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IPSF Refugium Startup Kit

refugium startup kit

Among reefkeepers, the term "refugium" refers to a lighted tank or compartment, separated from the main display tank, well stocked with macroalgae and beneficial invertebrates and devoid of predators that bite, crush or sting.

Adding a refugium to your reef tank system is a great way to help maintain favorable seawater quality while at the same time providing a "safe haven" where a variety of beneficial planktonic species and bottom-dwelling micro-invertebrates may reside and multiply. The dominance of autotrophic, photosynthetic, oxygen-producing plant life in the refugium leads to a wonderful natural phenomenon: the net uptake of dissolved nitrogen- and phosphorous-based compounds which are typically produced by the heterotrophic, carbon dioxide-producing fishes and non-photosynthetic invertebrates in the main tank.

Designing your refugium with a reverse daylight cycle (lights are on in the refugium when off in the main tank and vice versa) is desirable because it will act to minimize the pH swings that typically occur in reef tank systems during a normal daily cycle.

Our new Refugium Startup Kit is a customized Mix 'n Match Special that combines the best elements of our captive-bred macroalgae and invertebrate organisms into one convenient package. It includes 4 well-proven macroalgae species, Reef Amphipods, two types of ReefWorms and two types of grazing snails, for a total of 9 selections. And, for a limited time we will include a FREE bonus of Live Reef Plankton, a 19.95 value. Add this package to your existing lighted refugium with a shallow aragonite sandbed and a few scattered live rocks for habitat diversity, and watch your planted refugium begin to explode with life!

IPSF Refugium Startup Kit with BONUS Live Reef Plankton (a $19.95 value free), $99.95 including FREE Fedex shipping. Order today!

Package contents:

  • Grape Caulerpa (will attach to substrate)
  • Chaetomorpha (Chaeto) (will form a fast-growing, floating mass)
  • Tang Heaven Red (Gracilaria) (will form a floating mat)
  • Tang Heaven Green (Ulva) (will form a floating mat)
  • 25 Reef Amphipods
  • 6 Baby BristleWorms
  • 6 Mama Mia Worms
  • 6 Nerite Snails
  • 6 Littorinid Gazers
  • Free Bonus: Live Reef Plankton

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