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Why choose We are true pioneers in reef health and restoration, leading and assisting reef conservation programs in 17 Indo-Pacific nations beginning more than 25 years ago. We wrote the original book on Giant Clam Farming and developed the technology that now brings captive-bred tridacnid clams to marine aquariums the world over. More.
Mix 'n Match Special

mix 'n match special
9 items for $99.95, includes FREE Fedex Shipping. Because You Asked for Diversity!

Let us BIODIVERSIFY your reef tank with beneficial marine organisms! Optimize the health of your marine system with our eco-friendly Bacteria, Detritivores, Snail Grazers, 'Pods, ReefWorms, Scavengers, Live Plankton, Mini Brittle Stars and colorful MacroAlgae. Activate your reef tank sand bed, sump or refugium with our 9 for $99.95 Mix 'n Match Special with FREE Fedex and no box charge. Best deal in the industry - thousands shipped. Many imitate us, but only offers 100% Captive-Bred beneficial organisms from all 5 major invertebrate phyla: cnidarians, worms, molluscs, arthropods and echinoderms. Your Mix 'n Match billable total is still just $99.95, AND we'll customize for your nano. Order today!

Special price applies to any 9 different selections from this list
(no doubles please):

Complete Coral Polyp Food
(makes 2 quarts)
6 Baby Bristle Worms (captive-bred)
Tang Heaven Red
Tang Heaven Yellow
Tang Heaven Green (Ulva sp.)
Tang Heaven Nori
Liquid N-Reducer
Anthelia Polyps
6 Nerite Grazers
6 Littorinid Grazers
(hardiest of all snail grazers)
6 MicroHermits
Hippopus Shell Pair
(tank ornament)
Reef Amphipods
(25 specimens)
'Pod Flakes
'Pod Mat
Amphipod Breeding Kit
(counts as 3 items)
Sea Grapes (Caulerpa lentillifera)
Live Sand Activator (includes live sand, 6 Grazing snails, 6 MicroHermits and tiny worms)
SUPER Mix 'n Match Special

super mix 'n match special

6 FREE MiniStars with every 3 item SUPER Mix 'n Match Special
2 FREE Corals with every 5 item SUPER Mix 'n Match Special
with FREE Fedex Shipping!

Add Live Reef Plankton, just $19.95
Add Reef Amphipods (20 specimens), just $19.95
Add Sea Grapes (Caulerpa lentillifera), just $19.95
Add 1 Lime Green Leather, just $19.95
Add 6 MiniStars, just $19.95
Add 6 Mama Mia Worms, just $19.95
Add Coralline Algae Booster, just $19.95
Add one Pinky Cuke (1-2" reef-safe sea cuke, great for sand stirring), just $19.95

Pick your 9 items from the Mix 'n Match Special then ADD UP TO 9 more SUPER items from the list above at $19.95 each. Bonus! Get 6 FREE MiniStars with 3 or more SUPER items. Plus, Get 2 FREE corals of our choice with 5 or more SUPER items. Order Today.

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