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Mix 'n Match Special
9 items for $99.95, includes FREE Fedex Shipping.
(please choose only 9 items below or your order will be held)
6 Baby Bristle Worms
Tang Heaven Red
Tang Heaven Yellow
Tang Heaven Green
Tang Heaven Nori
Liquid N-Reducer
Anthelia Polyps
Sargassum sp. MacroAlgae
6 Nerite Grazers
6 Littorinid Grazers
6 MicroHermits
Hippopus Shell Pair
Reef Amphipods
'Pod Flakes
'Pod Mat
Sea Grapes
Live Sand Activator
NOTE: To order the Amphipod Breeding Kit please select from above: Reef Amphipods, 'Pod Flakes, 'Pod Mat (Count as 3 items in the Mix 'n Match Special)

SUPER Mix 'n Match Special
6 Free MiniStars with every 3 SUPER Mix 'n Match
2 Free Corals with every 5 SUPER Mix 'n Match
(pick your 9 items above then ADD UP TO 9 more SUPER items below.)
Live Reef Plankton, just $19.95
Reef Amphipods, just $19.95
Sea Grapes, just $19.95
1 Lime Green Leather, just $19.95
6 Mama Mia Worms, just $19.95
6 MiniStars, just $19.95
Coralline Algae Booster, just $19.95
1 Pinky Cuke, just $19.95
Pick your 9 items from the Mix 'n Match Special then ADD UP TO 9 more SUPER items from the list above at $19.95 each. Bonus! Get 6 FREE MiniStars with 3 or more SUPER items. Plus, Get 2 FREE corals of our choice with 5 or more SUPER items.

SurfZone Live Sand Activator Plus™ Featuring WONDERMUD™
SurfZone Live Sand Activator Plus with any livestock order $49.95
SurfZone Live Sand Activator Plus ordered alone $59.95

IPSF ReefWorms™ Diversity Pack

ReefWorms Diversity Package with any livestock order $29.95
Mama Mia Worms $19.95 (6 specimens)
Baby Bristle Worms $19.95

Reef Amphipod Breeding Kit™
Amphipod Breeding Kit with any livestock order $29.95
Amphipod Breeding Kit ordered alone $39.95
Add Extra 'Pod Breeders just $19.95

Reef Tank Tuneup™ (Over 50 Reef Grazers, 6 different species)
$99.95 with FREE Fedex Shipping. (
limit one Tuneup per customer)
Reef Tank Tuneup with FREE shipping $99.95

IPSF Refugium Startup Kit
$99.95 with FREE Fedex Shipping.
IPSF Refugium Startup Kit with FREE Fedex shipping $99.95
Add Extra 'Pod Breeders just $19.95

MiniStars™ 100% Captive-Bred Hawaiian Reef Brittle Stars!
MiniStars with any livestock order $24.95 (6 specimens)
MiniStars ordered alone $34.95 (6 specimens)

IPSF Hawaiian MacroAlgae
Hawaiian MacroAlgae 6-pack with any livestock order $49.95
Hawaiian MacroAlgae 6-pack ordered alone $59.95

Tang Heaven Red 1 Lb ordered alone FREE Fedex shipping $69.95

Tang Heaven Variety Pack with any livestock order $29.95
Tang Heaven Variety Pack ordered alone FREE Fedex shipping $69.95

Tang Heaven Nori Triple Pack ordered alone FREE Fedex shipping $49.95

IPSF Coral Heaven™
Sample Pack (makes 2 quarts liquid coral food) with any livestock order $9.95
Standard Pack (makes 4 quarts liquid coral food) with any livestock order $19.95

Live Reef Plankton
Live Reef Plankton with any livestock order $19.95
Live Reef Plankton ordered alone $29.95

IPSF Coralline Algae Booster™
Coralline Algae Booster with any livestock order $19.95
Coralline Algae Booster ordered alone $29.95
(Limit 1 set per customer.)

IPSF Liquid N-Reducer™
Liquid N-Reducer™ with any livestock order $9.95
Liquid N-Reducer™ ordered alone $19.95

Shipping Information, Pricing and Policies

Our shipping policies are based on lessons learned from over 20,000 successful domestic and international marine livestock shipments. Please read them carefully.

Our marine livestock orders are shipped via FedEx Hold-for-Pickup for weekday or Saturday delivery. We will choose the nearest FedEx location to your zip code that offers this service.

We offer FREE FedEx Hold-for-Pickup Shipping on all Mix 'n Match Specials, livestock orders over $200, and specified packages, including the Refugium Startup Kit and the Reef Tank Tuneup.

We include 2 FREE corals of our choice on livestock orders over $200.

For delivery to a FedEx location near you, please provide the full address of the FedEx location of your choice when submitting your order. This may be obtained by calling 1 800 GO FEDEX, or by visiting the Locations menu at

No credit card? No problem! Just ask us for a price quote, then send a money order for that amount to IPSF, P.O. Box 1206, Kailua-Kona, HI, 96745. Upon receipt we'll immediately schedule your shipment and notify you by e-mail.

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