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Reef Tank Tuneup™ (Over 50 Reef Grazers, 6 different species)

trocus grazers
Over 50 hardy Indo-Pacific specimens (6 species) of well proven invertebrate grazers (snails and hermits).

This package is sized for a 20-55 gallon reef tank system. It will aid in the control of diatoms on the glass and live rock, and will help prevent the development of filamentous "turf" algae of various types on the rock and sandbed.

Controlling the growth of diatoms and filamentous algae species in your reef tank is an important and necessary first step toward creating conditions conducive to the growth of desirable pink, red and purple coralline algae on your live rocks.

The MicroHermits in this package are effective, reef-safe sand stirrers and detritivores. They will help clean the live rocks as well as the sand or gravel at the base of the tank. This will help prevent the accumulation of waste and the development of anaerobic (dead) spots in the top layer of the sandbed. MicroHermits do not consume or damage coralline algae in any way.

Package contents and instructions:

3 Hawaiian Trocus Grazers™ (Trochus intextus)
Simply the most active and effective reef tank grazer you can buy... anywhere. Beautiful red and white shells, high work rate and 100% captive bred only by Indo-Pacific Sea Farms. Will not grow too large - the adults are shipped at about 1/2-3/4 inch in shell base diameter and will not grow larger than an inch. Place right-side up on live rocks after acclimation.

turbo grazers6 Hawaiian MicroTurbo Grazers™
Hawaiian MicroTurbos are tiny, hardy, voracious algae eaters with a multi-year life span. Shipped at approximately 2-3 mm in shell diameter. Place right-side up on live rocks after acclimation.

6 Nerite Grazers™ (Nerita sp.)
Exceptionally hardy herbivorous snails; superior glass polishers; jet-black in color, night feeders. Add directly to tank; Place right-side up on live rocks after acclimation.

6 MicroHermits™ (Calcinus sp.)
Reef-safe, highly active, approx.1/4 inch shell. Great rock and sand cleaners. Add to sand at bottom of tank after acclimation. These small hermits pose no threat to the snails in your reef aquarium. Acclimation.

6 Hawaiian Littorinid Grazers (Littoraria sp.)
These hardy grazing snails are superb glass and rock polishers, consuming diatoms and and other nuisance microalgae before they reach problem levels. Acclimation.

25 Reef Amphipods
Small, shrimplike crustaceans of the genus Grammarus - are among the best invertebrate diversity builders you can add to a reef tank, sump or refugium. Acclimation.

Reef Tank Tuneup $99.95 (includes Fedex and box; limit one Tuneup per customer please). Order today!

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