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IPSF Liquid N-Reducer™


This is a guaranteed fresh, pure concentrate of the two strains of nonpathenogenic "good guy" bacteria you need most in your reef aquarium: Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter.
These beneficial bacteria break down and detoxify fish and invertebrate wastes by nitrifying ammonia and nitrite nitrogen in marine aquarium systems. This is an excellent additive for any new or existing system to help activate dry or live sand, dry or live rock and other biological filter media. Drastically reduces startup times normally associated with new reef tanks, and gives you the assurance of having the right bacteria in your setup. Non-toxic, non-corrosive and safe even at high dosages. Bacteria count is over 100 billion per liter; fluid is turbid with a slight musty smell. For best results add solution directly to new or existing systems. May be stored cool for up to 6 months. One order (10 ml) treats up to 250 gallons; will not overdose smaller systems.

Liquid N-Reducer $9.95. Order today!

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