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Live Reef Plankton - Another IPSF exclusive

One component of natural coral reef ecosystems that is almost universally lacking from today's reef tanks is a diverse assemblage of tropical zooplankton and phytoplankton
- the microscopic organisms which make up an essential part of the diet of filter feeding invertebrates like soft corals, stony corals, giant clams, feather dusters, anemones and other polyp-bearing species. Because we have nearly unlimited access to tropical reef seawater at Indo-Pacific Sea Farms, we are in a unique position to supply fresh plankton to reef tank hobbyists. You'll receive, suspended in 500 ml of filtered seawater, a diverse assortment of hundreds of reef zooplankton specimens in the 50 - 1000 micron size range, comprising dozens of species, including many larval forms. Live Reef Plankton also includes literally millions of viable phytoplankton cells, at a density of approximately 100,000 cells per ml. Your filter feeders will think they've gone to Invertebrate Heaven!

IPSF Live Reef Plankton is only $19.95 with any order ($29.95 if ordered alone). Order today!

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