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Corals Can't live on
Photosynthesis Alone
(just ask any commercial coral farmer!). It's a well known fact that despite their symbiosis with photosynthetic zooxanthellae, corals need supplemental foods in dissolved and particulate form in order to really thrive. That's one reason why more than 60% of the body surface area of a typical coral polyp is devoted to food capture. If you're wondering how to feed your favorite corals, why not use what the pros are using? They're already sold on Coral Heaven! It's the new, scientifically formulated, complete diet for soft corals, stony corals and colonial anemones. Coral Heaven is available from only two locations in America, and Indo-Pacific Sea Farms is one of them.

Sample Pack (makes 2 quarts liquid coral food) $9.95 with any Order.

Standard Pack (makes 4 quarts liquid coral food) $19.95. Order today!

Coral Heaven™ FAQs and INSTRUCTIONS

What is Coral Heaven?
Coral Heaven is a totally new, scientifically formulated diet designed to provide ALL of the nutrition needed for maintaining and propagating today's popular polyp-bearing cnidarians.

How was it developed?
Coral Heaven is the result of a 5-year collaborative research effort undertaken by two of America's foremost captive breeding facilities, Indo-Pacific Sea Farms of Hawaii and Tropicorium of Detroit, Michigan.

Dick Perrin of Tropicorium and Gerald Heslinga of Indo-Pacific Sea Farms, industry pioneers with over 25 years experience in the captive breeding of marine invertebrates, have long recognized the shortcomings of other marine invertebrate diets. They developed Coral Heaven for daily use in their own commercial production facilities because they urgently needed a convenient, reliable and complete nutritional package suitable for feeding all polyp-bearing soft corals, stony corals and colonial anemones. Coral Heaven is so effective that it is now the only coral food used by Tropicorium and Indo-Pacific Sea Farms!

How is Coral Heaven different from other invertebrate diets?
You won't find Coral Heaven in any pet store. It is prepared fresh daily at only two locations in America, Tropicorium and Indo-Pacific Sea Farms. Unlike other marine invertebrate foods that may sit on store shelves for months before being sold, Coral Heaven is stored cold and shipped in dry powder form. When mixed with seawater at the time of use, Coral Heaven forms a slurry containing two components vitally important to coral polyps: a dissolved component consisting of essential trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and soluble organic molecules, and a particulate component made up of complex proteins, pigments, fats, and fiber. The dry powder form of Coral Heaven facilitates efficient storage at low temperature. This helps preserve freshness while greatly reducing costs typically associated with packaging and distribution. For these reasons, Coral Heaven is at once the most concentrated and economical coral food available to today's reef aquarists. And because it is shipped direct from us to you, there are no middlemen to drive up costs, mishandle the product or allow it to grow stale in stores and warehouses.

How do I use Coral Heaven?
Store the dry form of Coral Heaven in your refrigerator or freezer. It will maintain its freshness for up to 6 months this way. Mix only as much as is needed for immediate feeding! If you mix more than you can use, cover and chill the container and use the remaining contents within 1 week.

First, turn off all powerheads, filters, skimmers and circulation pumps in the aquarium. Mix dry Coral Heaven with room-temperature seawater at the rate of one rounded teaspoon of Coral Heaven per 8 ounces of seawater. Cover the mixing container and vigorously shake the contents until the particles are thoroughly suspended. Next, draw 1-2 ounces of the slurry into a standard plastic turkey baster.

Feeding Procedure
Release a VERY SMALL amount - just a few drops initially - of Coral Heaven into the water column slightly above the coral or anemone polyps you are feeding. Important: Be VERY CONSERVATIVE in your initial feeding efforts until you have become familiar with Coral Heaven and the feeding behavior of your own coral specimens! Feed only as much as can be totally consumed by the polyps within 45 minutes. Any food remaining on the polyps after 45 minutes is unlikely to be consumed, and may actually be detrimental to the corals. In short, DO NOT OVERFEED. Turn on circulation pumps, skimmer, etc., 60 minutes after feeding.

Frequency of feeding
A light feeding twice each week is recommended for all small- and large-polyp stony corals, soft corals (Sinularia, Sarcophyton, Capnella, etc.) and colonial anemones (including Zoanthus, Anthelia, Xenia, Ricordia, Green Star Polyp, etc).

Small-polyp stony corals like Acropora, Pocillopora, Montipora and Stylophora should be fed primarily with the soluble component of Coral Heaven, by creating a visible feeding cloud around the coral heads.

Colonial anemones like Zoanthus, Anthelia, Parazoanthus and Xenia, as well as large-polyp stony corals like Elegans, Torch, Bubble, Open Brain, Frogspawn and Hammer Coral, should be fed a combination of the dissolved and particulate portions.

As a rule of thumb, the larger the polyp, the more particulate matter it can safely consume. Above all, AVOID SMOTHERING any polyps with uneaten food, and never allow uneaten particles to remain on the coral tissue for more than 45 minutes. Do not allow uneaten particles to accumulate on the substrate near the base of the corals or anemones. On a healthy sandbed, these uneatem particles should be consumed quickly by detritivores (mainly worms).

How can I tell if it's working? Used as directed, Coral Heaven leads to improvements in polyp size, extension, color, disease resistance and general appearance of most coral species in as little as 2 weeks after the initial feeding. Increases in growth rate and asexual reproduction rate (new polyp divisions) become clearly evident within 4-6 weeks when compared to unfed controls.

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