rose, Santa Barbara, CA, 10/30/05
"This is amazing. I had heard that you guys were completely focused on customer satisfaction but you really went out of your way for me. I will immediately post a very positive note on my local Reef club board about how pleased I am at the results. Thanks again." Lane Douglas Denver, CO, 10/28/05
"Everything arrived in great shape- I've never seen so much life in just a few plastic bags!!!! My tank is crawling with all sorts of things- great, just great!!! Thanks again!!!!!!!" Bill Zaiser, Yorktown Heights, NY, 10/28/05
"I'm really glad your company is out there and propagating these animals and plants. I will always do my best to support your efforts. If you look back at your records you will see I have been a happy customer for many, many years.Thanks." Lisa O'Donnell, Austin, TX, 10/24/05
"Hi Gerald! I just wanted to give you some positive feedback on the 9-for-$99 items I ordered. Can you believe it!? 5 out of the 8 different animals I ordered have reproduced in my tank, AND I'M JUST A BEGINNER!!!

"We'll start with the Mama Mia worms; there are definitely babies as I can see them in my sand, plus they are on the sides of the live rock. Way more than I started with. Next, the Mini-Stars (that are sooo cool to watch at feeding time). There are definitely babies, considering there are at least15-20 in my tank now, and some of them are so tiny, it's cool!

"OK, on to the amphipods: I think I'm actually on my second generation. Yes, the originals now have grandkids. My sandbed is crawling with them; that 'pod mat works great! Just as your website reads, the Strombus snails are reproducing wonderfully. Within a week I had egg-sacs on my glass, and just yesterday I noticed little holes in them. Well, needless to say, today I noticed about 5 tiny white specs crawling on the glass, which upon closer examination, are baby Strombus snails! There might be more of them!

"Now for the cool part, and you may not have expected this, but either the Trochus or the Turbos have bred. I don't know which; I have at least one baby, about 1 mm diameter. It's shell appears to have the swirled cone like a turbo. On the other hand, I did notice two of the Trochus secreting/spraying sperm and/or eggs during the first month I had them. In any case, it's really cool. I guess I'll figure it out as it grows up! I've attached a picture of the baby Turbo/Trochus.

"Thanks for all of the good information in your emails and the superb animals!" Tim Shellans, Sacramento, CA 10/12/05

"I received the package today, thanks so much! The clams are so cool, after I put them in I came back after a few minutes and all the clams except for one vanished under the surface! I watched the last one pull itself in... I'm going to get more when I need more snails: ) Thanks again!!! Tak Tszeto, Brighton MA, 10/6/05
"Thanks for being more than fair, businesses run like yours are so far and few between. You've got my business and referrals for a long time coming:) Now if my wife didn't get squirmish over worms and brittle stars, I'd order more from you ;) Thanks again!" Tak Tszeto, Brighton MA, 10/3/05
"Aloha. I need another dose of delicious Hawaiian mud...." Stephen Kalil, 10/1/05, Bedford, NH
"Mr. Heslinga: Thank You!! Everything arrived safe and sound. Bunnies are at it already! Corals are expanding! Clams are digging! Mini stars took off running! Thanks again." Matthew Morris, Aspen, CO, 9/23/05
"Gerald, I received the package today and am very pleased with the results! I LOVE all of the creatures and they all arrived healthy and happy to finally find a new home! Thanks again for the great customer service and attention to detail! I will definately order from you in the future!" Mike Shannon, Alexandria, VA, 9/22/05
"As always, your time and efforts are very appreciated, as well as your time and patience in answering my questions... Thanks again." Tom Wilson, Oakley, CA, 9/7/05
"This is my second order . . . first order was a great bunch of critters. Thanks!" JB White, Austin, TX, 9/6/05
"Gerald, I received my shipment this afternoon - it arrived on time, in good condition and I couldn't be happier with the contents! I have the most colorful refugium in town, and my purple tang loved the samples I gave him. Aloha." Bryan Ballott, West Palm Beach, FL, 8/24/05
"Gerald, have had great success with the 'pods from the last order - my Mandarin is visibly plumper." John Werth, Redmond, WA, 8/24/05
"Received my order today, everything arrived alive and healthy, Thank's so much for the extra MiniStars, Pods and Snails." Chuck Russell, North Babylon, NY, 8/24/05
"The quality of your critters and packing has forced me to order more!" Andy Pearson, Hillsdale, NJ, 8/23/05
"Howdy Gerald, All critters arrived in good shape. Very cool stuff! And thanks for the coral clipping. I'll let my tank mature for a couple of months and then I'll contact you for round two." J.B. White, Austin, TX, 8/18/05
"I received the package today, and just wanted to let you know how happy I am with it! You did an excellent job packing the items, and everything seems to be alive and happy! It was great to work with you, and I hope to order again in the future! Thanks again." Mike and Sarah Caven, Cottage Grove, OR, 8/12/05
"Thanks once again, I just got the shipment and everything looks good once again. Our last shipment is doing excellent in the tank. I think some of the snails reproduced since there are eggs on the tank glass. Tank is exciting to watch. Both the leathers have gotten huge as well as the Anthelia Polyps. The sample of the Short Feather Caulerpa is already spreading... I'm sure this next shipment will due as well and will make the tank that much more interesting to watch. Cant wait to get it home and place everything in the tank. Thanks for everything.

All the specimens were in excellent condition and I cannot be happier as they are doing great in the tank. Now I will plan the future additions after these have time to settle in and get established and I'm sure I will be ordering more in the future especially the tang heaven once I add a tang to the tank." Sam Saqr, Houston, TX, 8/12/05

"Everything is looking good so far... The green leather and anthelia look great... all the critters are just doing their thing.... I'll be in touch again for additional orders. I'm sure that the tank is going to benefit greatly from the added biodiversity. Thanks!" KC Camis, Las Vegas, NV, 8/11/05

"Thanks for the order Gerald, all are healthy and happy in their new home. Regards from Wilmington, Delaware." Luke Reissman, 8/11/05
"YES! Please do add Today's Special for an additional $19.95. A No-Brainer if I ever saw one! Thank you very much for the additional offer, and I look forward to receiving this order. I have heard many great things about your company, and your customer testimonials speak for themselves. Thanks for your assistance!" Ken Schuman, Cape Coral, FL, 8/1/05
"I got the shipment and everything looks great. Thank you for your fast replies, shipping, and for the excellent products. I will be getting a list together for a second order soon." Sam Saqr, Houston, TX, 8/1/05
"Live arrival successfully achieved! (no surprise that) I've got lots of stuff from tiny starfish to pods to crabs to "what was that" taking over! Best $99 I've spent on this hobby in months! I'm very pleased!" Michael Jones, Bloomington, IL, 7/29/05
"Hello Gerald, thank you very much! Reading the reviews on your website sold me, and I'm looking forward to receiving the shipment. It's so awesome to know it's coming directly from Hawaii." Carol Paquin, Fruitport, MI, 7/20/05
"Hi Gerald... just wanted to tell you all the critters you sent came in great shape. The Trocus Grazers (these guys are fast when they want to be), Strombus, Nerites and MicroHermits are all still alive and doing a wonderful job on my diatoms and green algae...

What I find particularly funny is one of the snails (strombus or the ones that came with the live sand activator) uses what I call a "slime rope" to drop to lower places in the rock. I came home one day and saw a snail suspended in mid water off one of my powerheads, he then proceeded to use the rope to climb back up, interesting. Thanks again." Jeff Wong, Elk Grove, CA, 7/15/05

"I just wanted to tell you that I love the Anthelia Polyps... they arrived about the size of a quarter and now a year later they are about a foot in diameter! They are so pretty and healthy! Thanks for quality product!" Derick John Smith, San Jose, CA, 7/14/05
"Really enjoyed my last package from you guys! I am starting up a 24 gal. nanocube to use as a seahorse tank. Could you recommend a package ofitems that would be good for their environment? Also, I need a few more 'pods for my other tank. Thanks so much!" Lynn Zucker, Boca Raton, FL, 7/13/05
"Reading the descriptions of the above items (and more) I wish I'd known about your site sooner. It simply sounds awesome. How do I reclaim lost time and get the most out of your products?" Trent Nevills, Portland, OR, 7/5/05
"Hi Gerald, I received my order last week and I just wanted to say thanks. Everything looked great! So, I would like to place one more order for the Mix n' Match Special." Joe Urbanski, Harrisonburg, VA, 6/7/05
"You guys come highly recommended, I can't wait to find out what I've been missing! Thanks, Sally." Sally Vaughan, Lafe, AR, 5/31/05
"Thanks, Gerald. My order arrived on schedule. The packaging was world-class and the labelling excellent. I was happy to note that there were actually more of some of the animals than the order called for. By the way, if you remember my last order, I did all that I could do to kill the Gold Crown Leather. You told me to hang in there and now it's 4" tall, 3" across and the centerpiece of my nano... Keep up the good work!" Ed Sprock (Grunfeld on Reef Central and Michigan Reefers) Shelby Twp MI, 5/20/05
"Gerald, I just received the packages yesterday and WOW. Every time I order from you, "You knock off my socks." I see why I don't order from anyone else except you because you stick to your word. It is nice to work with people who have the mentality that "CUSTOMERS service is #1". Thanks!" Lance Evans, Magnolia NJ, 5/13/05
"Hello, And thanks for a great product! My Hippo and Purple Tang, and Foxface love Tang Heaven Red. My Hippo had what I thought was fungus or ick or whatever, but it ended up being head and lateral line disease (HLLE). I know this now because medication never really completely cleared it up, but since eating Tang Heaven he is clean as a whistle! Their colors are brilliant and they are growing fast! I am preparing a larger tank for them sooner than I had planned!" Rich Devin, Enfield CT, 5/1/05
"Aloha! First I just have to say that your company is the BEST in every regard; customer service, product and quality. There is no other company that even comes close to your level of excellence... and I have had experience with many online and live stores. Now I tell everyone in New York about IPSF. This is my second order with you and I can't wait to get it!!! SO onto the ordering! Thank you so much!" Ishmeal Ben-Avraham, Brooklyn, NY, 4/28/05
"Hi, Just received my order and everything came looking great. Thanks again. It's always great ordering from you dude." Jeff Schmidt, Woodhaven, NY, 4/22/05
"Wow -- let me just say that this is the best deal for any marine aquarium enthusiast. You have many products that people don't even sell, or are disappointing when they arrive. Everything that was described in the website was accurate! I highly recommend the WonderMud to anyone, and the Live Sand Activator, I saw a MiniStar moving real quick (cute). I love the sand sifting clams, another specimen I've never seen for sale anywhere online. I will recommend this website to all my friends. Thanks sincerely, Homer." Homero Rivera, Paramount CA, 4/7/05
"Just want to say 'Thanks' for the great order. I have ordered several times before but this is the best shipment yet. I bought the a triple supersized Mix 'n Match. Lots of life, so much that I am very surprised. Bristleworms in the Live Sand Activator, and snails too! More worms and snails in the WonderMud and no telling what all else is there. I added the WonderMud to my refugium and the LSA to my main tank. The count even exceeded six on several of the items. Much more than I expected! The Lime Green leather was much larger than before and looks great in my tank. All alive and well. Thanks again." David Lattimore, Houston TX, 4/7/05
"I'm very pleased with my last order and want to make another!" Monte Moore, Greenbrier, AR, 4/2/05
"Gerald, I just wanted to say 'Thank You' for the absolutely amazing Mix and Match Special!! The diversity of infauna I received was amazing in your Wonder Mud and Live Sand Activator. Also all the snails and hermits went right to work the moment they were put in my display! I should have ordered from you years ago! Thanks." Chris Schofield, Chandle AZ, 3/17/05
"I have heard some great things about your company!" Ishmael Ben-Avraham, Brooklyn NY, 3/16/05
"Hello Gerald, The order arrived in perfect condition, heat packs still a bit warm. Thanks for everything. We'll be back." Dennis Toner, Clifton NJ, 3/16/05
"I'd like to order your Mix-n-Match special for my new office reef tank (have ordered this for home before with great results)." Richard A. Morgan, Bethesda, MD, 3/6/05.
"I am anxiously awaiting your shipment. You have been highly recommended by several very helpful marine aquarists in the greater Pittsburgh area." Kurt Marks, Mckees Rocks, PA, 2/21/05
"Thank you for your prompt reply to my questions earlier. It was a great help for me to decide on the right products." Deedra Erickson, Sidney, MT, 2/21/05
"Thank you very much for all the advice, and for doing wonderful research to broaden our understanding of the marine world, and preventing the trade from eradicating many species." Chris Sipe, Iowa City, IA, 2/12/05
"This is my second order with you and was very happy with my first.
Can't wait to get it!! Thanks!" Tammy Marinac, Idaho Falls, ID, 2/19/05
"Gerald, I just received my order, and everything looks great... The Trocus, Nerite, and Strombus grazers all are doing fine (thanks for the extras by the way!), and the Ulva sp. is beautiful! I took your advice and went with the 10 G instead of the 5 G and I have a couple pieces of LR and with the pod mats and Ulva. It is an attractive tank to say the least... Thank you SO MUCH for your help." Jason Farnum, Jennings, Fl, 2/16/05
"Hello. Here is the information for my first order. I must say I am very happy to discover your website. I have been searching for similar products, but my LFS wasn't giving me any hope. Thank you!" Peter Laskey, Windsor, CA, 2/16/05
"My Mix & Match order arrived... Got it all in the tank and the micro hermits took off all over the place -- even changing shells. The snails are already roaming around the tank. I had to go back to work, but I'm anxious to get home and see everything in action. Thanks for your great service and super product." John F. Martin, Coeur d'Alene, ID, 2/8/05
"Hi! I would like to order Coral Heaven in the standard size. My corals really love this stuff!" Cindi Phoenix, N. Ridgeville, OH, 1/19/05
"The order has arrived and the plants and added to their respective tanks. Thank you for the expert packing and fast shipping. I have cordoned off asegment of my 'fuge just for the new macroalgae, and have seeded it with 'pods. Most of the snails are hard at work already, and my hermits arefighting over the new shells. I'll be placing a new order soon!" Hal Stanley, Smithfield, VA,1/13/05
"Hello! WOW! MY last order was great... Thanks for your great products and service!" Austin Willis, Verdi, NV, 01/9/05
"I received the Mix n Match shipment today and everything was perfect. I purchased these items this time last year and thought it prudent to add more genetic stock to my reef tank. Certain animals do get depleted over time. I removed all the gadgets from my tank, except for a deep sand bed, a protein skimmer, and pumps for circulation. Never looked better over a year later. Simplicity and regular water changes seem to be the key.Thanks again... Joe Taggart, New Castle, DE, 12/29/04
"This is my second order from IPSF. I was very pleased with the service and condition of the first shipment. Everything still appears to be alive and doing well." Michael Pierce, Simi Valley, CA, 12/29/04
"I would just like to thank you for the great service and products you provide. I recently moved my 180 gallon reef tank and needed to replenish my critters, and IPSF really came through. I set up a 40 gallon growout tank int he garage for Tang Heaven along with growing Green TH in my refugium. Above the 40 gallon is a single 96W 6700K PC, and above the 15 gallon refugium is a single 36W PC. My Blue hippo, Achilles and Purple tangs, along with my Lawnmower blennie love that algae! Attatched are a few pics of the growout tank and the fish eating.Thanks again!" Jeremy Sosa, Los Osos, CA, 12/12/04
"Aloha Gerald, My order arrived safe and sound, and everything is acclimated and in my new tank. Thanks again for your great service and quality product." Dave Parker, Amelia, OH, 12/8/04
"Thanks very much for your time, you have an amazing site here, I look forward to ordering more things from you in the future." Miguel Tolosa, Philadelphia, PA, 12/8/04
"Gerald, just to let you know, everything came in great condition. My new tank's bio-diversity just increased by a few orders of magnitude:) Thanks" --Tri Tran, Union City, CA, 12/4/04
"Hi Gerald, I was very pleased with my mix in match order I received from you almost 2 months ago. The amphipods and snails are reproducing like crazy (I haven't seen small snails yet, but I have seen many eggs). I noticed many small BristleWorms, Mama Mia worms, and Mini Stars from the Wonder Mud and/or Live Sand Activator Plus...Overall I loved the order ... Thanks," Mark Law, Rochester, MN, 12/3/04
"You have great references from MASST, our local South Texas marine assoc." Jim Wagstaff, TX, 11/23/04
"I received the shipment and acclimated as per instructions. Everything looks great! The snails are my favorite part! Those baby Trocus Grazers just scoured my live rock! Where before was a nasty coating of diatoms and hair algae, when they left I could see the bright greens and purplesof the underlying coralline algae! It was incredible.

"The mini brittle stars were great, too! I found one last night in its little hole--only a couple arms poked out, but they were actively curling.

"Also, the amphipods are now everywhere in my tank. They're just as much fun to watch as the snails.... l will certainly be ordering from you again. Thank you so much!" Raph Martelles, Hillsboro, OR, 11/22/04

"Hi Gerald, Got my package today, everything looks great. Thanks a lot!" Andrew Taylor, Philadelphia, PA, 11/5/04
"We got everything promptly and are pleased. The clams dug in right away!" Emory B. Peters, Fairfax, VA, 11/5/04
"By the way, the MiniStars that I had ordered from you have reproduced almost too successfully in my aquarium. There are little white arms everywhere! Thanks," Marie-Josee Desbarats, Chicago, IL, 11/1/04
"Thanks so much for the quick reply. I will definitely be ordering from you. Great customer service!!!!" J. Howell 10/25/04
"Thank you for such a wonderful offering." Bob Webster, Dublin, OH, 10/23/04
"Hi Gerald, I was extremely pleased with my order the last time, I've decided to order again! Thank you also for the free coral..." Angela Di Pietro, San Francisco, CA,10/12/04
"Just wanted to let you know my order arrived safe and sound. Everything was in excellant shape & nicely packed. I put the Live Sand Activator Kit in and I must say I have critters galore. The Mix & Match items are great. The snails, hermit crabs & sand clams are all very happy. Thank you very much for the freebies...they are also doing great. I am looking forward to doing business with you again. I would recommend you to anyone looking for quality products. Thanks again." Sandi Strain, Toledo, OH, 10/11/04
"Thank you Gerald. I really appreciate prompt and courteous customer service. I was VERY happy with everything that I received. You have definitely earned my business in the future.Thank you again." Bill Goldsberry, Springfield IL, 10/10/04
"Thank you for your prompt and complete response. I have your amphipods, which are thriving and multiplying like crazy, caulerpa and your snails Trocus and Stromblus...The growth I have now in the main tank is good and natural as opposed to nonexistent!" Emory Peters, Fairfax, VA, 10/8/04
"Hi Gerald, Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived in fine shape last Saturday (Sept 11). Everything was nicely packed and in excellent condition. The microhermits are cruising the tank in new shells I've provided and the snails are doing fine as well. The plant life and worms went into the refugium and are thriving. I've just purchased a Yellow Tang and will be feeding it some of the macroalgae I bought from you. I will be ordering again when it's time to "recharge" the tank/refugium!" Scott Wolff, Boulder, CO, 9/17/04.
" We received the shipment yesterday in excellent shape- all of the animals look great, and are doing fine. Thanks for the "freebies", too... I look forward to ordering from you again." Jeff Fort, Fairfax, VA, 9/17/04
"I first want to that you for your order I received a while back, Mix and Match. It was great!! You also included a small frag... It is about 6" tall and looks great thanks to the Coral Heaven." Terry Jordan, Fort Collins, CO, 9/12/04
"Hi Gerald! Time for another order, my tangs are tapping on the glass, "What's with the dried Nori, mom???" Shelia Black, Sacramento, CA, 9/10/04
"Thank you once again for providing one of the best sites on the web to us reefers. Two thumbs way up already!" Steve Krauskopf, San Antonio TX, 9/4/04
"Just a quick note to let you know everything arrived safe and alive this morning. Thanks! I think the critters will be happy in their new home." Cheers, Robert Belas, Baltimore, MD, 9/02/04
"Thanks you so much. By the way this is my second order. Your deals are fantastic!" Greg Hyuk Bae, Long Branch, NJ, 9/01/04
"The leather and Acropora I rec'd from you a few months ago have done better than any other I have ever rec'd via mail. Thanks so much" Nita Irby, Ithaca, NY, 9/24/04
"Please process the order and thank you for the deal!!!!! You guys over there on the islands are awesome!" Mike Rowe, Los Gatos, CA, 8/19/04
"Can't wait!" Kristian Blew, Denver, CO, 8/20/04
"I definitely am excited about your product offering-- I already have a 20 gallon refugium tank setup and ready for the algae and amphipod breeding-- thanks for selling such environmentally conscious offerings." Rick Rourke, Plantation, FL, 8/06/04
"So glad I ran across your web site. Great information. I would like to order the SurfZone Live Sand Activator Plus with the Wondermud." Paul Hille, Galveston, TX, 8/03/04
"This is my third order... I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the quality of the specimens and the livestock you distribute.
My snails are breeding like crazy and now I need to populate a new tank. Please send me 1 (one) Reef Tank Tuneup." Aaron D Kulick, Seattle, WA, 8/1/04
"Everything arrived today and looks excellent. Thanks, much!" Jamie Henderson, Sunnyvale, CA, 7/28/04
"It's been quite some time, and the tanks are doing awesome. My Strombus Grazers continue to multiply before my eyes. Now that summer time is here, I think it is time for another tune-up. It is amazing how fast my tank goes through the Tang Heaven Red also." Steve Vallone, Plymouth Meeting,, PA, 7/02/04
"Wow!!! There's stuff crawling everywhere in my tank. The MicroHermits and Strombus are busy day & night. Only had my critters 4 days and have baby 'pods already, plus a noticeable decline in algae. Anthelia and leather corals doing great. I'm extremely pleased with my Mix & Match and the service is as good as it gets. Thanks." Ed Lee, Rocklin, CA, 6/23/04
"I'd like to order a larger than standard package of Tang Heaven Red, but don't know how much... All I know for sure is my fish gobble it up like spaghetti." Marty Ridner, South Haven, MI, 6/28/04
"I would like your 9 for 99.95 special. This will be for my new 35 gallon refugium. This will be my third order. I really love your products and service. The best in the industry." Woody Oakley, Fresno, CA, 6/13/04
"Hi Gerald - My parcel arrived yesterday and I thank you for all the extras and for the lovely corals and my tank thanks you for the increased biodiversity. Once in the tank coral polyps were out in ~15 minutes." Nita Irby, Ithaca, NY, 6/10/04
"Hi, It's been awhile since my last order, but everything was growing so well that I ran out of tank space!" Peng Ho, Lynwood, WA, 6/10/04
"I received my shipment and it was better than you advertise. I can not believe how nice my shipment was. Thank you and I will reorder again." Woody Oakley, 5/27/04.
"Hello. All critters are doing well. Too well, actually. My tank and my neighbor's tank are so clean of algae, we are concerned that there isn't enough food to sustain the critters." Tom Grubbs, AZ, 5/24/04.
"Gerald, Received my shipment today. It arrived at 2 PM EDST about 3 hours earlier than originally estimated and 1 hour earlier than FedEx was tracking to. Everything looked wonderful in it's packaging. The micro-hermits are already adopting new shells. Some of the snails look to be dormant but everytime I come back to the tank another one is gone or moved. Perhaps one bristle worm didn't make the trip but the rest of his buddues have "disappeared". The mysids and red Tang Heaven are in the 'fuge and appear to be OK...Thanks again." Ed Sprock, Shelby Twp, MI, 5/13/04
"Everything... was fantastic, including customer service. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to continue doing business with your company. Thank you. " John A. Lombardi, LindenHurst, NY, 4/30/04
"Hi Gerald, thank you sooooo much for the extras (Freebies). It was a great surprise after the business morning I made our week. We will take good care of them. As usual everything arrived in excellent condition. We'll be ordering soon." Rebecca Moslowski, 4/28/04
"Hi guys! I loved my first order that I got from you and I'm almost out of Tang Heaven. I have two fat and happy tangs. It's time for another mix& match special." Sheila Black, Sacramento, CA, 4/26/04
"Thank you for the outstanding customer service. This will indeed work for me. Thank you so much for the help." Brandon Wilson Mequon, WI, 4/22/04
"Thanks for the professional processing of my order Gerald. Can't wait for the blessed arrival either. But if this part of the processes is any indication, all will be outstanding. Thank you." Randy Short, Council Bluffs, IA, 4/21/04
"Aloha IPSF! Just wanted to let you know my order made it to MA. alive and kicking! You sent TONS of 'pods and those RED Mama Mia Worms are pretty cool, sticking their fingers out everywhere! The Tang Heaven Red was a nice bonus- I didn't know it came with the 'Pod Breeding Kit. My daughter loves the Microhermits and has held them in her hands, and has them in her own tank. All in all, I was more than happy with your 9 for $99! This is all I have in this tank, preparing it for seahorses and now it looks alive. Thanks again for an awsome job!" Lorraine Bailey, Sandisfield, MA, 4/19/04
"I really appreciate what you are doing with all the captive reared critters! I have let many people know of your site, quality packages, and what you do for the hobby. Keep up the good work!!!" Steve Nichols, Lexington, KY, 4/18/04
"Gerald, Thanks as always for the quick response and recommendations. I am hoping to have the refugium ready in the next few weeks, at that time I will place an order for the package you listed below..." Bill Carson, 4/12/04
"I received my shipment last week and I'm very pleased... The anthelia is doing great, and we frequently see signs of the worms and pods. The tank is off to a great start. Thanks for your help." Paul Durrant, 4/7/04
"I got my stuff today It all looks great thinks so much." Vanessa, 4/2/04
"You got so many interesting things that I've got to have it all! Thanks," Brian Anderson, 3/29/04
"I've heard great things about the Mix 'n Match package in the various reef forums, and I'm looking forward to stocking my tank. Thank you for your help and keep up the good work!" Paul Durrant, Kansas City, MO, 3/23/04
"The shipment arrived tuesday in good shape. Quite pleased with the criters received. Thank you," Tania Dunlap, Paradise, CA, 3/25/04
"My order arrived in good shape about noon today (24th) well packed, warm and alive. Thanks much," John LaGrange, 3/24/04
"Thank you very much, your company is the best I have dealt with on the internet." Richard Dercole, Ramsey, NJ, 3/13/04
"Your package arrived today. Very pleased. Little critters scurrying around my 90 Gallon Indo-Pacific Reef tank." F. E. Mouton, Shreveport, LA, 3/12/04
"Gerald, Wow! you are a class act, best in the business! Mahalo," Art Avilez, CA, 3/10/04
"Hi! Just wanted to let you know I received my shipment and everything is alive and doing well. Thanks again for your service, It's comforting to know I'm not impacting the oceans with your product. I'll be sure to order from you again!" Mike Darsshewski, 3/8/04
"Shipment arrived, everything is great and the Tang Heaven is beautiful. Thank You," Gary Case, 3/5/04
"Gerald, I wanted to give you a status update. The Reef Amphipods are doing excellent; they seem to like to eat the Tang Heaven RED. There seems to be a population explosion and thus following a depletion of the TH RED... MY SAND BED IS GOING NUTS! I even have baby brittle stars mysteriously. Lots of life and weird creatures constantly discovered. I now have a population of worms in my sand bed. The plugs of the coralline have by far been the best item for my tank; I finally have successfully propagating coralline. Pink Purple and even Green? I constantly see the population explode. AS A SERIOUS HOBBYIST, I AM IMPRESSED. Where others have failed in bringing biodiversity and life to my tank you have succeeded. Many thanks to you." Jim Newell, 3/4/04
"I wanted to let you know that everything arrived in great condition. The leather corals are awesome!! Is the green color of the green leather for real? WOW!! Will it stay that color? Thank-you. I was wondering what I should feed the amphipods? Do they need anything? They are all running around the refugium!! The worms and mini starfish are all fine. Thanks again." Dianna Orona, 2/26/04
"Thank you, the shipment arrived with no casualties and as far as I can tell, every single animal is still doing very well after a week. I see the worms from time to time; the Trocus snails are doing a great job mowing down the hair algae and have already cleaned about half of my rock completely. The hermits have each already swapped shells many times and are clearly working on what's left of my diatom bloom. The Turbo snail is elusive, but I see him most nights. The Strombus grazers are very busy but haven't started laying eggs yet from what I can see. The Nerites spend a good amount of time at the water line during the day, but get into the tank every night and are doing a good job on the glass. Everyone is active, hard at work and healthy. Thank you!" Michael Bohan, 2/23/04
"I just wanted to let you know that everything arrived in great shape! Also, my two Tangs are now definitely in "Heaven" with the "Tang Heaven", they nibble, swim about a foot away, then turn and head straight back. They can't stay away!! I put the most of it in my refugium so that I can put smaller amounts in the main tank." Cheri Pawlak, 2/20/04
"The order was awesome and everything is doing well in my tank. I will definitely be ordering from you again! Alexandra "Lexi" Reynolds, 2/17/04
"I have ordered Tang Heaven several times in the past couple of years. All my tangs really love to eat it, and now they won't eat anything else. After a just a few days, I noticed how much more plump all my tangs were. I just can't seem to keep up with their appetite for it. I placed 2 single orders for Tang Heaven just a couple weeks ago and I am close to needing some more already. I would be very interested in placing a bulk order if possible." Michael Hering, 2/26/04
"The first order of your Mix and Match helped me to completely cycle in less than 4 days and remain stable without any fluctuations at all." John Russel, Frisco, TX, 2/15/04
"Have ordered in the past from you, extremely happy with everything, look forward to the order thank you!" Kaureen Perez, Tustin, CA, 2/13/04
"thank you so much for the order!! everything arrived alive and healthy. all the animals acclimated quickly and the amount of life you've given to my sand bed is great! i will be recommending you to all my friends and will be ordering again in the future." Sung Lee, 2/13/04
" lime green leather is doing well, my gold crown leather is HUGE, my trocus snails are reproducing like mad, and my amphipods seem to be doing well also. I didn't even know if I had any amphipods until I bought a large red sponge. They chewed that thing up within one week. At night, all you'd see is hundreds of amphipods chewing through this poor sponge. Oh well, guess I can't put sponges in my tank. Point is, more than happy with the results of my order. Thanks!" Tim, 2/8/04
"Everybody arrived on time and in great shape. Thanks for the bonus screaming green leather start on the Anthelia start I ordered. it came in short with a cauliflower head, but when it hit the tank all the branches got reeeeaaallllllllyyyyyyy lllooooooonnnnnnnggggg, looks like it may turn out to be a "rasta" leather. I have never seen anything alive that was that neon--it's highlighter green under the regular MH/ actinic compact fluorescent bulbs and a true highlighter yellow (!!!) under 03 fluorescent Actinics alone. Is that your "lime green leather" that's offered as a supersize item, or just a very happy chance? I am a newbie small scale reef farmer, am propagating corals and selling them to the local fish stores and bartering for special starts with 2 reef farmers in California. It'll be a while before that baby gets big enough to frag, but it will be a huge hit when it does. That coral alone has the potential to eventually pay for my entire order!" Kari Yanski, 2/3/04
"Thank you Gerald. This how all businesses should be run." Ryan McPhillips, Laguna Niguel, CA, 2/02/04
"Aloha Gerald, I am placing my third order because I love you guys! Your stuff is fantastic!" Chris Kampanowski, 1/28/04
"Just wanted to drop a line and say that the 9 for $99.99 Mix and Match package that I ordered just after Christmas is doing great! Everything has acclimated, especially the pods who are breeding like rabbits. My refugium is literally swarming with the guys. I was a little worried that they would get chopped up making their way to the display tank but apparently they are making it ok, as I have them all over the display tank as well. Thanks for everything!!" Charles "Chris" Connell, Canton, GA, 1/25/04
Thank you very much for the info. Love your site and product line. Very informative site as well." Paul Gemeinhardt, Rancho Dominguez, 1/23/04
"I received my order this morning. It is awesome! I placed everything in a refugium... thanks." Ray Tancredi, Philadelphia, PA, 1/15/04
"I received the order last week, and posted a thread for fellow reefers..... Thanks again. Everything made the trip , and I can't wait to order again! Thanks." Ryan McPhillips, Laguna Niguel, CA, 1/14/04
"Hi there! Just wanted to let you know our shipment arrived yesterday and everything looks great! Thank you so much! I'm glad we found you guys -- you are an excellent company. Happy New Year!" Stephanie Edwards, Brighton, CO,12/31/03
"Howdy! I got everything bright and early this morning. Looks really good! Just wanted to say thanks." Scott Click, Tacoma, WA,12/31/03
"Got it! Everything looks great. I always enjoy my orders from you." Jon Bertoni, Mountain View, CA,12/31/03
"hi its jamey from staten island don't know if u remember me or not but the order you sent me a few months ago did wonders for my tanks... i have sps lps and soft corals and clams corcea... i've givin you're company's name out quite often and i hope it brings you much business as you truly deserve it - quality stuff and great customer service... thanks" Jamey Depp, Staten Island, NY, 11/27/03
"Hello again, and Happy Thanksgiving! I am pretty much addicted to your incredible products, and currently planning my 3rd. order! Both previous orders went right to work with nothing but success! Thanks in advance." Steve Vallone, Plymouth Meeting, PA, 11/26/03
"I just wanted to let you know that I received my mix and match order Nov 5th and within two weeks I already have baby snails in my tank (with no other organisms except live rock in the tank prior). So any claims that snails MAY breed are completely false. THEY WILL BREED. Thanks so much!" Aaron D. Kulick, Seattle, WA,11/20/03
"That Mix 'n Match Special has already made such an unbelievable difference. ... All that reef debris I call "dust" gone in 24 hours.Thanks so much, I am looking foward to the next shipment." Rebecca Moslowski, Bordentown, NJ, 11/13/03
"Wanted to send you a quick thank you for the shipment! I must admit that I had doubts about the claims on your website, but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my box. The Lime Green Leather add-on was KILLER! Live Sand Activator is also a great way to keep your sand bed fresh each year. You've earned a repeat customer!" Ryan Bowen, San Francisco, CA11/11/03
"Hello... I would like to tell you that everything I received from you in my last two orders was great. I am very happy." Pete Redel, Racine, WI, 11/13/03
"Wow! You guys sure know how to ship! Everyone arrived safe and sound and settled in nicely. Most of the pods found themselves on the dinner plate of my damsel. That's life on the food chain. You have a repeat customer here! Thanks," Rene Degonia, Las Vegas, NV,11/12/03
"Gerald, I recently received an order from your company. I am very pleased with the quality of the product and the service." Lance Smith, Hixon, TN,11/10/03
"I was really pleased with my order two years ago when I was starting my new 29 gallon tank. I'm still seeing the benefits two years later. I want to do the same for my new 180 gallon reef tank that I just started. Two hundred pounds of uncured rock were introduced today. I want to start with a new Mix 'n Match package to get my sandbed started. Thanks," Jim Newlin, Martinsville, IN, 10/30/03
"Gentlemen: I received my order early this morning and everything was super! I had purchased a "clean up" package from a local fish store for $99.00 and your order was twice as much stock for half the price! Everything looks great and the critters are eating so much algea that the live rock is actually starting to show now. Thanks again for the remarkable service!" Jimmy Clifton, Amarillo, TX, 10/24/03
"This is my second order of your wonderful natural product from Hawaii. My tangs (Hippo and Yellow) go bananas over it! Their health has never been better thanks to Tang Heaven. Thanks!" Kevin R. Good, Berkeley Heights, NJ, 10/19/03
"Hello there! I'm really excited to receive these items, I've heard nothing but great things about you guys." David M.Conners, Clinton, CT, 10/15/03"I would like to place an order with your fine company. I am very excited to be doing business with a website that is so highly recommended." Alan Stanford, Hoffman Estates, IL, 10/14/03
"I recently made a purchase of a Reef Tank Tuneup and an Amphipod Breeding Kit... I am extremely happy with both." Steve Vallone, Plymouth Meeting, PA, 10/13/03
"Your package is great! Everything looks good and thank you for giving me the extra snail, clam, etc. I'm really happy. Nice day!" Andrew Lou, Sun Valley, CA, 10/04/03
"I ordered some of your algae and critters in a mix'n'match special back in July. I set up a 20 gallon refugium beside my main tank and put all of the order into it (clams,worms, algae,wondermud, snails..ect). The results have been most impressive. I was more interested in nitrogen and phosphate control when I set it up. It does that well. Water is clearer. The skimmer output has probably decreased to 25% of its former output. Water changes are done more out of habit than need at this point and much less often. I sat and studied the tanks last night. The corals, fan worms, and polyps have probably grown as much in 2 months as they have in the preceding year. Pure water? Partially. A really close look at the refugium provided the rest of the answer. Small snails, amhipods, worms, plankton, and lord knows what else that you had in there were everywhere. Food for the main tank in constant, never-ending supply. This is perfect. One little refugium and everything gets the right diet and the algaes keep the water purer than it has ever been. Talk about a no lose situation! Thanks." Lee Cooper, Batesville, AR, 10/1/03
"Gerald, Thank you very much for the great service." Ty Tran, Sunnyvale, CA, 9/22/03
"I'm ready for more! I received my first order Feb 21, 2003. Now I must have hundreds of strombus snails! And my fat little mandarin goby is demanding more amphipods, so I started a 10-gallon breeding tank just for them." Leslie I. Krzeczowski, Scotts Valley, CA, 9/12/03
"My Tangs love that Tang Heaven. They are getting fat and have deep coloring. Even my clowns and Coral Beauty Angel eat the Tang Heaven. Thank and Aloha," Joni Hasse, West Chicago, IL, 9/06/03
"Hi Gerald, I will have to say, all the items you shipped me were great. Everything arrived alive and kicking even though I was worried about the hot temps here in Kansas and what you shipped was awesome. The quantity of everything that arrived that I ordered was much greater than what was actually ordered and the quality, like I said earlier, couldn't have been better." Kevin Steinle, Concordia, KS, 9/05/03
"All items arrived in good condition with your usual attention to detail. Thanks so much!" Kris Shanks, Petaluma, CA, 9/05/03
"Shipment arrived just fine. Everything looked great and was added to the tank last evening. Thank you." Debbie Neiferd, Lafayette, IN, 9/05/03
"Last week I received my first order from your company (a Mix n' Match special). Everything you sent arrived in excellent condition and is doing great in the tank. I am very impressed with the way you conduct business and the quality of your product and I will certainly be ordering more from you in the near future as my tank matures." Dennis Hass, Delran, NJ, 8/30/03
"Dear IPSF... I would like to order my seventh Mix 'n Match Special from you. Thanks for a Great Job!" Michael Nassenstein Grovetown, GA, 8/27/03
"Hi Gerald, My order arrived alive and kickin. All are doing well. Thanks for everything and keep up the great work." Terry Onnen, Topeka, KS, 8/09/03
"Hi, just a note to say..WOW!!!!!! The Tune-up kit is just great. I had a MAJOR hair algae problem. But no more. All the critters arrived in good shape and went to work. The algae is gone, and coralline algae is covering the rocks. This is the best group of snails and crabs I have ever purchased. The Strombus Grazers are multipling like crazy. Thanks, " Bill Moyer, Carlisle, PA, 8/07/03
"I'm back for another order for a new 60 gal. reef tank and its refugium. I've been extremely pleased with all the stuff I've ordered in the past and they are all thriving." Anthony Uy, Concord, CA, 8/06/03
"Hello Gerald, My Reef Tank Tune-up crew arrived shortly after 9:00 a.m. this morning, and they are all busy doing their thing in my 72. They all came in in great shape, and for that I am grateful. By the way, the little clams that I got a week ago in the Mix & Match have now all burrowed into the substrate, for which I am also grateful to you for the magnificent job IPSF does. No losses, and I'm thrilled to have all aquacultured critters. Thanks again for a great job." Peggy Nelson, Stillwater, MN, 8/02/03
"Got the critters and algae packs. Everything was fine. I was amazed at the amount of algaes that you include. I was putting everything into a 20 gallon refugium off of the main tank and was beginning to wonder if it would hold it all. It didn't so I dropped some into the main tank to see what the tang would do... Thanks." Lee Cooper, Batesville, AR, 7/31/03
"Just received a large order of detrivores/macroalgae/LS/etc. from you last week and I couldn't be happier with my new critters."
Steve Williams, Houston, TX, 7/29/03
"My Mix & Match arrived at 8:40 a.m. and everyone's in the 72. The Strombus and Nerites are on the move, and the mini stars were all active and scurrying around the bowl when I acclimated them... Thanks for your great service..." Peggy Nelson, Stillwater MN, 7/25/03.
"Thanks for the order. Everything arrived in great condition... generally, a very great diversity of organisms." Steve McGlothlin, Clarendon Hills IL, 7/24/03
"I have heard great things about your company,
and think it's high time I had some first hand experience." Stephen B. Williams, MD, Houston, TX, 7/19/03
"Gerald, I just thought I would let you know that my shipment arrived safely last week. Everything was packed really well and is looking good. Its been just over a week now that I introduced everything into my tank and all are doing extremely well.

"Last year I read alot of the positive feedback from your customers and this was a deciding factor when I placed that order. After being so pleased with my initial order I had my own positive experience that helped me to decide to place another order with you. I plan to order from you when I need something you offer many more times in the future...

"I chose to Super-Size my order with the leather corals. Both are doing BEAUTIFULLY!!! The Gold Crown Leather (Sarcopython) extended its polyps almost immediately after I placed it in the tank. I look forward to watching him grow. The Lime Green Leather is doing amazingly well too. I love the color it shows under the Actinics. My partner says it so nice looking that it looks To me it looks electric. Thank you once again for your great products and service." Justin DuPont, Kilgore TX, 7/11/03

"Hi Gerald, thanks so much for the order! I have to tell you that people from the "Big Island" can't count! Too many coconuts fall from tree onto head....... kidding! I got 9 mini stars instead of 6 and 7 clams instead of 6 .Lots of macros!! I love the red tang and the yellow tang is awesome! thank you- thank you- thank you!!!!! I will tell my reefer friends about your great business and how the counting favors toward the customer!" Tom Fancy, Phoenix, AZ, 7/10/03
"Aloha once again IPSF, my first order with you was quite a success, everything came quickly, arrived in great condition, and all the critters are thriving wonderfully. Talk about a tank reboot! So here I am again,, needing a couple more things and knowing I can trust you to deliver great stuff again." Christopher Robinson Woodland Hills, CA, 7/05/03
"Tim Hall here. Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today in great shape. Boy, you nearly sent me the whole "farm!" You clearly were very generous with me, and I am very grateful. Thanks so much!" Tim Hall, St. Louis, MO, 7/02/03
"I would like to order your Mix-N-Match special. I got one of these before and was really happy with it. I think it's time for a booster shot for the sand bed." Justin DuPont, Kilgore, TX, 6/30/03
"Again, thanks in advance not only for the great product, but the customer service as well!!!" Michael P. Dean, Orange Park, FL, 6/19/03
"This will be the second time I have ordered the Mix 'n Match Special. The Gold Leather and Anthelia polyps did wonderfully on my last order. Thanks for all you have done to improve the hobby and help in keeping healthy tanks. I am sure when I am ready to go with a larger tank I will be placing another order. Thanks again, you guys are great!" Mark P. Brady, Bonaire GA, 6/14/03
"Hello, I got my shipment this morning at 10 am. My roomate finally peeled me away from my tank around 3 pm.. All the stuff is fantastic! The Ministars are so cool. I put everything through the acclimation process. Everything was active and doing great. Thanks for the little extras too...This is the kickstart my tank needed. Thanks again, you guys are so great." Todd Magsamen, 6/13/03, San Diego, CA
"Gerald thanks for your help. I received everything just fine... looks good a lot of stuff, you sure do give a lot. I am very happy. I added everything and after the mud and live sand settled it looked great I will be ordering in the near future ." Jim Goldstein, Fairfield, CT, 6/13/03
"Thanks for the update, I can't wait to receive the order. The last one was great." Eric Sweet, 6/11/03, Oakland, CA
"I was very pleased with my initial order, so I'd like to place a follow-up order." Mark Sowka,Waxhaw, NC, 6/10/03
"Hi Gerald, the Tang Heaven is excellent stuff, thanks a lot." Mirko Tanuredjo, Irvine, CA, 6/08/03
"Hi Gerald! Hal n' Charlie here. How are things in balmy, tang heaven Hawaii? Lots of critters showed up here yesterday... We sure appreciate your offering this critical venue for biodiversity. While many aquarists seem preoccupied with the "big and beautiful" critters, they really should be concentrating on more of the little, not-so-pretty guys." Hal n' Charlie Newell in Waconia, MN, 6/05/03
"Hi: Everything arrived early this am PST. All the critters were in good shape and were active within minutes of being placed in the tank after acclimation. Thank you for the prompt service and great algae and animals." Larry Shaw, Northridge, CA, 6/05/03
"Hi Gerald, Thanks so much for all your help and the very generous offer! I really appreciate your advice on seeding the bed. It's nice to be able to get expert opinions on stuff like this! And you guys have a fantastic company -- I have always been *VERY* impressed with your service, critters and shipping/packaging. Thank you so much for all your help." Stephanie Edwards, 6/04/03
"I received the package first thing this morning (call it 9:00 am) and all looks well. It's been a pleasure doing business with you." Brian Guidry, Livermore, CA, 6/04/03
"All the critters arrived safely. Thank you very much for your prompt service. I notice that I received a lot more than I asked for with each of the packages. Wow - I really appreciate it. Thanks and aloha," Scott Putnam, Redding, CA, 5/30/03
"Hi Gerald - I just wanted to write back and let you know that I got the shipment fine; everything acclimated well; and a big Thank You for the Sarco/toadstool clone that was attached to the Anthelia. That was a nice surprise, something I've wanted for a while... Overall, a good deal. I love the small snails that are so active on my glass, and all of the coral cuttings seem to be responding well to their new home. Thanks... " Mark Felten, Madison, WI, 5/30/03
"I received the mix and match order with mama mia's and baby brittle stars and everything seems to be doing fine... snails and amphipods breeding like crazy." Darin Clifton, St. Louis, MO, 5/23/03
"Thanks, you guys are awesome." Glen Buckner, Biologist, the Conservancy of SW FL, Naples, FL, 5/28/03
"I just wanted to let you know I received my shipment and as always everything arrived in great condition. Great packaging, great customer service, great response times. I couldn't ask for any more! Thanks for all your help. Best Regards," Tom Dietrich, West Lawn, PA, 5/23/03
"Hi Gerald, Just wanted to let you know I received my shipment and I couldn't be happier. All of the critters went right to work. Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you in the future! Sincerely," Brian Fox, Suffern, NY, 4/10/03
"My shipment arrived right on time. Everything looks great. Awesome job on packing, thanks so much." Paul Shurmon, Grand Prairie, TX, 4/09/03
"All critters from my previous order are doing great! Thanks for the good customer service." Gordon Fischer, Valley Springs, CA, 3/21/03
"Thank you for your quick response. You folks have an outstanding reputation and I'm looking forward to doing business with you on a continuing basis." Hal Mann, Perrysburg, OH, 1/27/03
"Gerald, I am so very pleased with my order! It has been over a month and I am harvesting every week to thin out the various macro algae. The amount of 'pods is incredible! Thanks," Kevin Zari, Merritt Island, FL, 1/19/03
"Hi, I got your shipment today; just wanted to give you an update. Last night was the coldest night in 2 years, here in NJ. I got the shipment from Fedex at 10:30a.m. Upon opening the box, I noticed that the 2 heat packs where hard as rocks. The water temperature in the bags, was cold- very cold, everything looked dead. I went thorough the motions and acclimated slowly (very slowly) amazingly everything "defrosted", and I don't think I suffered a single loss. Amazing considering the temperature of the water (I estimate it was about 50 Deg F.).Just letting you know how pleased I am, your stock must be extremely hardy to survive that trip. Thanks again!!" Nick Burns, Piscataway, N.J., 12/04/02
"Hi Gerald, I got a new tank up and going and you are the first vendor I am ordering from to stock it because of your quality and nowhere-else-to-find products." Brad Gardner, Birmingham AL, 12/04/02
"Aloha Gerald, This will be my third order with you, needless to say I have been very satisfied with your service and products. If you see anything on my order that shouldn't be there feel free to substitute, I trust your judgement completely." Joe W. Clyde, Langley, WA, 11/04/02
"Howdy, Gerald, Just got my second Mix 'n Match special from you guys and once again am very pleased! The micro-hermits (I love those guys) and snails are already hard at work. The anthelia polyps are waving around and even the acropora fragis starting to look fuzzy from its polyps. I can"t wait for the clams andMama Mia worms to get cranking. Just as the last order, this one had some bonus materials which is always appreciated...

"Thanks for offering this stuff. Most people don"t take into consideration that an aquarium should be a complete ecosystem to be successful. None of the LFS1s in my area offer any of the essential livestock you provide and we have no way of building the balance and biodiversity that is required to successfully keep our little reefs going. Keep up the excellent service to your customers and the hobby!" Joel Hutton, Highland Village, TX, 9/26/02

"Your products are just wonderful!!!" Carmen Towles, Los Angeles, CA, 9/22/02
"Just wanted to let you know that everything arrived just fine... The quantity of Macro algae you supplied was way more than I expected. My refugium should be full of Red and Gold macro in no time at all. I have already seen the snails, pods and worms cruising around the sand bed so hopefully they will start to thrive soon. The Lime Green Leather I got was way nicer than I expected... it puffed right up under my PC lights. Thanks again for a smooth transaction..." Tyson Smith, Nashville, TN, 9/06/02
"Everything arrived just fine and is doing great in my tanks. Thanks again for all the life these critters have brought to my tanks. I know that the diversity of life is great for any system." George Saalfrank, Fort Wayne, IN, 9/03/02
"I received all in good health acclimated and introduced them with great success, thanks once again." Dr. Mark Davis, Colt's Neck, NJ, 9/01/02
"Hello again. My last purchase has turned out great. The amount life in my refugium, due to your kit, is amazing. I didn't think it was possible in such a short period of time. So, I would like to order more 8 )." Jeff Stein, Woodland Hills, CA, 8/31/02
"Aloha, Gerald! One of your customer's testimonials spoke of watching all the life running around the tank after one of your shipments - danged good description as I spent a fair amount of time just watching the micro-hermits and bristle worms making their living - fascinating! Thanks very much - I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future! Aloha!" Chuck Palmist, Plano, TX, 8/30/02
"I've searched all around the net and your site is the HIGHEST recommended so I'm going to go for it!" Calvin Roberts, Joppa, MD, 8/21/02
"Got the package. Everything in good shape. Thanks for the great service." Charles Moon, Los Angeles, CA 8/20/02
"Thanks again for the quick service and great product." Li-Lun Wang, Houston, TX, 8/16/02
"Gerald, just wanted to let you know that as always your shipment arrived in perfect condition, and we were very pleased with the quality and quantity of the critters we ordered, Regards." Mike Imbler, Wichita, KS, 7/25/02
"Aloha.....As usual you were more than generous and everything arrived in great shape, thx so much." Marcy Everman, Salinas, CA, 7/25/02
"Just want to say that I appreciate you sending the replacement at no extra cost. I was hoping that you would just replace a few snails and crabs. But you really went the extra mile in replacing the entire kit [following the Fedex delay]. Thanks again for the great customer service. I would gladly shop ipsf again!" Steve Koch, Warner Robbins, GA, 7/25/02
"Aloha Gerald, I just wanted to drop you a quick note that I received my shipment and I love it!! I am so happy I decided to upgrade to the super-sized Mix n' Match package. Everything came very well packaged - a testament to the fact that you really care about your customers and the delicate animals you send!! I really love the variety and assortment of your package - and I especially love the Mini-Stars! Thank you for everything - Know that I will be purchasing from you in the future and also refer all of my reef-keeping friends...Take care," Susan Ikemoto Ishii, Thousand Oaks, CA, 7/19/02
"Hey Gerald, the Nerites came this morning. Thanks for the amazing service. You are my snail/crab supplier for life. :) Adam Parmelee, San Jose, CA 7/19/02
"My friend ordered Tang Heaven 2 weeks ago and i tried it and my tang loved it... excellent!! Thank you." Frank Marzella, Brooklyn, NY, 7/08/02
"Once again you guys are the greatest. Thanks." Beth Harrision, Newhall, CA, 7/07/02
"Last order was excellent, thanks." Kevin Buch, Naperville, IL, 7/5/02
"I'm very pleased with everything I received. My son was very excited to see the sand bed clams burrow into the sand. Everything seems to be doing very well. Thank you for your business. I look forward to future transactions. Mark Vigil, Santa Fe, NM, 07/04/02
"Received everything early today and was very pleased. Thank you for the great service!" David Piperno, Bloomfield, NJ, 7/03/02

"I just finished putting everything into my tank. All I can say is WOW! I got exactly what I ordered (now-a-days that is a major accomplishment), I got more of most things...worms, pods, crabs! You have yourself a client for life, for whenever I need anything you offer! Thanks, Kirk Frey, Farmington Hills, MI, 6/28/01

"Just wanted to let you know my tang loves the Tang Heaven Red, he turned into a plump looking fish in 2 days. Gave some to my friend and his did the same thing. Thanks for a great product." Renee Lannana, Brooklyn, NY,6/28/02
"I've heard many, many good things about you and your company. Keep up the great work!" Rose Knight, 6/28/02

"Gerald, Great stuff yet again. Everything is perfect. Thanks!" Eric Tucker, Columbus, OH, 6/15/02
"I have ordered from your (Mix 'n Match) previously and was incredibly pleased with your products! I truly believe your Wonder Mud and Live Sand Activator are what has made my 55 gal set up thrive. My friends and reef buddies are blown away by all the bio-diversity I have and I've only been set up for about 6 months now." Kris Payne, Farmington, CT, 6/07/02
"Aloha, Gerald. Everything arrived alive 30 minutes ago. Great package, everything looks great!" Albert B. Jeffers, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 6/07/02
"Thank you again for all your help and keep up the GREAT work!!! I noticed my Hawaiian Turbo snails were breeding today... just 24 hrs. in the tank and I saw 2 shooting sperm and one shooting eggs... I will be ordering from you again when I set up my 65 gal. Reef tank next year!!!!!" Your VERY SATISFIED customer, Michael Whitt Huntsville Al, 5/31/02
"Gerald, I received the Mix 'n Match Special, (plus the tang heaven gold) this morning. Everything was in great shape. You exceeded my expectations! Thanks so much!" Kevin M. Mickey, Berwyn, IL, 5/31/02
"I was so pleased with my last order from IPSF I am ready for my second order, this time to stock my new refugium. The Anthelia polyps I received as part of my last order are unbelievable! In little over a month the colony has more than quadrupled in size. It is just stunning to see how quickly this coral has grown. I am just about ready to start taking cuttings from the colony to share with others in my area." Jay Ribak, Nashua, NH, 5/22/02
"Gerald, Once again your products have blown me out of the water!! Everything is alive, and going about the job of cleaning up my reef tanks. Thank you." Andrew Baikie, Brick, NJ, 5/17/02
"Perfect! Just to let you know how happy I am with the order. Everything came in fine shape, so much life! For what the 7th time. Thank You." Robert Oba, Saratoga, CA, 5/04/02
"2 for 2. Got another order today and everything is perfect again. You've found a new loyal customer. Thanks!" Erik Tucker, Columbus, OH, 5/04/02
"Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that everything is kicking now. The refugium is bursting with life, literally (everything inside is wiggling, including newborn amphipods), the Anthelia polyp is growing like insane and all seem happy and healthy.Thanks! =))))" Ania Bulas, La Jolla, CA, 4/26/02
"Hello Gerald, I wanted you to know the reshipment of my order arrived today and everything was in great shape! Thank you again for your prompt handling of the FedEx problem I had with the original shipment last week. Again, this is just one more reason I'll continue to recommend others order from IPSF! Your customer service is outstanding!! Warmest Regards," Tom Dietrich, West Lawn, PA, 4/25/02
"I received my shipment Friday and it was great. The packaging was awesome. Everything survived and is in the aquarium and flourishing. Thanks for the extras... I will be ordering another Mix 'n Match soon." Kurt Roux, Arlington, TX, 4/20/02
"Got my delivery and couldn't be more pleased. You'll be hearing from me again soon." Erik Tucker, Columbus, OH, 4/20/02
"Hi Gerald, I love your product! They are such excellent live stock I needed to order more." Thanh Ha, Oakland, CA, 4/17/02

"OK -- ready to order. And YOUR supersize special is WAY cooler than what Arby's, Burger King or Wendy's has to offer!" Rebecca Dimmick, Essington, PA, 4/15/02
"I am a repeat customer - who once had 6 Strombus snails and now easily have more than 100." Mark Jacobsen, Washington, DC, 4/15/02
"My Mix 'n Match special came today and I am deliriously happy. I will be enlarging my refugium in a couple of weeks and will give you a call about that! Thanks again for making me ecstatic!" Nancy King, Sleepy Hollow, NY, 4/12/02
"Howdy, once again from Colorado! Weather is warm, and its time to recharge the Reef. Please send me one SuperSized Mix-n-match. Thanks in advance for what I'm sure will be another excellent order." Larry Brubaker, Longmont, CO, 4/02/02
"Aloha Gerald! I'm really looking forward to getting the shipment. Thanks for providing all these wonderful animals/critters/etc." Kate Wurm, Austin, TX, 3/16/02
"The shipment arrived in fine shape. I am extremely pleased with the assortment you sent. Will definitely order again." Mark Dunlap, 3/15/02
"Hello! I'm enjoying my last order tremendously. My little food-generation tank is as much fun as my big one. I like watching all the small creatures, and seeing the baby strombus growing is wonderful. I see the trocus snails growing. They're much more fun than the astreas: more colorful and more active. They also seem to spout some white stuff out of a tube from time to time. Is that a spawning?" Jon Bertoni, 3/15/02
"I just received my shipment today from IPSF and everything arrived healthy and alive...Thanks so much... I will order again from your company. It also arrived when you said it would. Thanks again," Patricia Richards, Carrollton, GA, 3/15/02
"Your diversity is so great, I'm back again for my refugium!!!" Michael Elniski, Niagara Falls, NY, 3/11/02
"Thanks for a great site..." Patricia Richards, Carrollton, GA, 3/07/02
"I would like to order my fifth Mix and Match special. Good stuff that you cannot get anywhere else for the price." Michael Nassenstein, Grovetown, GA, 2/26/02.
"Gerald: Just a quick note to let you know that I am thrilled with the 2 orders that I received from you last week. Everything arrived in perfect condition and my tank is doing beautifully. I am setting up a refugium this week, and I would like to add a supersized MIx 'n Match Special to get it going properly." Steve Sermonet, Nashville, TN, 2/25/02
"I took a look at the reef early this morning and realized that there are many many of your mamma mia worms in the sand bed, among the rocks, living on the powerheads, etc... These are all (I assume) decendents of the few that I received from you a couple of years ago in one of my previous orders. Like the mini brittle stars they are everywhere now!" Jon Simmons, Burlington, MA, 2/19/02
"Hi Gerald, I wanted to know what was in Coral Heaven? I fed the gold crown coral that arrived yesterday with it tonight and watched my two brittle stars lunge from their rock hiding places in full light and scramble across the sand to get everything that the coral didn't. The worms never had a chance. As someone who has raised saltwater fish for over thirty years, I had low expectations. It was, after all, a sampler I thought... I was awed by the quantity of product in the packages... Now all I want to do is order the items that I didn't select the first time around, along with some of those that I did. I will be placing another order in the near future. I will never hesitate to purchase from IPSF. Thank you for a great product. P.S. The happiest yellow tang that I have ever owned became a lot happier when the Tang Heaven red hit the tank. Now I have to convince him to eat the other food too." Frank Lisak, Pittsburgh, PA, 2/07/02
"I have ordered from you guys before and I was extremely impressed. My office tank is unbelievably healthy. I'd like the same treatment for my show tank at home." Ethan Tsai, Boulder, CO, 2/7/02
"Aloha Gerald; As always I'm impressed. THANKS." Ron L. Knochel, Washington, PA, 1/30/02
"I've always been extremely pleased with your service and products, thanks in advance for my order." Shawn Williams Odessa, TX , 1/30/02
"Aloha Gerald, everything arrived in fine shape...I appreciate your packing and labeling efforts... All the best." Pete Susca, Wethersfield, CT,1/29/02
" I have heard a lot about you guys and it's all good." Sanjib Dinda, Jamaica, NY, 1/24/02
"I received my 9 for $99 Mix and Match yesterday. WOW! I could not believe how everything was so plentiful, colorful and lively. I just would like to say thanks! I have never ordered from any online service before. The reason I picked your site is that I just felt so comfortable after reading all of your positive feedback. Your staff hand held me throughout the whole transaction from ordering and questions to FEDEX tracking." Lance Evans, Magnolia NJ, 1/17/02
"Gerald, the first order worked out so well that I am ordering another Mix and Match special to stock my refugium! Thanks again!" Jaye Armstrong Plano, TX, 1/16/02
"I received it this morning. Thank You! Beautiful specimens." Lyle Anderson, Chappaqua, NY, 1/11/02
"I would like to order my fourth Mix and Match special. Thanks for your great service." Mike Nassenstein, Grovetown, GA, 1/08/02
"I have received the order and everything looks wonderful! The Live Sand Activator and WonderMud were particularly amazing. There's a lot of animals in there!" Jonathan L Bertoni, Fremont, CA, 01/04/02
"Just a note to let you know that the last mix and match special I received over a year ago was excellent. The Strombus Grazers reproduced in my refugium almost immediately, they multiplied from 6 to well over 30. Six months after adding the order to my tank I discovered juvenile Trocus Grazers in my sump; I counted over 2 dozen of them cleaning the glass. Even the young ones are cleaning machines.The Trocus Grazers have to be the best snails on the market. I am waiting for the Sea Bunnies and Spaghetti Worms to come back in stock. I am considering the mini-stars for my next order because there is no room left on this order. Thanks." Peyton R. Donald, Fayetteville, NC, 12/29/01
"Gerald- Just wanted to say thanks for the order that was shipped out last month. The yellow tangs loved the Tang Heaven and the snails have since laid eggs (I've counted about 66 eggs in those pouches). Thanks for your excellent products." Gary Yip, Castro Valley, CA, 12/28/01
"I received my shipment right on time as promised, and talk about diversity. I ordered the 9 for $99 deal with two supersizes and couldn't be happier. The snails and hermits are wonderful and went right to work. The bristle worms dove right in and are working hard on the sandbed. The clams are very neat to watch as they move by the one foot. The Live Sand Activator package is well worth the money. I used a magnifying glass on it and there was tons of life in it. Also, all kinds of extra stuff in every bag I received. Above all, their customer service receives an A+++. Thank you IPSF." 12/13/01 Dave Downing, Brea, CA, 12/13/01
"Hi Gerald, I'm back again to order more." Anthony Wong, Irvine, CA, 12/13/01
"Heard a lot of good things about IPSF on several reef discussion boards. Thought I'd put in the following order. James Washburn, Indianapolis, IN, 12/12/01
"I received my 9 for $99.95 order today in excellent condition. No loss whatsoever. All the hype you print on your web page is not just hype, it's fact. This is just the bio-diversity I wanted for my reef tank. And thanks for the extras. There were extra clams, snails, bristle worms and 'pods. You are now on my short list of vendors to recommend every chance I get. Thanks again." Will Steuer , Mishicot, WI, 12/06/01
"Hello again. Once more I would like to replenish my sand beds with your (top notch) kits." Michael O'Brien, Sumner, WA, 12/1/01
"Just wanted to let you now that in the 8 months since I received my order my Strombus Grazer population has exploded from 6 to about 50. I am guessing I have about 3 generations living right now. I hope to order another 9 for $99 special soon. Thanx." Jonathan Pac, Lutherville, MD, 11/27/01
"Glad to report that the 9 for $99 worked out great. After 5 weeks, results are astounding. I am surprised at how my emphasis has shifted to looking at the reef tank as not a fish habitat, but a more diverse, complete eco-system. Thanks !" Jim Morton, Walnut Creek, CA, 11/26/01
"I received my order today right on schedule per Fedex and I am very pleased with your service and my purchase. I recieved everything I ordered and more. Thank you for the extra 'pods and bristle worms. The Wondermud was full of life as was the Live Sand Activator. I couldn't be more pleased with your service. I will order again soon. Best regards, Galen Thomas, Nederland, TX, 11/14/01
"Hi Gerald, I received the order on Friday - excellent as usual, I put it into my new 30 Gallon refugium and can't believe the life that has been introduced - I'm going to let it all settle down for a couple of weeks, but I'll be back again soon for some more of your excellent products. Many thanks." Steve Illingworth, Belmont CA, 11/12/01
"Hello - I know I've thanked you over and over again, but just one more time! The detritivore kit you sent me last May has literally stocked my tank. First, the Strombus snails started breeding, I've traded out maybe 90 from the six I got originally. They're on their third generation in several tanks now, across the country. Now, my first round of dime sized baby Turbo snails is awaiting trading... I feel like I hit some kind of reef jackpot. In every trade, I mention where I got the parents. Least I can do. So, for what it's worth, THANK YOU FOR THE BEAUTIFUL TANK! Charlotte Hanks, Boston MA, 11/11/01
"A friend of mine (Dave Bayne) has ordered from you a couple of times. After seeing all the life in his tank I just have to place an order." George Rissmann, Wildwood, MO, 11/09/01
"Gerald, Thanks so much. You guys still have the best service anywhere, and I am so glad you were able to customize my order for what I needed. I said I had a problem (even though I was wrong) and you fixed it immediately. Whenever I need stuff that you sell, I will buy it from you. I am going to right now to post about how great you are. Thanks again, Richard Ross, Alameda, CA, 11/02/01
"Everything arrived in perfect shape." Rhonda Millstone, Phoenix, AZ, 11/02/01
"You guys are fabulous! I received my 2nd order from IPSF and everything arrived in great shape. Your packaging is incredible. I will be placing more orders in the future for sure!" Tom Dietrich, West Lawn, PA, 11/01/01
"I bought a Reef Tank Tuneup from you just a month ago. The strombus snails are already reproducing in my new tank! I was cleaning my tank glass tonight and almost scraped the egg sac off the glass. I look forward to watching them grow. Thanks very much. Everything you said they were and more. Way to go IPSF. Will recommend you to others." Clint Hunt, Springfield, MO, 10/27/01
"I appreciate it very much that you were able to accommodate my needs; your company has been the best so far compared to my experiences from other companies in the past." Del Armstrong, Lake Elsinore, CA, 10/17/01
"I just want to thank you again. I have never seen customer service via e-mail as efficient as this. IPSF is definitely A+ in my book. Everything looked beautiful and there was much more per bag than I imagined." Brian Davis, Tomball, TX, 10/12/01
"Hello again- I'd like to place another order, I loved your first order so much, I needed to get more for my other tank." Marie Kelly, Millersville, PA, 10/02/01.
"Hello Gerald, Just wanted to e-mail you to let you know my package arrived safely today. I've got to tell you, I'm SO IMPRESSED with that WonderMud. My gosh, there are so many different worms and things in that stuff! I'm glad I ordered some extra! Even the Live Sand Activator had a couple tiny worms and things in it. Thanks again for your prompt shipment and terrific customer service. Warmest Regards, Tom Dietric." 9/26/01
"I received my order on Friday. It was great. Packed extremely well, all critters alive and kicking. Thanks for the attention to detail, and for the excellent shipping details..." Chris Kovaly, Dillsburg, PA, 9/24/01
"I have to say, this is the first time I have ordered mail order and everything that people have said on the net about your company has been dead on. It has been a pleasure doing business with you! You've got my business and I plan on spreading the word. Thanks!" Chuck Timmers, West St Paul MN, 9/20/01

"Got the MiniStars in perfect yesterday! They quickly settled into the sand bed and started stirrin'! Thanks for taking care of that for me. Also, just wanted to let you know, the lime green leather is outstanding! It has doubled in height in the one week that I've had it. I've never seen a leather grow so fast!!! The gold crown is doing great, too. It had its polyps fully extended within five minutes of being put in the tank. I'm totally pleased with the coral frags! Thanks again." Heath Martin, Glasgow, KY, 9/20/01
"Gerald, That is awesome service! Thank you very much, I will be a lifetime customer." John McCoy, Overland Park, KS, 9/17/01
"Gerald, Excellent, I look forward to the new additions. I really want to thank you as well for your work towards saving the reefs and making this hobby an ethical and sustainable one!" John McCoy, Overland Park, KS, 9/06/01
"Thanks for the bugs! A few weeks ago I received your Amphipod Breeding Kit..... they are doing great! I've got bugs every where." Al Nuckols, Floyd,VA, 8/30/01
"Dear Gerald: On August 13, 2001, I ordered 12 Strombus grazers from you. I was thrilled with the quality of packaging and obvious care taken to get my order safely to my house. The grazers have been in my 55 gallon reef tank for 10 days and I have already noticed four egg sacks with approx. five baby eggs in each attached to the glass behind a powerhead. My whole neighborhood has been in my house checking these little guys out! I am really excited about having the Strombus Grazers breed in my tank. Michael Dube, Manchester, NH, 8/27/01
"Just a note to let you know that I have received my order. The shipment was well packed, arrived in perfect condition and on time. All the critters are in good shape and look healthy. I noticed that your company sent more than I ordered on most items. Thank you! I am looking forward to doing business with you again in the future. Sincerely, Carole de Ibern, Largo FL, 8/23/01
"Aloha Gerald, I would like to place an order for a mix-n-match with 2 supersizes. I think this is my fifth order with you guys. Your products are excellent, and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to support a sustainable captive breeding enterprise." Dan Lee, Santa Clara, CA, 8/20/01
"I received my Mix & Match yesterday as promised w/Supersize. Everything is fine... this is my second order... and I intend to keep working with you. Thank you." Jerry Hughes, Ft. Wayne, IN, 8/16/01
"The 9 for 99 was a great deal and I love all the critters. Everything looked great. It looks like I will be a repeat customer." Justin Wiley, New Orleans, LA, 8/12/01
"Thanks. I got my order and everything was live and healthy. You do a wonderful job." Peg Evans, Kirkland, WA, 8/12/01
"Hi Gerald, Just wanted to say thank you. I have had everything in my tank for 10 or 11 days now and everything is doing great. My hair algae is almost completely gone. The snails are awesome. All are cleaning everything." John Friend, Washington, MO, 8/06/01
"The Live Sand Activator you sent us about eight months ago did wonders for our 75 gallon reef tank. I was just starting out back then so it sure did help to have a place like IPSF to give us the head start I needed. The polychaetes have done a great job for my sand bed and are loads of fun to watch. The Amphipods provide great live food for my animals, and all of the species of snails are doing excellent. I even gave four Strombus Grazers to my old history teacher's mini-reef and sure enough they reproduced within a month. His tank now has tons of those guys! Same with my tank! Ever since we got those snails and your MicroHermits we haven't had a single algae problem. Not to mention the coralline algae all over our live rock from your Booster Frags. The Coral Heaven has been great for all of my corals,which really make my tank shine. If it weren't for IPSF, it wouldn't have been half the tank it is today. I've seen just about every livestock site out there on the Internet, and not a single one compares to IPSF. Thank you so much for your great service! Jamie Deal, Norfolk, VA, 8/01/01
"Hi Gerald, I was very pleased with my first order and I'm on my 2nd [Mix 'n Match]." LaRae Eisele, Farmington, MN , 8/01/01
"Thank you for a great product, I ordered the 9 for $99 for my reef tank.. It is a great way to kick start a reef. I would like to order another 9 for $99 for my refuge. Gregory Linton, Crownsville, MD, 7/25/01
"I am very impressed with your webpage and products. Always glad to support captive propagation. Here's my 9 for 99 order." Justin Wiley, New Orleans, LA, 7/19/01
"Gerald: Products arrived even earlier than last you guys amaze me, so consistent, wonderful USEFUL animals and fauna...and it seems like you guys always "count" in favor of the customer when it comes to ordering 6 of something and getting a "bakers dozen" of 8 !! Thanks so much and I am sure I will be back and Will tell all "newcomers" on the lists...if they haven't heard of you all...they will Now!" Gene Murphy, Midland, MI, 7/13/01

"Aloha Gerald, Once again, you guys are awesome. Please send [another order of Tang Heaven]..." Dave Harrison, Toluca Lake, CA, 7/12/01
"Gerald, I would like to order a second mix and match package. I won't need any Strombus Grazers, as I now have around 30 egg sacs and over a hundred eggs ready to hatch! All from my original 6 specimens from ipsf. I also won't need any Reef Amphipods, as I now have hundreds in my tank from my original order. Your 9 for 99 really made my tank come alive." David Isaac Anthony, NM, 7/08/01
"I got the order today. This is my third order with you and once again I am very happy. Thanks!!!" Justin Phillips, Alameda, CA, 6/29/01
"My original Reef Tune-up kit has been doing a great job over the last year. I love those Trocus snails and had various Strombus Grazer hatchlings throughout the year. This new order is to restock my tank (snails) and seed (worms, amphipods, mud, and activator) my 40G gravity fed refugium with 6" deep sand bed." Frank Soria, Austin TX 6/29/01
"Just received my "critters"...and the care and individual packing are wonderful in a time when some companies forget what "Customer Satisfaction" is all about! Could not be more pleased with the variety and condition of these wonders of nature. Just for others out there: At first I thought some of my animals were dead, no movement of any kind even under close magnification...But if one just follows the advice given on the web site as regards acclimation...sure enough after proper procedures and getting over the ph shock from the plane put into the tank with all the current on and only a Moon light on for ilumination , I saw everything come alive and start to head for the rocks or sand... Well DONE! have me for a customer. Great AS ADVERTISED ANIMALS!!! Respectfully, Gene Murphy, Midland, MI 6/22/01
"Hi Gerald, Thanks for the shipment. It arrived today in perfect condition... I was very pleased with my first 9 for 99 a year ago, but this one was even better. It contained very generous quantities of every selection, and I like the leathers that I added to the order. Nice to have a livestock vendor that is so responsive and reliable! Best regards, Mike Imbler, Wichita, KS, 6/22/01
"Hey Gerald, Just wanted to take a minute and say thanks, thanks for another fine shipment from IPSF. It is good to know that you can order stuff over the internet with confidence, as long as it's from IPSF." Todd Luedeke, Westfield, IN, 6/21/01
"Hello! I received your detritivore kit about a month ago, and I'm writing to thank you all over again. I am utterly amazed at how everything has populated my tank. I can sit and watch the critters for hours - they've grown and bred at an explosive rate! The 6 baby bristleworms are now 4" long or so and they've bred like mad. The amphipods are all over the glass, up from maybe 20 of them that I dumped in last month. Some of the snails - originally about the size of a dime - are now the size of ping pong balls! I'm not kidding! The anthelia polyps are beautiful, the caulerpa is growing like wildfire, and the Live Sand Activator in combination with the WonderMud has made my sandbed crawling with life. I've not lost a single snail... They're even laying eggs. It probably helps that my tank has no fish, creatures like the pods can really explode in numbers. Regardless, count me in as another wholly satisfied customer, both from the quality of service and from the quality of your products. Thanks a million all over again from my tank! :)" Charlotte Hanks, Cambridge, MA, 6/16/01
"Just a quick note to thank you. My order of 9 for 99 arrived in perfect condition here in St. Louis. Arrival time was 10:30 on the button. Everything is alive and well. You do great work!" Dave Bayne, St. Louis, MO, 6/14/01
"I would like to thank you for your helpful correspondence about my shipment. I ordered a shipment from you as well as some other things from one of the large internet aquarium distributors, and I can't tell you how much easier dealing with Indo-Pacific has been... by the way the packing I am very pleased with. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Ian Harvey (satisfied customer), Downey, CA, 6/6/01
"Gerald, I just want to say what a great package you sent me, everything was full of life and such a great packing job! I especially love the Leather Corals you sent me and they are already opened up in the first hour... Bristle worms are just a digging in that Sand and stirring it up, I tell you I will be ordering a lot more from you and I love the fast service you have giving to me as well! I am building a site soon and I sure will be adding you to my site as #1 place on the net to order Starter Packages! Yall keep up the great work and continue to make a lot of folks Happy! Mahalo and Aloha there in Hawaii! Dave Dobrovich, Las Vegas NV, 6/2/01
Many thanks for your knowledgeable site! Quite a breath of fresh air from the many m/o outfits and their misidentifications, etc." Henry O'Briant, Monck's Corner, SC, 5/28/01
"The snails I have purchased from you have almost completely eaten the algae in my tank. I currently have: 6 nerite, 6 micro hermits, 6 baby trocus, 6 baby turbo, 6 adult strombus. The amphipods and other sand creatures are amazingly active". Ed Grzybowski, Allendale, NJ, 5/28/01
"Gerald - I wanted to thank you for the incredible order I received this morning. I was impressed with everything you sent me and thanks to your efforts my refugium is up and running . . . I cannot wait to watch the progress! I cannot thank you enough for the order . . . you're one of the best out there - keep up your invaluable research and I will continue to use your products. Best Wishes, Christopher Houghtaling M.D., Ph.D, Boston, MA, 5/25/01
"I have had the pleasure of ordering from IPSF. This is a first rate organization. I have utilized their live sand activator kit to kick start a new tank. It worked wonderfully. I have ordered their mix and match and can say all items arrived safe and ready to lunch on my algae growth. I have recently added another order of live sand activator to boost my tanks efficiency's. I would recommend this organization to anyone." Edward J. Grzybowski, Allendale, NJ, 5/24/01
"thanx a million for the great customer service...:)" Lucio Andrade, Long Beach, CA, 5/24/01
"I just received my 9 for 99 deal upsized with the 2 leather corals.WONDERFUL stuff. Everything came triple-bagged, completely alive and in great shape. The 2 leathers were extending within an hour of being placed into the tank. The LSA and Wonder Mud were just crawling with life. My girlfriend is even excited about this tank now! Great stuff! I will order from you guys again and again. Thank you!" Robert M. Grimwade, University Heights, OH, 5/17/01
"Thank You very much, You guys are great and I have really been happy with my previous orders." Alicia Honn, Sonoma, CA 5/12/01
"This shipment kicked ass! Just wanted to say thanks.." Jeff Baxter, Marietta, GA, 5/11/01
"Thanks for the fantastic package of SurfZone Live Sand Activator Plus! What a great looking set of products. My new reef tank looks amazing with all these critters running around... I'm very pleased with the amount of life this package comes with. I highly recommend this package to anyone starting a reef tank or wanting to add diversity to an existing reef tank or refugium. Outstanding stuff! I can't wait to get more of your products for my tanks! Thanks a million to you, Gerald, and to your staff!" Jeffrey Sondin-Kung San Rafael, CA, 5/7/01
"Gerald, everything arrived in good order, is acclimated and in the tank. Great stuff, count me a very happy customer, thanks." Steven Snare, Glen Allen, VA, 5/4/01
"You have a great reputation on the web. That is somewhat unusual for 'live' shippers." John Delery, Fayetteville, AR, 4/30/01
"You guys were absolutely fabulous last order - I couldn't have asked for a better batch. I've set up a second tank and need your magic again, so I'm requesting another mix and match special. Thanks again and keep up the good worlk." David Harrison, Toluca Lake, CA 4/22/01
"Your package arrived on time and in great shape.The Strombus snails promptly laid 6 egg masses (each mass containing 6-8 eggs) after their first night in Texas!" Mark Fisher, Austin, TX, 4/16/01
"I received my order today. I would like to thank you for such a wonderful order experience! I received the product on time, everything is alive, and wow-- the specimens are as described... Thanks for an awesome product and great service. I really appreciated the constant shipment updates/notifications. Great work! Keep up the excellent service!" Victor Lee, Irvine, CA 4/13/01
"Hi there, Our package arrived this morning promptly. All of the critters seem to be adjusting wonderfully. Thanks for the excellent packaging, we will definitely deal with you again." Laura Scholes, San Diego, CA 4/06/01
"Thanks for helping me save my 125 gallon reef tank. By way of revitalizing 2+ year old 3-inch sand bed with plentum. Already have about twenty strombus egg (sacks) on the glass. 9 for 99 is the best deal known to man! Well, mans reef tank. Thanks again." Tim Powley, Torrance CA, 3/31/01
"hello gerald, received the super size order in perfect shape! it really was super sized! again, for the 5th time your company is the best. thank you. regards," robert oba, Saratoga, CA, 3/30/01
"Everything arrived this morning. MORE than I expected. Everything is in the tank and doing great!! Thank you. After two orders, my 90 gallon tank looks better than I could have ever expected." Bill Oliver, Jr., Wilmington, DE, 3/29/01
"Gerald: It was a true pleasure speaking to you. Thanks for all your help. Now I know why I hear so many great things about you and IPSF. I would like to order a SuperSized Mix 'n Match Special." Susan Candelario, Secaucus, NJ, 3/22/01
"I look forward to my second Mix 'n Match Special order. I moved my 45 gallon to my 90 gallon and need more of your great products. My first order was fantastic. The Tang Heaven was extremely popular with everything in the tank. Thank you from a new saltwater hobbiest after 20 years with freshwater." Bill Oliver, Wilmington, DE, 3/21/01
"Here's an order for my 3rd Mix and Match Special! I've been very impressed with your customer service and the quality of your products, they've been a real asset to all my reef & marine aquariums. I've been especially pleased with the hardiness of the micro-hermits and the clean-up/food source activities of the amphipods. Matthew Wolter, Minneapolis, MN,3/17/01
"Received, very impressive, thanks." Steve Illingworth, Belmont, CA, 3/16/01
"I just received my shipment today. Everything really looks great! Thank You," Nick Gialias, Philadelphia, PA, 3/14/01
"Hi Gerald, Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my latest order. The gold and green leathers opened as soon as my lights came on and the snails and micro hermits were (and still are) busy cleaning up my tank. Once again I rate you AAA+." Pat Callahan, Lake Havasu, AZ, 03/01/01
"I can't thank you enough for your customer service! 1 week after shipment, everything is doing great! The diversity in my tank is unbelievable. I highly recommend IPSF to anyone I talk to! Thanks for everything Gerald!" Jim Miller , Pittsburgh, PA, 03/01/01
"Hi, My first Mix 'n Match order was great! Here is my second order. Please send to the same address as my first order." Pin-Hsien Chang, Bellevue, WA, 02/28/01
"It is here and everything looks great. There was a lot more than I expected, I had to give some of the Tang Heaven to a friend, even after I put it in the tank and sump.The leathers look great and everything loves the Coral Heaven. Thank you." Jeremiah Jacobs, Charleston, SC, 02/25/01
"Everything arrived beautifully and happily - scattering around my tank as we speak. Those amphipods are huge! Thanks again." Brian Gilmore, Brookline, MA, 2/23/01
"I received my order and everything looks and is doing great. This is my 3rd 9 for $99 order and I've been very happy each time. Keep up the great work. Leon Johnson, Douglasville, GA, 02/23/01
"I've had Tang Heaven for about a month now and indeed tangs really do love it." Michael Singer, Troy, Michigan, 02/22/01
"I have read about this product and have also read all of the glowing praise your site has received. Needless to say, I'm very excited to try out the Live Sand Activator. Thanks!" Russ Brucks, Tulsa, OK, 02/20/01
"Would like to order the Mix 'n Match Special.... thank you again for working w/ your fine company this is my 5th order since last spring !!!!!!! wow." Bob Whilleson, Gloucester City, NJ, 02/11/01
"Hello I would like to order another Tang Heaven Commercial pack. I recently moved and I am grateful that my tangs got to scarf down some Heaven before the stressful drive. My two Purple Tangs ate the last bunch they had in a week. They love it and they are always stuffed. Whoo Hoo! They thank you." Michelle Graham, Topeka, KS, 02/08/01
"My Red Tang Heaven is growing wonderfully in a ten gallon unheated tank with a large bubble wand and fluorescent hood light on 24/7. Tangs love it, of course." Linda Kuehn, Las Vegas, NV 02/05/0
"Great job, guys! Everything arrived alive and I noticed you even threw in an extra of everything. The packing was superb, even two days later the heat packs were still warm! It was good doing business with you." Lee Starr, Newport, NC, 02/03/01
"...We need some more Tang Heaven. I wanted to let you know that our Yellow Tangs were suffering from some serious dorsal fin degeneration...probably from lack of nutrients. Things were not looking well. As soon as we got our order of Tang Heaven Red they tore right into it. Amazingly, within three weeks their fins were completely regenerated. It looks like they were never diseased at all. Forget bottled chemicals and medicines...this stuff is a wonder drug....nature's BEST MEDICINE!" Jason Larson, Muskingum College, New Concord, OH, 02/02/01
"Please ship one Mix-N-Match Special (loved the last one so I'm going to do it again!). Last week's arrived in great shape. Unbelievable! Snow on the ground here and very cold!!! Teri Yarnell, Lancaster, PA, 01/27/01
"Hi Gerald, I just received my package and I must say you guys are the greatest." Binh Phi, San Francisco, CA, 01/25/01
"Thanks for the great service. Everything arrived in perfect condition. I can't wait until my next order." Robert Smar, Boca Raton, Fl., 01/19/01
"You've got great stuff! Thanks for your assistance." Matthew Wolter, Minneapolis, MN, 01/15/01
"Thank you for all the advice you have given me. I am so excited, I just can't wait to get my stuff." Binh Phi, San Francisco, CA, 01/15/01
"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Would you believe I've been looking for what you have for over 6 months? My local pet stores can't find these plants at all. You're wonderful :) I would very much like to order the Hawaiian Macro Algae 6-Pack Special." Melissa Townsend, Sandy, UT, 01/13/01
"My newest reef tank has been set up for a little more than a year, and the sandbed is literally crawling with life! Thanks for the great products and for the advice you gave!" Benjamin Scott, Galveston, TX, 01/09/01
"Hi! I got my order this morning and it was amazing. Everything I asked for and so much more! (I know, I sound like one of those customer quotes on your web site) The packing was the best I've seen and everything seemed happy. The Trocus snails started mowing algae on the glass immediately and the hermits are scrambling all over the rock. I couldn't be happier." Regards, Matt Peterson, Provo, UT, 01/06/01
"Gerald...Thanks again for providing great products at great prices!" Sincerely, Kevin Miske, Chicago, IL, 01/04/01
"Yes, please Supersize my order! Thanks, you are still the best place to order from!" Richard Ross, Alameda, CA, 01/03/01
"I got my order from you guys yesterday, you have definitely lived up to your reputation... Thanx and keep up the good work." Rocky Herrman, Pt. Charlotte, FL, 12/29/00
"Hello, I would like to order the Tang Heaven Commercial Pack... my Naso Tang gobbled up the last bunch I ordered!" Evan Lewis, Fremont, CA, 12/26/00
"This is now the third time I have ordered from you. And both of the previous times I ordered from IPSF, I was extremely pleased (as was my Purple Tang who is waiting expectantly for more Tang Heaven). Thank you" Tracy Jackson, Houston, TX, 12/12/00
"Gerald, we received the order on Friday and everything arrived in great shape. Thank you so much for all of your help. My mom just ordered the Soft Coral 12-Pack from you and is very excited about it." Lisa Walters, Apopka, FL, 12/4/00
"Thank you for the shipment, the lengths which you go to to package these animals is the most professional I have seen." Kurt Ameringer, Atlanta, GA, 11/23/00.
"Aloha Gerald, I just finished unpacking all the stuff you sent me. Wow!!! Awesome critters. So many living creatures. Everything looks good. All the Strombus snails are going around my tank like crazy. Is unbelievable. I will definitely do business again with you and thanks for the extra items. I'll put a good word for you on all the reef forums and clubs I belong to. GREAT JOB!!" Gus Quant, Danville, CA, 11/17/00
"Gerald... ALOHA, and how things are going? The Strombus Snails, well, I can't even count how much I have now. I just kick back and watch them grow. Actually, now, I'm in the process of auctioning some of them off at eBay. Most of the e-mails I've been getting are asking for mainly the adults which I know will sell off very quick." Errol Nevalasca, Vacaville, CA 11/16/00
"Got the order in great shape... the best packaging in the business." Robert K. Oba, Saratoga, CA, 11/13/00
"hi, i ordered a year and a half ago, and what great stuff! i wanted to let you know that not only do the strombus reproduce, the trochus grazers do too! i have about 20-25 now." Sole Marittimi, New York, NY, 11/7/00
"Aloha Gerald, Received our SurfZone and Reef Tuneup Kits today... it was like Christmas morning, drinking coffee, waiting for the Fedex Truck. I felt like a kid again, opening a big surprise package, only to find I got more than I wished for.... with a great feeling of adding super health and a little of Hawaii to our reef tank. Thank you so much and Aloha. Mary Snyder-Neihoff, Nashville, TN, 11/3/00
"Hi, Heard so many recommendations and referrals from Reef Central message board. Now is my turn to give it a try... Mix 'n Match Special." Tong Wong, San Francisco, CA, 10/31/00
"I got an order from IPSF on Friday and man am I havin fun! There is sooo many cool things in my tank now. I was a bit disappointed with the amount of life on the Live Rock from Flying Fish Express (Fiji)- it has good coralline coverage and a ton of macro algae (too much I think- anything besides a tang that will graze on this stuff?) but not much in the way of pods/worms/or other stuff. Well, after the 9 for $99 order from IPSF, this has all changed! Pods galore, a total of about 28 snails (received extras of all species at no cost!) a few micro-hermits, worms (bristle and spaghetti), a frag of anthelia, some feather caulerpa, and whatever is in their wonder mud and live sand activator. I'm spending hours in front of my tank and there's nothing else in it yet!!! I love this hobby!" Reefer, Belmont, CA, 10-30-2000 12:02 PM, ReefCentral UBB
"Gerald, Here we go again. Loved everything so much last time that we just have to have more - Tang Heaven and the Soft Coral 12-Pack!!! Amy Boyer, Boise ID, 10/26/00
"Just wanted to let you know everything arrived A- OK. Also wanted to thank you for your book suggestions. I already had Bob Fenner's book so I picked up John Tullock's. Great read - been up till 1:00 am every night this week! I should have known you would be mentioned. You run a very professional operation. This is not like dealing with the local Petsmart! Thanks again !" Tim Stein, Akron, OH, 10/25/00
"I can't believe the incredible customer service!" Linda Kuehn, Las Vegas, NV, 10/24/00
"Ohhhhhh Gerald, It has been so much fun! My tank is a beehive, such industrious fellows.You were MORE than generous in your distribution. More of everything than stated. What a great idea you have... you supplied a lot of entertainment to my family & friends, hope you had as great a day. By the way u said they would be here by noon & they arrived in great shape @ 1150. Just more on the great service." Marcy Everman, Salinas, CA, 10/21/00
"Hello- I received my order right on time and let me tell you it was packed GREAT!!! Now for the critters, they were beyond my expectations. They were all ALIVE and ready to head for the sand.... As of this moment my son has a flashlight looking in the tank and watching all the critters making trails through the sand. Well better go he's asking more questions about the sea stars! This was my first kit, next order will be the mini stars.Thanks again," Mike Beck, Spring Vailley, CA, 10/13/00
"Hi Gerald, Thanks for all the great products that you have shipped to me. It nice to finally see a company that not only completely understands the marine environment, but also works to preserve it. Supplying the aquarist the necessary information and products to not only have the animals survive but thrive is unheard of in the industry and as a person that cares about the animals I keep, I and they thank you for that." Nick Silberschlag, Tucson, AZ, 10/13/00
"Gerald, Thanks for your extremely prompt reply, honesty and friendliness. It really is nice to talk to a person like yourself, I felt secure and happy about doing business with you. I will recommend your place to all reefer my friends. Again, Aloha and Mahalos," Ed Nono, Tracy, CA, 10/9/00
"hi gerald, would like to place another order (my 4th!!!). w/ your great company.....Mix n' Match." Bob Whilleson, Gloucester City, NJ, 10/9/00
"Gerald Heslinga... great job. Thank you for your prompt response to my order. Everything arrived in perfect condition. All the little critters are crawling about as if they have always been here. As a former long time resident of the Islands (1955 - 1979) it feels as if I now have a little of Hawaii back with me. Again, thank you very much, and I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future. Robert Johnson, Clearwater FL, 10/4/00
"Just wanted to pass along some good feedback on the Coral Heaven sampler included in my order from a few months back. What a kick it is to fill my trusty turkey baster and give my various SPS and LPS denziens their weekly feast! I had no idea watching a coral "eat" could be so interesting. My discosoma and cynarnia's seem to be enjoying it the most, with both their expansion and color intensity improving notably." Peter Holstein, Chicago, IL, 10/2/00
"The Soft Coral 12-Pack is awesome -- great specimens! Actually, it was more like a 14-pack. All of them arrived in good health and are flourishing. Thanks again," Craig Hansen, Franklin, TN 9/29/00
"Thank you very much for the excellent way you took care of me. I will let everyone know what a great outfit you have." Jim Bell, Pagosa Springs, CO, 9/28/00
"IT ALL LOOKS FABULOUS!! I couldn't be happier with everything....included the extra service that you put in on this....again, I can't thank you enough. I am looking forward to doing business again with you soon." Clint Sires, Slayton, MN, 9/28/00
"Everything I ordered last time is doing great, growing and reproducing. Very exciting. I am trying to get more tanks set up for my winter term class, so my students have lots to look at. Thanks for all the great stuff and service." Lisa Bailey, Greenfield, MA, 9/27/00
"Once again, thank you for answering all my many questions (practically around the clock!) and providing such quality products and service... I'm extremely satisfied and plan to return for regular innoculations for my sand bed. If I could just persuade my wife to get another aquarium, I'd be back twice as often." Bob Wall, New York, NY, 9/15/00
"Got it, everything looks great... Will order from you again! Thanks," Paul Christopher, Arden, NC, 9/15/00
"Aloha everyone... Like your Sea Bunnies.... I'm baa..ack ! How are you all ? Here's my next order..." Robert L. Swift, Foster City, CA, 9/14/00
"Gerald, Hello again. Previously placed an order back on 4/18/00 and was very pleased. Everything arrived alive and is still going strong today! I would again like to order the Mix and Match Special for $99.95 with the free Fedex shipping." Chris Stanley, Coram, NY, 9/6/00
"Your Sea Bunnies are the stars of our tank right now..." Best Regards, Rob Wagner New York City, 8/29/00
Hi Gerald, this is my third order from your wonderful company. I would like to place an order for the Mix 'n Match, the Live Sand Activator and the ReefWorms Diversity Package." Bob Whilleson, Gloucester City, NJ, 8/25/00
"Aloha Gerald, I would like to thank you for the way that you handled my order. You guys promise a lot on your website, and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical, but you delivered even MORE than you promised. I was impressed from the start, but held my excitement, but any doubts vanished as soon as I got the order this morning.

It was packed excellently, delivered exactly when it was supposed to be, and the quality of the animals was beyond fantastic. You guys have a quality operation and it really shows.

I am a computer engineer, so I deal with internal and external customers on a daily basis in my work. I know how important customer service is... and until now I thought it was a dying art. You guys are the real thing when it comes to keeping customers coming back. Give yourselves a hand... you have made another return customer. I will defiantely order from you again! Thanks again." R. Allen Dennis Moore, OK, 8/17/00

"Gerald, I can't believe how great you guys are to work with! Thank you for your quick reply-- I didn't expect to hear from you until tomorrow." Linda Kuehn, Las Vegas, NV, 8/13/00
"Just wanted to say thanks. I have yet to find a business of any kind or size that has as good of customer service as IPSF. I just got my order today two reef tank tune-up kits and live sand activator. The snails and hermits are hard at work already and I can't wait to see what creatures start growing. I have been telling everyone in the reef hobby about your products and service so you should be getting more orders from Nebraska. Thanks again - keep up the high standards." Curt Smith, North Platte, NE, 8/2/00
"My new tank is coming up on 4 months old, and Thursday was my first water change. Went to clean the foam pre-filter in the overflow, and after one look decided not to. It was teeming with life! Mini-stars, amphipods and numerous unidentified creepy-crawlies. A definite result of all the great seed stock from IPSF!" Peter Holstein, Chicago, IL, 7/30/00
"What a great shipment!!! You guys are the TOPS, everything looking great. AGAIN THANKS, rob & john seaton, Pasadena, MD, 7/26/00
"I can't believe how much life was in the sand and wonder mud- definitely the best deal of it all!!!! Thanks again for making my sand in my new tank once again move instead of just sit there." Dr. Tim Foster, Denham Springs, LA, 7/21/00
"I've used Coral Heaven for a month now and have noticed a vast improvement with my corals. I like the stuff." Jim Adams, Fayetteville, AK, Reefland UBB posted 07-21-2000 10:09 PM  more on coral heaven and coral feeding  
"Gerald -- I KNOW I'm in trouble when I have an IPSF line-item in my monthly budget that's roughly the size of a car payment! ;-)" Craig Hansen, Franklin, TN, 7/20/00
"Thanks for the wonderfully healthy critters & macroalgae, a great packing job, and plentiful quantities! Now if I could just figure out how to arrange a large tank right in front of my face no matter where I would save me the carpet burn from kneeling in front of my tanks for too long just to watch everybody!!! You have a wonderful company & a VERY impressive background..." Debbi Edwards, Garland, TX, 7/17/00 more from Debbi
"Everything arrived perfect and beautiful, as always!" Lorraine Carson, Mountain View, CA, 7/14/00
"Dear Gerald, I have just acclimatized the shipment which arrived about 11 AM, and I can't tell you how pleased I am! This shipment was even better than my first order. You must have received low grades in mathematics, because your counts of snails and hermit crabs were all off, and all in my favor! And some of those micro hermits looked more like macro hermits to me... Thanks very much for the wonderful, personalized service. I look forward to my next order from IPSF. Sincerely, Andrew Bloch, San Francisco, CA 7/14/00
"We received our order today and are delighted. Packaging was excellent, everything arrived in apparent good health, and the quantities were generous. Thanks for the excellent service and product, we will purchase from you again!" Regards, Mike Imbler, Wichita, KS, 7/7/00
"Just received my first order from IPSF. Great packing job, tremendous specimens, nice extra freebies. Your site seems like it was built just for me -- I need some of everything you sell!" Craig W. Hansen, Franklin, TN, 7/3/00
"Gerald, Thanks to your Reef Tank Tune-up Crew, my original population of four Strombus snails have exploded to more than sixty! They're laying eggs all over the glass and I can't halt their reproduction! I also noticed the Strombus grazing on red cyanobacteria slime algae - to your knowledge, do they do that? If they don't, I simply don't know for certain what else could have eradicated my cyanobacteria plague. I love your products, and can't wait to setup the new tank so I can order from IPSF!" David Sheh, Berkeley, CA, 7/3/00
"I ordered from IPSF and can only say good things. I got the 9 for $99 deal to stock my refugium. Now it is swimming (litterally) with life which consists of amphipods, tang heaven red, and other little critters." Danny Aqua~Enthusiast, From: Reston, VA , Aqualink UBB, posted July 01, 2000 04:17 PM   
"Gerald, I received my Reef Tank Tuneup and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the excellent service. There were extras of every component in addition to a free calurpa starter culture and Coral Heaven! Wow....I was impressed! Thanks, Tim Manning, San Diego, CA, 6/29/00
"Gerald, I thought you'd like to hear this one... I just received my Reef Tank Tune-Up order on 6/22 - less than one week ago and I already have a batch of Strombus eggs on my glass (5 egg sacks total). They look exactly like the eggs seen on the page linked to your Strombus section. This is so exciting! I'm looking forward to watching their development and crossing my fingers that they'll shortly be climbing all over my tanks. Thanks for such great critters," Elizabeth M. Lukan, Fish 'N' Chips Web Site:, 6/28/00
"...of course, my crazed fish have eaten through all the wonderful MacroAlgae you sent last month... Face it, IPSF stuff is just to yummy for them to leave alone long enough for it to grow!" Lorraine Carson, Mountain View, CA, 6/25/00
"Thank you for the great products, my tangs are so happy: ). I'm ordering the Tang Heaven Commercial Pack." Todd Troutman, Gilroy, CA, 6/25/00
"This is my 2nd order with you. I just received the Soft Coral 12 pack and am once again amazed at the quality. After 3 days, they are all doing great. By the way, I've been using your Coral Heaven coral food for 3 weeks now and my Frogspawn, Hammer and Bubble coral have nearly doubled in size, and appear very healthy." Jim Adams, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 6/17/00
"Thanks, everything was great with my last order! Beyond expectations." Maria Dejesus & Emir Lopez, NYC, N.Y, 6/15/00
"By the way I got my first order and it was great and I am trying to decide on which items to place in my next order. Keep up the good work!!! Thank you." Dan Ross, Henderson, NV, 6/15/00
"Got your shipment in today. WOW! Everything LOOKS GREAT. The diversity in the Live Sand Activator Plus. This Tune-up Kit is Awesome also. I'm ready to place another order NOW for the Mix 'n Match Special. Thanks." Emir Lopez, New York, NY, 6/8/00
"Gerald; Just dropping you a line to let you know that the Soft Coral 12 pack and Sea Bunnies are doing great. All arrived in excellent condition... Great assortment of corals. IPSF is at the top of my bookmarks." John Nichols, Lancaster, SC, 6/2/00
"You guys are THE BEST!!!! My husband and I are thrilled watching the growth of all the baby Strombus snails that hatched right after the 9 for $99 I put in. And we were in stitches last night watching one of the baby bristle worms try to get a brine shrimp - bigger than he was - into his hole in the rock. He didn't succeed, but we surely enjoyed the show! IPSF should come with a warning - TOO MUCH FUN may result from adding your products to peoples' tanks!!!" Lorraine Carson, Santa Clara, CA, 6/1/00
"Gerald, the 9 for $99.95 stuff that I recently got is doing great -- the sandbed is bursting with bugs! And... I'm now the proud mama of some baby Strombus snails -- with a bunch more eggs on the glass. Dianne Freedman, Stansbury Park, UT, 5/31/00
"Tang Heaven Red was a huge hit with my tangs, they ate it all before it had a chance to grow! Colors on my Powder Blue are now better than any other I've seen outside of wild photographs." Todd Troutman, Gilroy, CA, 5/19/00
"I'm VERY impressed. I can't count how many times I've already gone "wow, cool!" looking at the little creatures that came with the Reef Amphipods, Wondermud, and Live Sand Activator. The Ministars are really neat, too. The snails, hermits, etc., are all actively exploring the tank, as well. I've even already witnessed one of the new left-handed hermits jump shells(to a slightly larger shell that was already in my tank). And my old left-handed hermit is busy examining one of the new shells from the "shell upgrade." I'm very happy with this order. The diversity of life, especially in the Wondermud, is amazing. Thank you," Greg Legowski, Pittsburgh, PA, 5/18/00
"I am amazed at all the extra stuff I got. Everything is alive and way cool. Thank you." Jim Adams, Fayetteville, AR, 5/18/00
"It's been five days since I received the Mix and Match Special. The Trocus snails are awesome! They really polish the coralline algae. One of the left handed hermits has changed shells three times and another has molted. I believe the Anthelia polyps are starting to sprout new growth at the base. Great packing job and many extra critters. I look forward to ordering from you again." Sincerely, Alan Moorhouse, Salisbury, VT, 5/16/00
"I've ordered some items from you before and was extremely pleased with both the service and quality, and would like to place another order. I'd like the Mix 'n Match Special with MiniStars." Arun Ramagopal, San Francisco, Ca, 5/13/00
"We just purchased and received your Reef Tank Tuneup crew. They are doing great!!!! Thank you! We love them!! Along with them came the Coral Heaven...We are very happy with your products and service and are looking forward to doing more buisness with you. We have recomended the tank Tuneup to our friends. Thank you again..." Patricia and Xavier Quevedo, San Antonio, TX, 5/4/00
"Gerald, You helped me set up my 37 gal. reef tank a year and a half ago... I absolutely love this tank. Everything that I have ever ordered from you has been incredible. I am ready to place another order..." Janet Hall, 4/26/00
"Aloha IPSF and Crew! Again I venture into your realm of outstanding service and products. The Trocus snails have all grown (1") and considered true to be the algae warriors in my mini-reef." Errol Nevalasca Vacaville, CA, 4/26/00
"What a really cool website you guys have!" Alison Reinbold-Carter, Puyallup, WA, 4/20/00
"I received my first order from you a few weeks ago and I am really pleased." Lisa Bailey, Greenfield, MA, 4/20/00
"Hi Gerald: This is my third time order from IPSF... I like to have one order 9 for $99.95 Mix 'n Match Special ! plus 25 MiniStars, free shipping!" Roger Pan, Leawood, KS, 4/17/00
"Thanx for reef tank tune up kit....everything is doing great! Now I would like to order mix 'n match ministars." Bob Whilleson, Gloucester City, NJ 4/16/00
"Gerald, Just received my order, and I am more than Pleased! Packing: Excellent, Quantity: Excellent (there's so much in the Hawaiian Macroalgae Pak, I don't know what to do with it all!) Value for Money: Excellent. The Ministars made a beeline for the sand bed, and are happily doing their Ministar thing. All I can say is keep up the good work, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future." T. P. Althauser, San Francisco, CA, 4/14/00
"Thank you Gerald ... I've received the shipment, and I must say it is absolutely gorgeous! You are the best, and I will continue doing business with your company. :-)." Satisfied customer, Nedra Youngblood, Seattle, WA, 4/5/00
"I look forward to placing my first order. I've looked at many sites on the internet and your looks by far the best !!" Mark Ferguson, North Kansas City, MO, 4/5/00
"Hi, I'd heard a lot about your company...just found your website. You have more great stuff than any I have found. Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful service with your company." Lisa Bailey, Greenfield, MA 3/24/00
"Thanks so much for everything. It was packaged beautifully... I am so happy with the shipment. Thank you," Joyce Mahoney, Quartz Hill, CA, 3/24/00
"Everything looks great and your packaging is the best I've ever seen. I bought some Caulerpa Taxifolia from [another mail order company] a while ago and it came through in awful shape. I didn't know how awful until I saw the stuff you sent - I paid $30 for the stuff they sent and I had to eventually throw it away after it died and made a mess in my sump.Thanks for everything and I will be ordering more." Bill Van Slyke, Little Falls, NY, 3/24/00
"Gerald, Just wanted to let you know that my package arrived at about 0900 this morning. Everything is in the tank and looks well. I really like the micro hermits. They have been hard at work since I first put them in the tank, not like my Scarlets, which are not nearly as much fun to watch during the day. I may have to pick up a few more of these along with some more Trochus in a few weeks. I also have some Astreas and Mexican Turbos, but it seems the Trochus are more active. It is really neat to see some of the small shrimps go flying by as they go from one spot to the next... I look forward to seeing the growth and multiplication of these animals in my new reef setup. Thanks! Duane Dennis, Plano TX, 3/22/00
"Check out They have something called a "reef tune-up kit" for about 50 bucks. Great deal if you ask me. The micro hermits are great. Don't mess with anything. They stay small and are not a pest. Good selection of snails. In one of the bags I even had a couple of mini-stars catch a ride in my shipment. Damn things multiplied like crazy. I went from about 3 to over 25. Work great! In all, I will order from them again. Good company. Good products. Shipment/packing is good... Cheers! nazgul From: elk grove, ca usa, Aqualink UBB, posted 03-13-2000 07:25 PM  
 "You guys are the real thing! Got my Reef Tune Up Kit today and things went swimmingly. Gerald really surprised me when I got a call on my cell phone as I was walking my dog to give me some important information about my order. I'm compiling my order of 9 for $99 right now." Jeff Hinkle, Santa Barbara, CA, 3/10/00 <<Jeff, that's one smart dog you've got there!-GH>>
"I raise caulerpa and the tangs will eat it like we eat liver and they eat Tang Heaven like we eat steak." John Garner, Purcelleville, VA, UBB, posted 03-09-2000 06:31 PM
"Thanks Gerald, everything arrived perfect. This is the first time I've delt with Fedex and it was neat how I could track the progress. I'll tell everyone I know that I loved the things you sent. thanks again Bob Keis, Mendota Heights, MN, 3/2/00
"By the way, the last order arrived in great shape and all are doing well today!!!! Thanks." Jody Reese, Logan, Utah, 2/27/00
"Hi, I just got a shipment from you, and love it. I would like to place another order. This time I'd like the Reef Tank Tuneup and MiniStars." Arun Ramagopal, San Francisco, CA, 2/23/00
"Gerald I got the tang heaven wholesale pack today about 8:30am. By 10:30 am. I had it in 4 of my clients tanks and when they saw how their tangs and other fish loved it they all bought some. Like always my fish thank you again. thanks a lot once again." Your Friend, Ken Sant, Kens Aquatic Discoveries, Detroit, Michigan, 2/23/00
"I am a reefkeeper from Singapore. I am really fascinated with your web site and am particularly interested in your Coral Heaven. Below are my order details. I cannot wait to receive your shipment." Ng Chun Hong Thomas, Bedok North Road, Singapore, 2/21/00
"Gerald, I received your shipment and everything worked out great. Thanks for the Trocus snails, that was a great surprise!! It's nice to see a company so committed to customer service! Thanks again." Michele Larson, Huntington Beach, CA, 2/14/00
"Hi, this is the first time I have ever come to your site and I have found it very interesting and really find it appealing the possibilities of growing my own food, etc. for my reef aquarium. I must say that I am extremely impressed with what I have seen so far." Mike Beadle Aberdeen SD, 2/11/00
"The best snails hands down are the Trocus snails that Gerald at Indo-Pacific Sea farms sells. They are not cheap but they eat more then any snail that I have ever seen. Beware of other places selling Trocus snails they are not the same. These snails look very much like and Astrea snail except they come to a very sharp point at the top." Snailman, Purcellville, VA, UBB, posted 02/12/2000 06:53 AM
"Hi. Your site is amazing and informative. Kirk Heitauer, Edmonton Alberta, 2/5/00
"Hi! I've ordered from IPSF 4 times. I love that place. Gerald has been very responsive by e-mail and phone. The brittle stars are tiny little things that reproduce in your sand bet. You usually won't see much of them, but I spotted them if I lifted up rocks and looked underneath. I've ordered most everything off that page, but my favorite purchase was one of those BomberMax clams. Also, the IPSF trochus are my favorite snail for their sylishly good looks and dogged determination to keep my tank algae free.Also also, I think the whole idea aquaculture is just really cool!"-dan, foster city, CA, UBB, posted 01-27-2000 02:05 PM  
"I also ordered from IPSF. purchased the live sand activator kit and a dozen trochus snails. Everything was packaged very well and arrived in good shape.Funny thing is I split the order of trochus snails with a friend and as luck would have it I experienced an amonia spike (alittle while later) and every snail died! However there is a happy ending, the snails that my friend received spawned and I now have over thirty trochus in my tank as well as probably over a hundred more in his. Not too bad of an investment if you ask me!!! HTH," George, Pottstown, PA, UBB, posted 01-27-2000 07:12 PM
"I've gotten the mini stars, mama mia (spaghetti) worms, bristle worms and trochus snails. The mini stars will come very tiny - difficult to see at first. I got about 40 of them last summer and now have hundreds and hundreds ranging from the size of a pin head to about 3/4 inch. When I recently redid the sand bed, I pulled all of the rock out into a tub - when I put it back in there were hundreds in the bottom of the tub. They are very cool - you can see them all flailing their arms when I feed, but I think they liked the 2-3 mm aragonite better than the sand thats in there now - more to hold on to I guess. Gerald said he raises them in 2-3 mm aragonite. Now they are mostly at the base of the rocks and on the rock.The spaghetti worms are the red variety and reproduced like crazy too. I started with 6 and now have red hairs sticking up on every square inch of bottom. Just give them a few months to get going.The bristle worms are doing ok. They are not reproducing as much but are active and constantly burrowing through the sand. They tend to hang out under the rocks and sometimes come up on the rock.The trochus snails are great too. They are nonstop cleaners, have a cool striped body, and never need flipped. They do get pretty big though. I am never getting Astrea again!Anyway, I do feed the tank a lot, so I am sure this helps with the reproduction rates. It was the funniest thing to watch an amphipod, a Spaghetti worm and a mini star all fighting over a peice of food."-Dave, Laurel, MD, UBB, posted 01-27-2000 06:21 PM
"I've ordered from them before. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I ordered the "Reef Tune-up Kit". Great deal. I got it for my 20 gallon tank. I thought that it may be overkill, sent a message before I bought, got a reply, and then purchased.The order came with 12 extra micro hermits instead of the smaller snails. Places a quick phone call, they sent them out that day via fed-x. The original order also had some sort of micro algae in it. In that bag there where about 7 mini-starts - which you mention. Great little beasties. Those 7 have since turned into 50+. Damn things are all over the place. I swear they multiply faster than rabbits!The stars stay pretty small. Sift the sand really well. Really don't see much of them during the day, however, after lights out fire up the red light and check them out. The largest one I have is over 2" tip to tip. All the others are about 3/4" - 1" in size. Ipsf is a good company. After my 100 gallon is plumbed I'll order another bag of stars and a tune up kit. I really like them.Have a good one. You can't go wrong!" nazgul, elk grove, CA, UBB, posted 01-26-2000 09:42 PM       
"I ordered their 9 for 99 deal and it came perfect in a small Styrafoam cooler with heat packs inside, so i was impressed by the packaging! I got some left handed hermits and I think they are the best. They are not SMALL, but not TOO big and they work all the time. In addition to all the other things I got (Livesand activator, wondermud, caulerpa, tang heaven red, etc.) i got more in quantity than i expected in practically each order. IPSF is a pretty good company. Edward, Southern MD, UBB, posted 01-27-2000 07:06 AM
"Hi gerald, I don't know if you remember me, you probably meet a lot of people in this business. I attended the garf seminar in oct., I was the only guy there with long hair and piercings. We talked briefly about, what else, corals. Anyway, I just got on-line and checked-out your site. It was amazing, I want one of everything. I love the idea of raising trocus and brittle stars, I've been seeing your ad in aquarium fish mag. for months and could not wait to check out your site especially after talking at garf. I didn't realize what a pioneer you are, and how famous you are in this business. It was definitely an honor to meet you... Thanks again for the great information off the site. Respectfully, Robert T. Morrison, Eugene, Oregon, 1/18/00
"i placed an order from you in may, just wanted to let you know that everything worked out great. the 5 strombus from the reef tank tuneup have turned into at least 25 (and these are the grown ones!!!)...they are wonderful and beautiful little snails. the mini stars have also bred and i can find some just by stirring up the sand. it's quite incredible. thanks for the great job!!! sole marittimi,1/7/00
"I love the Strombus Grazers! I've got lots of Strombus babies now." Harold Patino, Old Bridge, NJ, 1/6/00
"I've heard great things about your stuff, now I gotta try it!" Larry Quimby, Rochester, MN, 1/2/00
"It is so much more fun to watch things other than humans clean the tank walls. You might want to get some trocus snails from Gerald at Indo-Pacific Sea Farms ( as they eat more algae then any kind of snail I have ever seen, bar none." Jon Garner, Aqualink BB, 12/25/99, 04:29 PM
"All your guys are doing great in my tank. One of the hermits even posed for a picture (see attached)." Ross Kuster, 12/22/99
"I'd like to say what a nice web site you have! Your company sounds great and your philosophy is refreshing compared to the majority of stores I have found. I look forward to doing business with you." Glen Johnson, 12/15/99.
"I got my shipment today. Very nice...everything seems to be doing great. The snails with the black shells, are great cleaners!! Thanks for the prompt shipment ...I'll be back for more!!! Thanks, Allen Bowie, Manassas, VA, 12/9/99
"I am very pleased with my order from you guys! Everything arrived in very good condition... If it is Ok with you I am going to post a recommendation in the reef NG. Again, thank you and I am certainly going to order more from you in the future." Richard L Bluford , Ocean Springs, MS, 12/2/99
"Gerald, the Mix-n-Match Special arrived today and is in the tank. The kids were soooo excited as I was doing it that they were actually in the way. There are so many kids crowded around it asking all kinds of questions. I had to explain the roles of snails and crabs, what an amphipod is and how it will hide so it doesn't get eaten, what the worms are for--etc. This is really great! Thank you so much for the contribution. It is making a difference already." Jason Webb, Littleton, CO, 11/23/99
"I just want to thank you for the beautiful Algae and all the cool critters.Thanks to Online Tracking, I was able to monitor when my shipment arrived and go home to settle the little guys in. All varieties of Algae are vibrant with color. The beautiful shades of green and red really brighten up my reef. All the critters are active and happy as clams!!! I have been cycling my tank with live rock for the last 6 weeks and this is the first real life I have introduced. In about a week, I will start raising and breeding Seahorses (I hope...) Thanks again," Cheryl Colburn, Indian Springs, AL, 11/18/99
"By the way, I was extremely impressed with your packing job. I was also impressed with my livestock." Steve Barrett, Shrewsbury, MA, 11/18/99
"Gerald - As usual your stuff is great. I really like the Coral Heaven ... I tried it the other day and it's really neat how all the particles just hover over the coral for it to feed on. Anyone who raises corals needs to have some type of coral food and this Coral Heaven is (in my opinion) just the ticket. Really been looking for something like this. Thanks again." James Baker, Eagle, ID, 11/15/99
"Gerald, Thoroughly enjoyed talking with you at the GARF Coral Farming Seminar and you gave us so much knowledge about the coral farming industry and enough ideas to last for a couple of years I think. Also, thanks for opening my eyes about biodiversity in the aquarium and the micro-brittle stars." Keith Strickland 11/10/99
"Hello Gerald! You may remember me...I bought a Live Sand Activator kit and a few other things from you a few weeks ago and barraged you with questions, which you kindly answered. Just to let you know, the sand in my 38 gal tank has completely come alive with the live sand activator kit. Everything you sent me (and I found the order generous far beyond my expectations!) has survived and flourished." Donna Malter, Overland Park, KS, 11/11/99
"Thanks a million! I really appreciate your time. You've already made a loyal customer and an avid supporter of Indo- Pacific Farms." Paulette Clark, West Palm Beach, Fl, 11/4/99
"Thanks for the great transaction! My order was here as promised (the fedex tracking was really cool), and the 'Mix & Match' Special was a great deal! Everything is fresh and your packing job was very professional. The plants, Wondermud, & other critters have really helped kick start my mini-reef! My existing fish are all excited and checking out their new reef-mates! Thanks again (the shipping included was a big plus)... I will order from you again when I get my bigger reef tank up and going! Larry Valine, Sacramento, CA, 11/3/99
"Shipment arrived at 10 this morning and is everything is thriving in their new home. No losses. I am impressed with the packaging." Ned Simpson, San Jose, CA, 11/3/99
"Hello Gerald! My package arrived today in beautiful condition--incredibly well-packed and the items exactly as described (if not better). I counted close to 30 little stars! I took everyone home over (a long) lunch, acclimated them and then sat mesmerized in front of the tanks as I watched the little critters come to life. Closest I'll ever get to feeling like God. Anyway, thanks so much for the stuff and for your assistance and patience." Donna Malter, Overland Park, KS, 10/29/99
"I plan LOTS of orders and why wouldn't i - the stuff is great!!!!!!" Todd Luedeke, Carmel, IN, 10/25/99
"Thank you for the order, Everything arrived in great condition, not to mention the additional crabs & Snails I received, thank you again!" Steven Lord, Reno, NV, 10/17/99
Howdy Gerald, Everything was in perfect order, and not one species (visible to my eye) was harmed, damaged, or dead. Thank you much for the Trocus Grazers - I believe they'll be my favorite since they're so awesome to look at! Furthermore, the Wondermud is by far the best thing I put in the tank. Like all the other posters on your website, you all definitely exceeded my expectations! I'll be ready to do more business soon..until then my thanks for the fantastic products and service. Daniel Urbina, Austin, TX, 10/13/99
"I am very impressed with the rock. The colors and shapes are super." Ed Bunch, Manor, TX, 10/9/99
"I admire your work in developing tridacnid mariculture and compliment your savy in carving out an important new niche -- "infrastructure" critters to complement captive-bred corals and live rock." Mike Dupre, Spring, TX 10/1/99
"I recently purchased LSA [Live Sand Activator Plus] from IPSF for my 55 soon to be reef. It has been about 2 weeks since I added the kit, and I must say there is a huge diversity of life in my tank now." Jim Miller, 9/26/99, Aqualink UBB
"I got crews from IPSF and GARF. I liked them both... but my absolute FAVORITE snail is IPSF's Trocus Grazer. They are sooooooo cool. Cleans glass and gravel, live a long time, and they're gorgeous! Coralline covered cone shaped shell, striped body with little antennae thingys sticking out the side. If I ever have kids, I want them to look just like Trocus Grazers." -dan (chiton) Aqualink UBB, Member posted 09-21-99, 09:01 AM
I ordered the reef grazer Tuneup kit, the Live Sand Activator kit plus WonderMud, and TWO ReefWorm Diversity packages from IPSF. Their stuff was great the last time I ordered. Gerald is the nicest person you could ever talk to. Most helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Al Idone, the Bronx, NY, Prem. Aquatics UBB Member posted 09-19-99 01:44 AM
"Hi Gerald, saw you on TV the other night (Discovery Channel). You were at the MMDC [in Palau] raising giant clams. Very cool!" Daniel Lee, Cambridge, MA, 9/16/99
"Just wanted to let you know that I love the clam and he is doing great. Very pretty clam. Thank you," Jackie Henley, 9/13/99
"I got the package, Thanks. Everything is fine and alive. Last night I shined a flashlight into the tank substrate, WOW! The critters were everywhere, my corals and fish are in heaven, Thanks!!!" Peter Samek, New York, NY, 9/10/99
"Thanks for all the wonderful things you sent. You are number one on my recommendation list." Robert Bliss, Riverview, MI, 9/9/99
"Once again, IPSF comes through... You are a master at customer service. We realy appreciate it." Bob Carlson, Blacksburg, VA
"I received the order this morning and everything looks fabulous! I stopped counting the MiniStars at 47 and the Trocus Grazers are all zooming around. I really appreciate the good service you provided me. It backs up all of the positive comments I'd read about your company on the various internet forums. Keep up the great work and have a great day!!" Paul Merkling, 9/1/99
"This is my second order... the first order was handled perfectly." John Link, New Hyde Park, NY, 8/27/99
"Hi! I received my order of MiniStars and the Live Sand Activator Plus. After I had ordered, I had second thoughts about it. I took one item off of the order and ended up adding something on. Despite the confusion, you were very helpful and completely understanding. Everything arrived in great shape. Thank you so much for your help, and thanks again for the free Hermit Upgrade. Asher Simco, Baton Rouge, LA, 8/21/99
"Hi Gerald, I just heard back from Bob Carlson and he was overwhelmed by the shipment he received from you. So it is time I take my own advice, please ship me one of this month's special Tang Heaven sample packs." John Nichols jr., Lancaster SC, 8/12/99
"Hi Gerald, Just wanted to let you know that the order arrived safely and I very much appreciated all the extras... I would also like you to know that I have ordered from [another MO] and [another MO] before and that I didn't have any complaints about them. But they fall far short when it comes to the quality and quantity that you offer." Tim Driscoll, Calpine, CA, 8/5/99
"You really have a great site offering a wide variety of items for us the reef hobbyists!" Manuel Cossio, 7/30/99
"I recently saw your web page and it looks fantastic!" Kemp Brown, Seattle, WA, 7/30/99
"For the past 3 years I have been keeping a 75 gallon reef tank and I continually compare the quality of this tank to the natural reef. The 2 things I notice on the natural reef that are significantly different than the typical reef tank is 1 - the sand beds in the natural reef are much cleaner and alive than the reef tank, and 2 - the water on the natural reef is teeming with live plankton while the reef tank water is usually heavily filtered and void of live plankton. You and your company have obviously seen these needs and are doing an excellent job of providing important captive bred reef life to the hobbyist. In the process, you are improving the quality of reef tanks and hopefully making us better aquarists. Keep up the good work." Rick Davis, Rockwall, TX, 7/21/99
"Thank you very much! Your livestock far exceeds anything I've ever seen in quality and care." West Munz, San Clemente, CA, 7/18/99
"Hi Gerald! I just received my Mix and Match Special from you a few days ago. Everything came in great! The nerites, strombus, MicroHermits, left handed hermits, and Trocus Grazers work like crazy! they are MUCH MORE efficient then those astreas i bought!" Julia David, Lexington Park, MD, 7/17/99
"As to the Sea Bunnies, they are cruising around the glass having a grand old time and already left about 50 cm of egg strands. They are nothing if not prolific! *L*" Mike Reszka, Holland, NY, 7/15/9
"Gerald, I can't believe how much Tang Heaven one purple tang can eat. Please send another order." Marshall A. Gonzales, Houston, TX 7/15/99

"Dear IPSF, I would love to order many items from your list of wonderful products. I almost want to order everything on the page! The idea of having more little critters in my tanks is wonderful and I would love to get those critters from you." Steven Fong, Berkely, CA, 7/9/99
"... my order from IPSF went perfectly smooth. I got mine at 10 am (noon was the promised time) and all the packaging was top-rated. My $99 maxima is bagged within at least 6 thick plastic bags! Everything else came in great condition (ministars, amphipods, sand activator plus, worms...) I'd definitely order again if I ever need anything that they sell."--Tri Tran, Hayward, CA, posted 07-02-99 01:45 PM, Aqualink UBB,
"Gerald, Thanks for the great brittle stars, snails and worms... I really appreciate your overdoing everything in the order. One too many snails, 2 or 3 too many worms and at least 10 extra Brittle Stars. It's a terrific value for the price. Thanks again for the help and your quality live stock. It's appreciated." Bill Rose, Parker, CO, 6/26/99
"Dear sir, A couple of my friends in US recommend your web site... so I simply browse it during my afternoon break. I am simply over-impressed by the range of your products! Do you send the live products to overseas - Australia? Or can you supply eggs or laves of snails/shrimps? Simply give me some advice please." Many thanks!! Michael Lee, NSW, Australia, 6/22/99
"I would like to thank you for the quick delivery of Mama Mia Worms and Sea Bunnies. Your service and the quality of your inventory is excellent. It is a pleasure to do business with you... Thanks again..." asher lemel, Monsey, NY, 6/11/99
"Thank you!!! so very much. Everything made it alive and so active. More wonderful than I expected. I am very impressed and looking forward to order #2!!!" Gloria Martinez, Pasadena, CA, 6/10/99
"Hi Gerald, I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today in great shape. Everything is better than expected, and thank you very much for all the freebies! It truly is a pleasure doing business with you and your company. Thanks again for everything, and be expecting another order real soon." Bill Gipson, Vicksburg, MI, 6/3/99
"Good day, Gerald and company, I received my package this morning. It was great. I like the critters more than fish so this shipment was really exciting for me. :-) Almost every bag had more specimens than promised. 7 Nerites, 5 bristleworms, 27+ brittlestars, ... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can't wait for my next oppurtunity to do business with your company. I've been more than happy with my two orders to date." Tim Ayers, Norman, OK, 5/27/99
"Gerald... Thanks for the great critters. Everything came in perfect condition and they are running around like crazy in my tank. You guys do good work. Believe me these guys have their work cut out for them. My algae has bloomed and my new tank is doing what new tanks do. In a month or so I'll be ordering some stars and worms. Thanks again...Dave Morris, San Diego, CA, 5/26/99
"I've been thrilled doing business with you and your company. I appreciate your quick responses. You offer a very good variety of unique items. Plus I think it is cool getting stuff from Hawaii.:-) Also I like knowing that almost everything in my aquarium was "captivebred" thanks to IPSF (and to C-Quest for my pair of Percula clowns). I didn't set out to have a no-impact reef tank, but since the option was available I took it. Thanks for that." Tim Ayers Norman, OK, 5/22/99
"Thanks a bunch gerald. i can positively guarantee that the active sand bed and the animals at the bottom of the chain (most all of which i got from you..:>..) are key to how well my current system is working. thanks again for everything and you can be sure when i'm ready for another bomber i'll be giving you a call." Carl Hillsman, Shepherdstown, WV, 5/21/99
"I received some Trocus Grazers with my last order and my only regret is that I was not able to get more of them. They are the best cleaners I have ever seen and even cleaned the slime algae that was getting a rapid start in my newest tank." Pat Callahan, Lake Havasu, AZ, 5/15/99
"Please send my order soon as I'm getting way too ambitious and will forget that I can't buy up the store!" James Yu, New York, NY, 5/14/99
"Another successful shipment... I must have ordered at least one of everything on your site by now. The Soft Coral 12 -Pack that I received is great. They are doing just fine and add a lot of life and movement to the tank. I am running a wave maker and surge system and they sway back and forth seeming to enjoy the movement. They are pulsing and moving to the water just like they think they are on the reef. Thanks for carrying so many great items." John Nichols, Lancaster, SC, 5/12/99
"...i love your page, i think i have read every word in it and i want to order virtually everything..." Sole Marittimi, New York, NY, 5/7/99
"Every day I check to see what you have added to your list! I cannot tell you how cool I think you guys are! Chris Wolf, Chester, IL, 5/6/99

"The UltraMax clam I received from you is easily the most spectacular aspect of my 400 gallon reef tank. There are a dozen species of coral, other clams, multiple fish, and various invertebrates added to this tank over 2 years but they now center around the new clam. Van Vallina, Tyler, TX, 5/6/99
"I was very pleased with the products that I received in my first order, and now I want more! Please send me one REEF TANK TUNEUP KIT. P.S. Everything arrived in great shape and are performing "as advertised." I will definitely be a repeat customer in the future. Jeremiah Donahou, Kissimmee, FL, 4/27/99
"Gerald, Everything made it in great shape! Thanks for the extra Tang Heaven! My Achilles tore it all up, looked like a starving [person] slurping spaghetti! I have never seen the Achilles so happy! I placed almost everything in my refugium, and it looks great! I am in the process of having a new larger refugium custom made. So you know what that means... more room for stuff from IPSF!!!" Chris Wolf, Chester Il, 4/22/9
"I received the order right on time... I have more plant life now than I know what to do with... it will be nice to have some bright colors in the tank... The Live Sand Activator was instantly full of life and the snails made quickpace of the tank... I am really excited about doing some aquascaping with the plants this evening." Justin Lawyer, Tulsa, OK, 4/22/99
"Everything arrived alive and are doing a great job on the aquarium," Derek Audett, Great Falls, MT, 4/15/99
"...everything arrived in great shape... as I am trying to establish a healthy colony of gammarus, I was gratified to see the HUGE number of the amphipods in all the items I ordered (even the Plankton shipment was teeming with them). There were also plenty of Micro Hermits ... Keep up the good work." John Adamek, Mundelein, IL, 4/8/99
"OK, i'm really getting into the IPSF products. I received an order from you a while back, and i cannot believe all of the cool stuff that keeps growing, breeding, and popping up. I have hundreds of amphipods now, I have counted in the neighborhood of 30 brittle stars, many tiny baby snails are on the glass at night, its really incredible!!! Now i have conjured up a list of stuff i want to order in the near future... it totals 512$ !! There is simply nothing on the list that I can live without! I am saving the money right now, and the Trocus larvae tank is almost ready to rock and roll, soon... very soon...Thanks Gerald." Chris Wolf, Chester, IL, 4/7/9
"I have ordered from you before and because of your fantastic products, I now have two very impressive reef tanks." Pat Callhan, Lake Havasu, AZ, 4/5/99
"The other two orders I received are wonderful, my tank has not looked this good for 5 years. The Tuneup kit is outstanding... My purple tang is enormous after eating the Tang Heaven, great color and a fat belly. You really are the best!!!!" Curt Smith, Bellevue NE, 3/30/99
"Thanks, IPSF is wonderful!" Les Novell, Seattle, WA, 3/28/99
"Hi, I ordered from you once before and I was very happy with what I got, the Coralline Booster fragments are really doing the trick and the MiniStars...what can I say, I want more of them." Bonnie Porter, Boston, MA 3/22/99
"My tang and all of the other fish love Tang Heaven!!" Thanks, Julie Lynch, Acworth, GA, 3/13/99

"The green Maxbomber is really cool looking... This is the BEST clam that I've ever seen.......Online, at my any of my LFSs, anywhere. Thanks again for the Tang Heaven!!!!! My tang is a PIG, I swear he's grown half an inch since I got him the Tang heaven... As for those Strombus.....AHHHHHHHH. Some of the babies have made it to semi-adulthood... There are about 30 unhatched eggs and about ten rather large babies." Dane Scantling, Hartford, CT, 3/12/99
"Hi Gerry, I just wanted to tell you that the clam you sent me was beautiful and much more than I expected. Thank you for taking your time and great care in packing and shipping all of the quality animals and products I've received from you... I can tell you that I will continue business with you and tell any other reefkeepers about your quality merchandise and great prices." Jamie Kennie, Malden, MA, 3/7/99.
"I really love the Tuneup kit. The MicroHermits crack me up. The Nerites are cool looking, and the Trocus are beautiful..." Ryan Evey, Moscow, ID, 3/6/99
"Hi Gerald, Sounds like "business is good!" Not surprising since your act is definitely top shelf! Your attention to detail in packing technique is superb!!" John Blackwell, Kensington, MD, 3/3/99
"I received my first order today. Everything is alive, healthy, and beautiful. Thank You so very much for the great service. Rick Roe, 3/3/99
"Hi Gerald, Just received my order. Everything arrived in excellent condition (Hawaii to Michigan with no problems). Your packaging was very impressive. (Triple Bagged, Heavy Duty Outer Bag, Heat Packs, and Styrofoam Box.) You run a first class operation. Thank you for the additional items 8-)), nice surprise and made my day. The Sea Bunnies and Breeders took right to grazing and I'm looking forward to the babies. I added the Brittle Stars and WonderMud to my main tank, the stars started going all over the place. The added diversity is just what my tank needed. Thanks again." Ralph Helms, Rockford, MI, 2/25/9"I got the T. maxima Bomber you sent today and it is one of the most beautiful maximas I have seen. It is in great health and I was amazed at the superb packing. Thanks again," Albert Quillin, Taneytown, MD 2/24/99
"My Purple Tang was very lightly colored when I bought it, but the Tang heaven helped immensely!" Dane Scantling, Hartford, CT 2/22/99
"I received my order this morning and I am very pleased with your products. I frequently mail order livestock and it is normal to receive the shipment with half the bag water leaked out within the box. I was truly impressed with your packing methods, there wasn't a drop inside the packing box. I really like the Feathery Caulerpa, will Tangs and similar herbivores graze on it? Is it possible to get just an order of Caulerpa, and in much bigger clumps? Thanks again, Darrell Daniels Fair Oaks, CA, 2/19/99
"Hi Gerald. This is Stephen Soon. The green Maxbomber is doing great! Can't wait for you to put out more extra awesome ones w/pics in the website! Stephen Soon, See Stephen's UltraMax Bomber. 2/18/99
"Yippee! I received my order today at 10 am. Everything's in my tank and looking good. Yahoo!!! Everything is terrific. Thanks so much! When everything settles down I'll write back about some mushrooms and polyps. :-) Once again, thanks a million. Everything looks terrific. The colors on the live rock are beautiful. The Caulerpa is fantastic. It looks like little bottle brushes. It's the neatest variety of Caulerpa I've seen. (I'm comparing to C. taxifolia, peltata, freycetti and racemosa.) Hope you have a very nice day, :-) Tim "happy as a clam" Ayers, Norman, OK, 2/18/99
"I just wanted to compliment your well trained and courteous staff. I placed an order for the MiniStars last Wednesday and it arrived live and well on my doorsteps on Thursday. I get items from your company faster than ordering from my LFS! Thanks again! Brian Koyama, Pomona,CA, 2/17/99
"Thanks for being so quick with replies! Mike Deleo, 2/17/99
"HI!! Gerald: I received the Blue UltraMax Bomber and the Rare green Tridacna maxima UltraMax Bomber this morning, they make me feel extremely flattered, incredible, and unbelievable!! Your prices are very reasonable. Thanks again!! Your service is great! Eric Feng, Brooklyn, NY, 2/12/99
"Gerald, I received the Blue UltraMax Bomber - it looks even better in person than it did on the web page. AWESOME." James Lewis, Houston TX, 2/10/99
"Hello Gerald. I received the 9 for $99.95 yesterday (2/9) and everything arrived in amazing shape. Not a single casualty. All the critters are now happy in their new home and are going to work. Thanks for such a great product." Geoffrey Louis, La Jolla, CA 2/10/99
"Hi Gerald. I was *very* pleased with my Mix & Match order last week and decided to put in another one for a different tank. Mark Lanett, San Francisco, CA, 2/9/99
"Dear Mr. Heslinga, Our order arrived in perfect condition Friday afternoon. The Trocus Grazers went into action immediately, and they have already had a major impact on the red/green hair algae in the tank. And what about the TangHeaven, you ask? Our two Yellow Tangs went absolutely NUTS! They way they devoured the Red Tang Heaven you would have thought they hadn't eaten for weeks. Tell your customers again and again.....THROW YOUR LETTUCE OUT! TANG HEAVEN TRULY WORKS WONDERS! Thank you again for such great service and wonderful merchandise. I can't wait 'till our next order! Sincerely, Jason Larson, Muskingum College New Concord, OH, 1/24/99
"Hello again Gerald! Many thanks for the great advice. You really live up to all the fine things everyone says about you and your business. John Blackwell, Kensington, MD, 2/9/99
"Yes the clams and the Bunnies came in, 9:00 AM my time, the Green Maxima Bomber was great - I will put it on a pedestal in my tank. The Squamosa was very pretty as well." James Lewis, Houston, TX, 2/4/99
"Hi Gerald, Our tangs are just loving the red Tang Heaven ... Thank you so much for great products and support." Jon Garner, 2/4/99
"Just a quick note to inform you that I received my order on time on Fri. 1/28/99, in great shape. Your packing techniques are to be commended, everything is alive and well, and thank you for the extra Sea Bunny! Once again, thank you for your fine service and you can be sure I will be ordering from your fine company again." Mark Wojcik, Howell, NJ, 2/4/99
"The T. squamosa clam is beautiful, and so is the Caulerpa fragment! Thanks, Daniel Schott, Ithaca, NY, 1/31/99
"Hi Gerald, That bomber Maxima is a MONSTER! I love it! At first he was a little shy, especially with my clownfish always swimming around, but he's since opened up and is soaking up the rays. The color is beautiful! Everything arrived in Tip-Top shape. The Bunnies are "doing their thing," the Tang Heaven looks good enough for ME to eat, the Wondermud had some really neat creatures in it, the Squamosa is in a bad mood cuz its jealous of the monster Maxima, and I was surprised by how pretty the bonus Zoanthids are. I didn't realize they had such color and patterns. Thanks a lot!" Dan Lee, Boston, MA, 1/29/99
"Thank you for the info. Every time I e-mail you, you seem to pleasantly surprise me more with your quick response and your right-on answers." Tom Breitweiser, 1/29/99
"I LOVE your Trocus snails. They are by far the best looking snail I have encountered and I have bought snails from many places. They also do a wonderful job at cleaning my tank...." Nicole Gallagher, Eudora, KS, 1/26/99
"Got the order today. My GOD! I cannot believe how much there is in your Hawaiian Macro 6-Pack! Not just a few strands, but HANDFULLS of product. You guys get all A+++ on this order! Thanks!" Mark Chanley, Colorado Springs, CO, 1/22/99
"Hi Gerald! My first order was awesome. Your Live "Base" Rock is better than any top rock I can get around here and the Trocus Grazers are really going house on my algae." Dan Lee, Shrewsbury, MA, 1/22/99
"I just spent several hours on your wonderful website and no surprise you won the award, it is the best website on reefkeeping I have seen." Mike Lee, Kapolei, HI, 1/22/99
"Gerald, I've already placed an order for another 15 lbs of ipsf Live Base Rock - that's how pleased I am with the quality of the rock! Kudos to you and your crew for your attempts to create authentic-looking reef rock, without contributing to the destruction of live reefs. Keep up the good work!" Todd Adornato, Tulsa, OK, 1/22/99
"I was also pleased with the WonderMud. The number of brittle white starfish was great! The MicroHermits and gastropods immediately bustled around the tank, exploring their new home." Todd Adornato, Tulsa, OK, 1/21/99
"The shipment arrived today... I must commend your packing. The animals were warm and in very good shape. As usual, the "Wonder Mud" was loaded with life. Many thanks." Ron Shimek, Wilsall, MT, 1/21/99
"I saw the Discovery special with Gerald Heslinga. Very informative and inspiring. I feel that purchases made through IPSF will benefit both education and preservation of the environment. I commend you." Brian Jeung, San Jose, CA 1/19/99
"This is my 2nd order, great job, great products." Jim McCall, E. Weymouth, MA, 1/16/99
"Thanx, Gerald. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!" Rob Grier, Cleveland, OH, 1/15/99
"The order arrived in great always...thanks for everything. It's always fun to do business with you guys...great products and great service! Later! Eric Tuscano, San Diego, CA, 1/15/99
"Gerald et al, I received an order from you earlier in the week. What great stuff! Your WonderMud is truly wonderous! I couldn't believe the huge number of small white brittle stars in the small amount I ordered! This is the stuff I was looking for 3 years ago when I started my reef, I'm glad I finally found it! Thanks also for the the free Sea Bunny, I have several egg strands already!" John Noble, Broomfield, CO, 1/15/99
"Thanks for getting back to me - you can quote Seinfeld all you like, as long as you don't give me the old "You ask too many questions - No Sea Bunnies for you! NEXT!" Shaun Morris, San Jose, CA, 1/14/99
"I have visited your web site several times and I see why you have been given award... it is great. Thanks again for your help," Adam Mesarosh, Reading, MI, 1/14/99
"You guys have a great rep on the newsgroups." Justin Casp, Ocala, FL, 1/14/99
"Please ship me an order of Tang Heaven. It's the only food my tang will eat!!!" Joe Baczkowski, Bend OR, 1/13/99
"Mr. Heslinga, my first order turned out wonderful. I used it to start my 75 and 58 gallon reef systems, I'm now ready to start my 200 and my 55 gallon refugium..." Terry Turner, Tulsa, OK, 1/12/99
"I have only read and heard excellent things about your company and have decided to place one of what I hope is the first of many orders." Jason Larson, New Concord, OH, 1/12/99
"Hello! I received my order of Tang Heaven a few days ago and all the fish in my tank love it! I had purchased a Naso Tang over a week ago and I could not get him to eat anything. It immediately began eating the Tang Heaven and his color looks great. My yellow tang and coral beauty as well as my flame angel have also enjoyed it. I'm now ready to place another order." Heather Mann, Irmo, SC, 1/9/99
"Your prices and quick response still makes you the top of my mail order list. Thanks again." Joe Baczkowski, Bend, OR, 1/8/99
"Gerald, Order arrived fine... amazing they made it in 6 degree weather! Thanks! Kathy Fielden, Cottage Grove, MN, 1/7/99
"Everything arrived doing well and my Powder Brown Tang loves the Tang Heaven, He won't eat his regular food! Thanks again," Don & Kathy Christman , Portland, OR, 1/6/99
"... I found your site interesting and a lot more informative than any of the other reef/aquarium suppliers doing business on the internet. Thank you." Steven J. Dolmseth, Arcadia, CA, 1/6/99
"I saw you on the Discovery Channel a few days ago." Gani Agabin, Bloomington, IN, 1/3/99
"I wanted to let you know that overnight the Bunnies laid two more strings of eggs. THEY ARE GREAT!!!!!!" Don Powell, Mobile, AL, 12/31/98
"My Tangs are truly in "Heaven" and the Sea Bunnies are great... one of the Bunnies laid eggs while in route so I will have my plankton very soon. Thank you very much for everything." Don Powell, Mobile, AL, 12/30/98
"Hello! I think your website is terrific!! This will be my very first order from you, but from what I've read on your webpage I already can't wait to receive the products!!" Patti Obana, Concord, CA , 12/28/98
"Just got my order of Kona top rock... my tank looks great. Thanks again." Peter Occhipinti, Lexington, SC, 12/24/98
"Hi, I got the Reef Tank Tuneup shipment about noon on Friday. I put them all in, per the instructions. My tank had brown/green algae all over it. Less than three days later, it's crystal clear. Thanks!" Mark Chanley, Colorado Springs, CO, 12/21/98
"Hey Gerald, Thanks for the most awesome order I have ever received!!! I was not expecting nearly as much diversity or as many extras as you sent me! Everything arrived alive and well. Thanks for the free Sea Bunny, and N-Reducer, I was definitely not expecting anything for free! I really like the Blue Eyed hermits - they are really somthing neat to to look at. I did not know what to expect with the Sea Bunnies... they have settled in nicely and in fact they started grazing the rock as soon as they landed. I will definitely be ordering from you again!!! Thanks again for the coolest stuff I have ever seen!" Chris Wolf, Chester, IL, 12/18/98
I got my order and everything is alive and well. I just would like to thank you for your great customer service and high quality products. Seth Huffman, Redondo Beach, CA, 12/18/98
"I recently ordered your Live Sand Activator, the snails and crabs are doing great and the WonderMud was ..well... wonderful!" Jeff Guay, 12/17/98
"Our sea bunnies have laid eggs. YEA!!!" Ron and Cheryl Price, Sherman TX, 12/17/98
"Hi Gerald, the Trochus Grazers arrived fine....alive and immediately active. The new Gold Tang Heaven was fine and the Tangs love it. The three Sea Bunnies you sent were also fine and very active in their separate tank with the Tang Heavens. Thanks a lot, Michelle Collins, OH, 12/16/98
"Aloha! I received my order today and was very impressed with the quality of the Live Sand Activator. I will be ordering from you again soon. Again Thanks! Kathy Christman, Portland, OR, 12/15/98
"Thank you for all your help. It is so good to know that there are businesses true to their word." Michelle Collins, OH, 12/10/98
"Great site! It is nice to see all the information located with photos. This is the way it should be done." Blake Dunn
"Your website is
great, and you've got many cool items!" Eric Tuscano
"All I can say is
WOW... I have never seen a company that is so prompt and helpful. The T. maxima is gorgeous! I will definitely be doing more business with you." Michael J. Williams
"hi!! Gerald Heslinga: how are you doing? i have received my 6 pack Soft Coral, actually 7!! they are in perfect condition!! thanks a lot!! for now, i need to order the Reef Tank Tune-up." Eric Feng Yi, Brooklyn, NY, 12/8/98
"howdy gerald,,, i am happy to report that i now have 3 of the fattest happiest tangs i have ever seen thanks to your Tang Heaven product which i now need more of,,, thanks in advance," jeff beckman, fountain valley, CA, 12/8/98
"Please send me the $99.95 Mix 'n Match Special. My first order, received last week, was great!" Curtis Smith, Bellevue, NE, 12/5/98
"Unbelievable - I had hair algae, red algae, brown algae and green algae covering everything. I had 36 scarlet reef hermits and several Turbo snails but they could not keep up. I could clean the tank and the 65 lbs. of live rock and within two days it would be covered again. Your Reef Tank Tune-up kit arrived Wednesday and by Saturday the algae was gone and it hasn't come back. Plus it is great fun to watch the snails and crabs at work. Thanks," Glenn Daniel, TX, 12/2/98
"I feel that your responses to my questions show not only "knowledge based facts," but also a genuinely "calm and gracious spirit," which I both admire and respect." Gene Murphy, Cambridge, MD, 12/1/98
"Hello Gerald and Crew, My rock order arrived today (Tuesday) in good shape. No damage at all - not even the large flat pieces - great packing job! The pieces are shaped as I hoped. Congratulations on the Web-Page award! and thanks for the prompt delivery of quality product. Mahalo, PS. enjoyed reading the local paper used for packing!" Steven Forney, Lakewood, CO, 12/1/98
"My yellow tang won't eat anything but Tang Heaven. I have never owned a tang this healthy looking before (plump, good color). Thanks! Eric Tuscano, San Diego, CA 11/30/98
"Thanks again to you and Dick Perrin for your fast service and quality products. Ordering on Sunday night and receiving Tuesday morning is extremely nice. Till later," David Rogers, Louisville, KY, 11/26/98
"Here's a quick story about something that went really well -- the first time (gasp!). One of the live rocks (with yellow polyps) was absolutely overgrown with hair algae (almost couldn't see the polyps under all of it!) so I was a bit worried about introducing it into my tank. After all, I haven't had any hair algae at all so far, and wasn't anxious to start. The first night, all my hermits were too busy working on the new LR to get to the polyp rock, but the second night, I saw this swarm of MicroHermits (from IPSF) descend on the polyp rock and go to work. By morning, not a strand of algea was left, and the polyps were untouched. Hat's off! Dave Lambert 11/24/98
"Thank you for your quick response... you definitely have me for a long-term customer. I love your web site, your products, and your customer support! In this day and age, it is nice to find someone that cares about what they do! Thanks!" Lynn Zimmer, Cincinatti, OH, 11/23/98
"I was very impressed with the Coralline Algae Booster Frags. This was such a great looking pack compared to others I have seen (in both quantity and quality!) Sure hope it 'takes' in at least one of my tanks (I'm up to three now: 125, 100, and 40 gal). Thanks for the service. I look forward to doing business with you again soon, and the word of mouth from me will all be positive." Mark Bushaw, El Segundo, CA, 11/22/98
"Hi Gerald, Please send me the Soft Coral 12-Pack Plus. My last order with the Reef Tank Tuneup has truly done wonders on all of the old rock that had turf algae growing on it. The tank looks great with coralline of several colors starting to grow on many of the base rocks... The Trocus are marvelous glass cleaners. When I ordered them I had a green algae bloom that wanted to cover the glass. I cleaned all but the back to see how they worked. Believe me they worked." Till later, David C. Rogers, Louisville, KY, 11/22/98
"Hi Gerald, How are you? Just wanted to let you know that the shipment I received was great- the base living rock is beautiful, it makes the stuff I got here in Cincinnati look downright ugly!" Lynn Zimmer, OH, 11/21/98
"Thank you for the incredible service! The order came right on time and everything was in perfect condition. Every one of the critters went into action as soon as they were put into the tank. Thanks for the extras too, I really appreciate that. I'm looking forward to ordering from you again. Thanks again for the outstanding service and for all your help!! I really appreciate it." Ryan Feyereisen, Westchester, IL, 11/20/98
"Hi Gerald, Thanks for all the help. I'm very pleased so far, and I haven't even received my order yet!" Tom Fox, Scotts Valley, CA 11/19/98
"The base rock and live sand is awesome, and the hermits and small snails are too... I think that you have the most respectable business of this kind that I know of and your knowledge on the subject is superb. Thanks again," Tom Breitweiser, 11/12/98
"Wow! My first order and you have won me over... I have ordered from other shops but I have never had that kind of fantastic customer service. The packaging is incredible. I think that box could have withstood anything and still arrived intact - you can bet I will recommend you to others. The Tang Heaven is stunning and my tangs love it - you can bet that I will be ordering again soon! Thanks again," Larry Rowland, Baltimore, MD, 11/12/98
"Hi Gerald. Thanks so much for your superior service. I deal with businesses every day in connection with the corporation that I own. It is a rarity and, indeed, a pleasure to deal with a professional in his field - and that certainly describes you. I hope that all of your customers are aware that you are the exception, not the rule." Sue Spalsbury, Westlake, OH, 11/11/98
"hi gerald, got my snails and crabs today when i got home from work. put all in tank half hour ago, seem to be doing well. snails took off like they were right at home. thank you very much for the fast and friendly service you provided, i think i will be calling you soon for a coral pack." Keith Monahan, 11/11/98
"You are by far my favorite mail order place. I just wish you sold shrimp and stars and fish too!!! There are many people that want your Sea Bunnies now. So, I hope they have been prolific this month!!!! I just love you guys! Nicole Gallagher, Eudora, KS, 11/10/98
"I received my order in wonderful condition! Mahalo." Keith Whiteman, 11/9/98
"Received my order from you yesterday. Immediately added both the Reef Tank Tuneup and the Live Sand Activator Plus to my reef tank and was delighted to see the tank come to life! I must admit that, having never ordered over the internet before, I was skeptical about having an order meet my expectations. It was a pleasant surprise to find this order not only meeting, but exceeding, those expectations. The directions were most helpful. As you know, this is my first reef tank and it is a bit scary to enter into the unknown world of a living sea environment in my family room. I followed the directions step by step and found that my fears were for nothing. Thank you, Gerald. Sue Spalsbury, Westlake, OH, 11/7/98
"My order arrived today, and I'm very pleased with everything. The 3 Tang Heavens I ordered turned out to be 3 of each type of plant for a total of 6 Tang Heaven plants what a great deal. Thank You for your time and your call." Mike Ruggieri, Bend, OR, 11/6/98
"Hi! Boy, do you have a cool web site! There is so much I want to get- but I will start off slow... Thank you so much, I can hardly wait!" Lynn Zimmer, Cincinnati, Ohio 11/5/98
"Gerald, Hi! I just wanted to say thanks ever so much for the top rock that you sent me!! You are a very stand up gentleman and you run a very respectable business. I will not hesitate to order from you again and will recommend you to everyone I know who is involved in the hobby. Thanks again for all of your attention and beautiful top rock, outstanding coralline algae growth! All the pieces arrived intact and very well packed. Thanks again!! Sincerely, Ken Nixon, Sarasota, FL, 11/5/98
"Thank you very much for your advice. I can't believe how fast you responded. That shows me that you really care and enjoy what you are doing." Tom Breitweiser, Madison, WI, 11/1/98
"I am very, very impressed. Thank you for living up to my expectations." Mark Bouchet, Freedom, PA, 10/30/98
"I am definitely wanting more Sea Bunnies... Thanks, I am very impressed with your customer service and products. I've been giving everyone your web page address and compliments." Nicole Gallagher, Eudora, KS, 10/31/98
"Now I have ordered just about everything on your web page! I should just open up a personal account with you!" Michael P. Scott, St. Louis MO, 10/27/98
"Package arrived yesterday in great shape. I really appreciate your fast service and look forward to doing business with you in the future." David Rogers, Louisville, KY, 10/23/98
"Thanks so much! The Trocus are already going to town on the algae. I left a few days' growth on the glass to "test" them, and they've already made a good dent. I also have seen a *lot* of new critters at night... I don't know if they came in the Live Sand Activator or WonderMud or hitchhiked on the Tang Heaven, but in any case, that's just what I wanted to see! The green Tang Heaven is already a hit, and I'm trying a bit of the red stuff today. I hope to be able to cultivate a nice growth of caulerpa from your rocks. I've heard excellent things about your customer service, and it's clear that they are well-founded. Thanks again! David Lambert, OH, 10/22/98
"aloha... i'm sure this is not going to come as a surprise to you, but i just got back from vacation and discovered my sea bunny tank loaded with egg strands! my corals are going to be feeding like kings. can i get 2 more pairs of bunnies this week? please!!! and what's the update on the plankton bombs?....don't keep us waiting! i'll also need some of the green tang heaven since the bunnies have eaten most of it. thanks for a great product... " Doug Thompson 10/21/98
"Received my order Friday, placed the 'Sea Bunnies' in the sump, and to my surprise I saw egg strands on Saturday!" Steve Kaplan, NJ, 10/19/98

"This is James. I would like very much to place that order! I have been glued to your web site for weeks! Looking for the slightest changes! I'm ready and can't wait any longer." James Yu, NY, 10/14/98
"Success... I would just like to say that the Tune Up kit I received has done wonders! I have a 30g tank, the back, and sides of the tank had brown algae on them. The front was starting to get it again too. I always hated to scrape the tank, but in 4-5 days time the snails and hermits have mutilated the brown algae! I just love the clear glass! Thank you." Justin Warner, OH, 10/4/98
"I ordered a 12 pack plus about a week ago and I just wanted to tell you it is awesome. I wasn't expecting the "plus" to be two more corals so I was pleasantly surprised by my "14 pack." Everything came in excellent condition and now that all the corals have really opened up, my tank looks so impressive. The Xenia has already begun to spread its base past the rock it came on and onto the rock I glued it to. My only problem now is that it makes my other tank look bad. Feel free to take a look at some pictures on my site. Richard Baker, Computer Engineering University of Florida, FL, 10/3/98
"I work in an aquarium store and even with our discounts I still cannot get a better price than you offer." Tony Gill, 10/2/98
"I am very impressed with my order. The snails and hermits are already busy at work. I can assure you that in the future I will be ordering from you again." Thank You :) John E Potteiger, CA, 10/2/98
"I've tried [competitor's product] and Fiji Live doesn't even compare to your Live Sand Activator. The amount of life was really amazing in the Live Sand package and greatly increased the bio-diversity of the tank. I wasn't expecting to get so many little snails and hermits with it...The Wonder Mud had visible small white brittle stars and worms that I could see. The Amphipods are now everywhere I look in my tank... The Trocus Grazers look like snails on steroids...really. I am completely satisfied with your products and will definitely order again!" Phillip Quindara, NY, 10/1/98
"I am ordering one 'Grand Slam Special' and one 'Coralline Algae Booster Kit.' I noticed the specials on the web and immediately had to have them- what a great deal!!!" Michael Scott, MO, 9/29/98
"Great doing business with professionals who care about their products." Lydia Yee, CA, 9/23/98
"Shipment arrived today in great shape. Packed very well. Thanks for the extras and excellent service. Will order from you again and tell others. Thank you." Greg Butler, TX, 9/18/98
"Received my delivery this morning. Everything looks great...100% survival!" Thom Dieterich, WA, 9/10/98
"Gerald- It came today. Great stuff! Absolutely nothing dead! They started eating right away, as if they had always lived there. I think I may have even seen a Trocus eating hair algae... I'm very impressed." Eric Muehlbauer, CO, 9/17/98
"I got my order today and wanted to say a big THANKS! The T. Maxima is beautiful and is the perfect size... Everything was in great shape and there was a lot more than I expected!! Andy Ternay, CO, 9/17/98
"I will say that you have my attention. Your web page is wonderful." Seth Martin, 9/16/98
"These guys are great workers!! It was a great deal and I am very satisfied! Kathy Fielden, MN, 9/12/98
"I really appreciate your service, it is nice to be able to mail order with confidence." Tim Verry, OH, 9/12/98
"Great respect for IPSF grows daily. I will tell my reef friends on the internet about your wonderful service. R. L. Smith, FL. 9/11/98
"Order was received before 10 AM this morning. Great Service." R.L. Smith, FL, 9/10/98
"The livestock for my 10 Gallons of Fun Aquarium arrived today and I was bowled over! I hadn't expected the amount of livestock that would be included." Steven Yong, CA 9/9/98
"I received my order last night and I am very happy with it. Everything made it okay and was in excellent condition." Art Manansala, CA, 9/4/98
"I received my Reef Tuneup order exactly on time as you said with everything in excellent shape. This was my first time ordering on the net. I look forward to ordering from IPSF in the future. Thanks!" Jon Dufour, OR, 9/3/98
"Thanks so much.... you are truly a gem in the mail order world - you are prompt, kind, courteous and very, very helpful. Many, many thanks." Janet Hall, OK, 9/2/98
"OK, what's the big idea giving me more than I paid for?!?!? If you keep doing that, you're going to make the rest of the industry look bad!" Doug Thompson, PA, 9/1/98
"I really appreciate what you're doing for both the hobby and the environment." Alex Huk, CA, 9/1/98
"Everything, as usual, was in excellent shape. I am very impressed with the rocks you sent me. Excellent coralline algae growth. Everything I have ordered from you has been excellent. The service, the product, and the shipment. I will continue to order from you and will recommend to anyone in need of your items." Alan Underkofler, CA, 8/29/98
"All of the livestock for my Ten Gallons of Fun Aquarium arrived this morning, and I just got done setting it up and building caves with the rock! Everybody seems to love their new homes... I love the tank! Everything you sent me is in perfect condition, the animals are healthy...everything is just plain beautiful! This was such a great birthday present from best ever! Once again, thank you so much for providing us with healthy, happy, captive bred livestock. I think your work is we can all enjoy these animals without having to take them from nature! Stacy Gerber, PA, 8/26/98
"The order arrived in great shape and we are enjoying a tank full of new life, including some 'extras.'" Leif Torp, PA, 8/25/98
"Those Trocus snails have kept my glass sparkling clean. I am soooooooooo excited." Janet Hall, OK 8/22/98
"I believe Trocus Grazers are much better than Astreas as they are able to upright themselves when they fall over. I have lost too many Astreas as they fall off the back glass behind the rockwork and I am unable to get to them." Kevin Miske, IL, 8/22/98
"The sand activator had an incredible amount of crabs. They are the stars of the tank!" Eric Tuscano, CA 7/30/98
"I'm very impressed with the live rock... pleased to announce that everything is in good shape... very pleased with my order - thank you so much!" Don Barret, Washington, D.C., 8/21/98
"Received my order on time and everything looks great. I was really impressed with contents and packing - everything arrived alive and in great shape - thank you! Especially impressed with sample live rock - PERFECT! I will be ordering more. Overall - great stuff - appreciate you being in business with these products!" Gary Johnson, Detroit MI 8/21/98
"I received my order yesterday. Everything arrived in great shape. Now I am interested in ordering again." Alan Underkofler, CA 8/19/98

"I have to admit I did have a little skepticism about ordering living creatures through the mail, you have me sold, I only wish you sold fish too!!!!!!! Thanks for the great service and you will hear from me again, that's a promise." Janet Hall, OK 8/14/98

"Well I was absolutely pleased with my first order (sand, tang heaven, snails, hermits, limu plates). I would like to place another order at this time since I had to split the previous order with a friend (just didn't get enough of those trocus)." Kevin Miske, IL 8/10/98
"These snails are absolutely incredible! Not only are they decorative, but my live rocks are sparkling clean! Two thumbs up for products, service and quality." Eddie Huey, NY 8/7/98
"I received my order today. I must say that I'm impressed with the packaging. It was triple bagged then closed with elastics and metal clips. I was skeptical about mail order livestock but after seeing how well you package this stuff you'll be hearing from me again. I got over 75 living creatures without one mortality. With a day and a half trip from Hawaii to New England I think that is remarkable!" Bob Brackett, MA 8/5/98
"My FIRST time ever ordering mail order off the net!! You guys look too good to be true - thanks!" Gary Johnson, MI 8/13/98
"Thanks for the shipment. Everything arrived great and once again, you've exceeded my expectations with your items. I will be sure tell my friends of your business and excellent customer service." Askia Rousseve, CA 7/30/98
"Thanks for the help. By the way, those Trocus are everything you claim and more. They are doing a fabulous job and lead me to believe that I should have more of them." Michael Reszka, N.Y. 7/28/98

"Received order Friday...everything in great shape. The clams are beautiful, Trocus grazers and hermits all arrived in great shape, and are doing fine in my tank. Feathery Caulerpa rock looks GREAT. This has been a truly enjoyable online experience, I'm sure with the customer service you provide and the quality of product you deliver your business will only continue to grow. Feel free to give my e-mail address to anyone who has any questions about your products or service." Greg McPherson, Chantilly, VA 7/25/98 ;-)
"I just wanted to let you know that the Trocus snails have been exceptional at cleaning the tank glass and rocks. So far I haven't seen ANY undesirable algae at all. No cyanobacter, hair, or anything else! Interestingly, the whole 'Diatom Bloom' thing never took place either. R/O water, introduced Nitrosomas/Nitobacters, and lots of snails and hermits seem to have taken care of things from the start. I see that your site is expanding. Looks like things are going along well for you all! Ralph Schweigert, CA 7/25/98 !
"Just called to tell you that the order came in today... everything's great, just great!" Jon Simmons, MA 8/7/98
"The rock is awesome! The rock shapes make it easy to build up a cool reef. There are many caves and crevices for fish and inverts to hide. The top rock really adds a lot of color to the tank and is a great finishing touch." Eric Tuscano, CA 7/31/98
"Thanks very much. I received the order and everything is fine." Bailey Struss, FL 7/30/98
"Package received. Everything looks great. It all goes into my sustenance propagation environment tonight." Duncan Newton, NY 7/30/98
"Those little critters are really going to town in there and the rockwork has never looked this nice. The Caulerpa is really an elegant green." Michael Reszka, NY 7/24/98
"I can't even begin to thank you for sending the Clam Manual, articles and stamps!" Stacy Gerber, PA 7/24/98
"Everything arrived in great shape... I'm happy as can be with your livestock. Thanks for the great products!" Michael Reszka, NY 7/22/98
"I am totally pleased with this order today. You have been fantastic to deal with! Thank you." Anita Lucas, MI 7/22/98
"Hi Gerald, I'm glad to see your business seems to be doing so well. I guess with all your great products it was bound to happen." Kelvin Yen, Berkeley, CA 7/22/98
"Delivery took less than 24 hours - all specimens are alive and active. I'll be placing another order soon. Very pleased!" Alex Miroshnichenko, CA 7/15/98
"Just unpacked looks great! Very carefully packaged, with instructions and generous portions too. Thanks again for the great livestock and service." Kevin Tompkins 7/16/98
"Without the pioneering work you've done in the aquatic field and with Tridacnas, my reef tanks would not be possible. Thank you again for such a pleasant, informational and unsurpassed experience." Drew Miller, Eastern Pennsylvania Reef Club
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