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New! ReefWorms™
If you are interested in maintaining a healthy sand bed in your reef tank, establishing biological diversity should be one of your foremost priorities. Why? Because in all of the earth's major ecological systems, including coral reefs, there exists a fundamental relationship between species diversity and system stability. Simply put, the higher the species diversity index in a given system, the lower the probability that the system will experience catastrophic biological change. While we don't want to spark a debate about the relative merits of our worms, suffice it to say that the two forms we offer here are ubiquitous in and around the sand and live rocks on natural Indo-Pacific coral reefs. They represent two essential nutritional niches that are often overlooked in today's reef aquariums - deposit feeding and scavenging. Of course our worms are 100% captive-bred, on site at IPSF.

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Mama Mia Worms™
The common name of these deposit-feeding annelids from the family Terrebellidae is Spaghetti Worms. But let's face it - how many people can spell "spaghetti" correctly on the first try? We sure couldn't. Hence the name, Mama Mia. These highly active worms have bright red buccal tentacles which extend out over the sand bed to gather suitably sized particulate materials, which they "lasso" by tentacular contraction. It's fascinating to watch, and it sure beats vacuuming your sand bed. Here's a bonus: you can count on Mama Mia worms to reproduce in your tank because they have direct development (no planktonic stage). Specimens average approx. 1/2 "-1" in length with tentacles extended. 100% captive-bred by IPSF.

Mama Mia Worms™ $19.95 (6 specimens). Order today!

Baby BristleWorms™
Most experienced reefkeepers strongly believe in the beneficial effects of bristle worms on the sand bed. We hold the view that bristle worms and other sand bed scavengers are vitally important components of reef ecosystems, both captive and wild. Our Baby Bristle Worms package comes with 6 fine young specimens, all about 0.5 - 1.0 inches in length. Our clams and corals are grown in commercial mariculture tanks in close proximity with literally thousands of happily breeding bristleworms. Simply put, bristleworms are to reef tanks what earthworms are to gardens. Bristle worms constantly stir the reef tank sand bed and help keep it aerobic. They consume uneaten fish food and fish waste, preventing dead and decaying organic matter from accumulating on top of the sand bed. Baby Bristle Worms will mature rapidly and reproduce to levels that are consistent with the available resources (food and space) in your reef tank. 100% Captive-Bred.

Baby Bristle Worms™ $19.95. Order today!

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